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  1. Thank you. Sounds like one way or the other I will have tool stuff soon. Cliff
  2. Hi all, I had someone export a plan to the contractor while I was in the hospital. Well, I'm home by God's garce and I wanted to add two items the contractor wanted before saying goodbye. Well, guess what. My toolbar, all tools are are gone. NO confirgurations. Achive didn't help. Any chance for a suggestion? Thanks, cliff
  3. Interesting, indeed. Thanks for the recent post, I will jump on it. I must make sure our IT guy orders the right components for Chief not just everyday chores. Thanks much, cliff
  4. Thank you, Eric, for your response. That should do it.
  5. Workmate is getting away from his laptop. We are going to build him a new desktop for his Chief. I can't help him, times have changed since I built my PC for Chief. Could any of you suggest a graphics card and/or any component we should pay attention to before construction? Workmate is on X12 or X13. Thanks, cliff
  6. Thanks. Just got to cover the floor below the railing.
  7. Glenn, Worked great. 10x better. Got one little issue w/ the floor open where the 1st stair is located. Otherwise, that No Room worked. Thank you, cliff
  8. I need a case opening w/ the small railing below (see photo of example). Apparently, the properties of door case opening w/ the "rail wall" don't work together. 4 hours later, I still don't get it. Help! Clark Stairs.pdf Clark Plan VII- Stairs II.pdf
  9. Thanks Ian, That is a nifty tool. Another learning tool.
  10. Yes Sir, it worked for the current floor as shown. Thanks for your help & follow up. Next the engineer asked,"Can you put all the files on a single page in a single CAD file and send that back?" So, I sent all layers with the same settings you instructed. Now he says it's too much. See attched: 1st floor clean plan. The other two with all layers.
  11. 20+ years and this is the first time I needed this dwg feature. Some counties in Virginia are really getting crazy, especially the heavy populated areas. Going with these suggestions (tricks) tonight. Thanks very much for the education.
  12. Michael, I will look at those options and try that as well. I didn't know you can send 3D looks as well. The video only showed a floor plan. VHampton, I will prepare a special export plan with all the different wall types and no paterns as you said. I guess I should export one single layer plus another export w/ all layers and let them choose? In your diagram, unmark the filled areas because of the appliances, etc.? Should I unmark pattern lines as well? Thank much for the help. I'm sure other users will have this issue sometime.
  13. VHampton- I will try to unfill the various cabs, etc. and the wall layers. Then I'll email and see if the dwg is workable. Jim- Would I need to explode the blocks on my end or would the end user w/ CAD? I get your point on the clean file. Our thought is to provide the engineer/Architect with all the important data in a Chief full layout and the exported dwg to cut down on his valuable time. It seems better than some Micky Mouse stuff I've worked on.
  14. That sure makes sense to me. I'm still thinking maybe I followed the export instructions incorrectly. All I know about AutoCad, is within Chief. The engineer will still get the large piece of the pie. Besides, my time is free to my co-worker so he can get catch-up. cliff