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  1. Rpadge

    Create a 3D Symbol of a whole house plan

  2. Rpadge

    Opening .dgn files??

    I think Windows 10 is free.
  3. Rpadge

    Exterior Walls Inverted/Punch out

    Depends on the size and what going to be inside the "punch outs". I believe a window can only be so small. I have used wall material regions for small punch outs.
  4. Rpadge

    Ipad Pro Users

    I am using Mophio Trace as well and have been very happy with it. I use a rough-surfaced screen protector to help with the sketching. Here is a prelim sketch I did for a project using the program.
  5. Rpadge

    Laptop purchase help

    I would recommend 1 TB as a minimum. and the 17" screen if its a desktop replacement, but if its to take out to the field, I would select the 15.6"
  6. Rpadge

    Roof Overhangs

    It looks like you have manually changed the length of the roof overhang in the roof tab of the wall specification. If you click the little wrench icon, it will adjust the roof overhangs to your default setting.
  7. Rpadge

    Roof Overhangs

    Chief is measuring to the outside of the framed wall, not the brick, if you turn on your wall layers , you can see it.
  8. Windows is a PITA on stuff like this, just checking - but have you rebooted the computer?
  9. Rpadge

    Job scheduling software...

    Thats a pretty robust set of requirements, I saw a program called Monday.com which looked interesting and may do what you want. In any case, it sounds like you are looking for a true project management scheduling program
  10. Rpadge

    Job scheduling software...

    I use Trello, I only use the basic options for it, but you can get pretty sophisticated with it if need be.
  11. Rpadge

    CAD software in the industry

    Just curious, what are the 5 programs you hear are being used?
  12. Rpadge


    It is not a live view, you will need to update the view if you change the model.
  13. Rpadge

    Elevation Nightmare

    I am sure there are others that may have a better solution, but I changed the wall definition slightly for the thicker stucco wall, that seems to help.
  14. Rpadge

    I need car models

    Theres one on Sketchups 3d warehouse, no idea how accurate it is m3.plan
  15. Rpadge

    Frieze Boards Are Not Showing Up

    The frieze board on the front was raised up 12" for some reason. Might check that.