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  1. Rpadge

    Creating Bar Joists

    some good info here:
  2. one tip, you need to have at least 2 framing direction lines (in different directions) before you get the framing to change
  3. Rpadge

    Ideas on on how to...

    I name mine Smith_Current.plan and as I make changes I save as Smith_200608 (2 digit year / month / day), that way I dont have to relink the layout file.
  4. Rpadge

    Upgrading Laptop....Recommendations?

    Kinda depends on how your going to use it, and whats important to you. I have a 15" Sager and am happy with it, but its heavy. I knew that when I bought it, the additional weight was a compromise I was willing to make. I think it would make a great desktop replacement, with its size and graphics capability. However, if you want a notebook that you can take down to Starbucks and work on while sipping your latte, then you might want something different.
  5. Rpadge

    How to improve graphic quality of elevations

    Really like how your stuff Looks Joey, you should do a video!
  6. Rpadge

    Why can't I delete the Invisible (Room divider) wall?

    I think if you draw another divider somewhere else in the room, you can delete the one thats in the way
  7. Rpadge

    Buying a new computer

    Datacad is still around, on version 20 or 21 now I think. It is a really great 2D program, they are trying to go into more of the 3d world, but seem to be really struggling. I don't think its any harder to learn than any other cad program, in fact, probably easier to learn than Autocad, definitely easier than any of the common 3d programs (CA, Softplan, Archicad etc.)
  8. Rpadge

    Rectangular Gable over Bay Window

    A sketch would probably be a big help
  9. Rpadge

    Square Footage Calculation Issue

    The updated plan you posted has the interior room areas listed (Rooms, Interior Area), I think what you want is to turn on Rooms, Standard Area - those square footages should add up.
  10. Rpadge

    kitchen - corner upper shelf issue

    Have you searched the Chief website? I see this, maybe it will help https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/1537/corner-cabinets.html
  11. Rpadge

    Phantom BS (Back Splash) no politics involved

    I opened and closed the DBX of the base cabinet below the offending BS and it went away.
  12. Rpadge

    fence or landscape lights?

    Anyone do any coach type lights that are mounted on top of masonry columns, similar to the attached jpg?
  13. Rpadge

    dimension center

    Back in the days of drawing by hand, we drew 4" walls and dimensioned to the center - that was how builders wanted them. In todays world od CAD, it really makes more sense to use actual wall widths (3.5", 5.5" etc) and therefore dimension to one side. However, 13'-6" center to center, is the same, plate to plate, so it really shouldnt be a big deal.
  14. Rpadge

    Microsoft Surface

    I had a Surface Pro, it was ok for on-site field work, etc. but with the small screen, a secondary monitor is a necessity. It also didn't handle larger models very well.
  15. Rpadge

    Limited Edition Catalogs - 3D Library

    why would they only be available for a limited time?