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  1. Hi Debra, I think I have seen this before. Have you tried adjusting the ceiling height of the porch? Maybe lower it a couple of inches?
  2. I dont think you should have the concrete foundation walls marked as furred. Change those and your rooms should come back. For the lines, theres a layer called "Walls, through wall lines" that you can turn off.
  3. Posting your plan would eliminate a lot of guesswork, but you might check that the walls are at the default bottom and height. Not sure about your version, but with X14 you select the wall, open its dialog box and then click the structure tab. At the top are the boxes for default height.
  4. Also, I believe some fonts scale slightly differently, it will probably take some trial and error to get it the way you want
  5. I don't develop super accurate 3d models for my business, the models are reasonably accurate for my purposes (creating working drawings), but I do offer the material takeoff to my builders with a disclaimer, that they understand it is not 100%. They use it as a double check for their own (and their subs) takeoffs. So I do offer it as another benefit of my services, but I do not support it, or charge for it. I don't offer it to the homeowner clients, I think its just asking for a problem.
  6. There's some good info on the CA website. I believe you can look at the material list in a couple of different ways, one of these may give you what you want, https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/category/59/materials-list.html
  7. Also, there is a good chance Apple will be releasing a 16” IPad in the next year or so. That would be a perfect platform, (imho).
  8. I’m using an IPad with an app called Morpholio Trace. It has been a game changer for me. I’ll attach some examples.
  9. @solver Can you post your version of the plan so we can see how you fixed it?
  10. hmm I tried that, but it doesnt work, it looks like you need a finish layer to cut.
  11. I think you could use a wall material region and have it cut the surface?
  12. It was cheaper for me to get a new laptop with a 3070 graphics card. Handles the X13 features just fine, and it allows me to take my computer to client meetings, job measure visits, etc.