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  1. aixrrr

    Look for Chief Architect X6, X7 - For sale

    did anyone find a chiefarchitect 7 or 10 for sale? owner took off with his key to my chief 7 and i cannot get in.
  2. aixrrr

    Look for Chief Architect X6, X7 - For sale

    did anyone find a chiefarchitect 7 or 10 for sale? owner took off with his key to my chief 7 and i cannot get in.
  3. aixrrr

    file management

    does anyone know of a good article, instructions, utubes....that can help me manage file management. so confusing and hard to do effectively. thanks so much. ronnie
  4. mjltiple layout sets that totally confuse me. how do i look at them then delete so i ahve lost fewer. i have maybe 30 now and don't know what to do with them. help please? also, and i know its a big question..... how do i manage files.... saving, finding again...naming..... maybe an article or utube help? ronnie
  5. aixrrr

    filing and saving files

    i know this isn't a new topic but it is one i have had horrible problems since i started using chief. anyone know of an explanation that has ever been given that i can study and get this right before i expire. you help is so appreciated. will give an example: i have one file named "reed august 2019 site plan.plan" i have another which is named "reed august 2019.layout. can i rename these files to the same thing so they are in sync with each other? like open the file and call it "reed 2019" while in the plan file. then do the same in the layout file. can i bring them together? it is probably too complex an explanation to try but i thought i would ask. ronnie
  6. for some reason, when i now click on a drawing to use dimension, i get this big starburst eminating from the center of the location i have clicked on. i know it is operator error...but does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  7. Online Users i cant get rid of this blue layer...i have no idea what it defines but i also cannot click on a space and define it. anybody know what it is?
  8. yes bill i was. holding down control and dragging it. i am on a mac and i am thinking most of you are maybe that is causing me problems unique to mac.
  9. spent about 1 1/2 hour with apple tech support today....and she told me if i was using icloud to say docs, like plans and layouts, and also saving to external drive, i might run into problems because i am confusing my ext. drive. that sounds nutty to me but maybe true. it is rather confusing as you might expect. so i guess i should just keep saving to icloud and hope it never gets comprised or attacked by a starship hacker system?
  10. i finish a plan, "save as" to desktop, then save a copy to external hard drive. both same names, same file. when i go back to the desktop, and unplug the external drive, the desktop file won't show all the files and keeps asking me to plug in ext. drive so it can grab the files. i must be saving wrong....but i save a whole file under that certain name, then drag to ext. drive and they don't match. hard to explain and i don't feel i have done a good job of it.
  11. aixrrr


    appreciate the suggestion. will do. maybe just leave the layers for safety sake. in the future i will just be sure to check off not to make copies. are you also on corruption island? wow what a name.
  12. what a great name,,,, corruption island....sounds like out of a strange and bizarre it like that?

    1. Northriver


      We corrupt anyone whose visits LOL. Real Name is Hat Island.

  13. aixrrr


    very nice of you to respond. got the text thing understandable but what do i do with this cavalcade of layers in \ layer set preferences and management. will i decimate my plan if i delete all of the layer sets?
  14. aixrrr


    I create a plan file view and use text to enter text in the plans. i then go to framing view and enter text specific to framing view. when i go back to plan view, the text i have entered in framing view shows up in plan view and i cannot get rid of it. if i delete the text that has transferred over from framing from the plan view, it deletes it in the framing view as well. this has been an ongoing problem, and anyone who can help will be GREATLY appreciated. thanks ronnie
  15. aixrrr


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. WORKED VERY WELL. may i ask you two more questions.? 1. I make my plans, details, site plans, etc and transfer to a layout. i am able to work very well back and forth between the two. i produce the pdf file so i can send to printer.....but after i close out of chief then come back later ..... my plan is there but many items that were in the layout one hour ago are missing and i have to try to find whatever saved file they were in. very frustrating i am sure you can understand. any notion why that occurs. when i later open my plan again after having gotten out of my chief programgo back to my layout.... 2. because i didn't click off make a copy of the layout, i have 98 layer sets and i am terrified to delete any for fear of screwing up something. i the future i am trying to remember to always click off on the copy function but for now i have all these layer sets i have no idea of what to do with. Thanks. Ronnie