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  1. sooooo helpful. thanks. finally got my layer problem fixed.... it just came back .... don't know why it disappeared. but you were so helpful in getting me to the finish line. be safe. maybe we will talk again? ronnie
  2. i think i need to know how to get all the icons i want up in the schedule. do you know how to find the place where you choose the icons you want included in your chart at top? thanks for your help. you have been nice and i don't want to bother you anymore
  3. is there a way to "uncollapse".... pardon my ignorance but how do i bring all the icons up to the top.... sometimes they disappear and then i dont know how to get them back. isnt there a place where you can say which little icons you want on top? trying to remember.... what do they call all of the icons...? thanks for the help.
  4. i think it is "layer page display options".... is that to be found somewhere in preferences? or somewhere buried in the program?
  5. that is the icon i check... i half live in that column then all of a sudden the height of the columns doubled or tripled. see below. never seen it before... ever.
  6. problem with layer schedule. up until recently if i checked the tag on the side of any plan, it showed me what i did and didnt include in my plan. i could check one of the elements of the plan and it would either be removed or included. now when i click on it, ther letters are enormous and it is hard to use it compared to before. anyone know how to set the layer schedule back to normal? thanks to anyone who can get my program back to normal. ronnie
  7. did anyone find a chiefarchitect 7 or 10 for sale? owner took off with his key to my chief 7 and i cannot get in.
  8. did anyone find a chiefarchitect 7 or 10 for sale? owner took off with his key to my chief 7 and i cannot get in.
  9. does anyone know of a good article, instructions, utubes....that can help me manage file management. so confusing and hard to do effectively. thanks so much. ronnie
  10. mjltiple layout sets that totally confuse me. how do i look at them then delete so i ahve lost fewer. i have maybe 30 now and don't know what to do with them. help please? also, and i know its a big question..... how do i manage files.... saving, finding again...naming..... maybe an article or utube help? ronnie
  11. i know this isn't a new topic but it is one i have had horrible problems since i started using chief. anyone know of an explanation that has ever been given that i can study and get this right before i expire. you help is so appreciated. will give an example: i have one file named "reed august 2019 site plan.plan" i have another which is named "reed august 2019.layout. can i rename these files to the same thing so they are in sync with each other? like open the file and call it "reed 2019" while in the plan file. then do the same in the layout file. can i bring them together? it is probably too complex an explanation to try but i thought i would ask. ronnie
  12. for some reason, when i now click on a drawing to use dimension, i get this big starburst eminating from the center of the location i have clicked on. i know it is operator error...but does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  13. Online Users i cant get rid of this blue layer...i have no idea what it defines but i also cannot click on a space and define it. anybody know what it is?
  14. yes bill i was. holding down control and dragging it. i am on a mac and i am thinking most of you are maybe that is causing me problems unique to mac.
  15. spent about 1 1/2 hour with apple tech support today....and she told me if i was using icloud to say docs, like plans and layouts, and also saving to external drive, i might run into problems because i am confusing my ext. drive. that sounds nutty to me but maybe true. it is rather confusing as you might expect. so i guess i should just keep saving to icloud and hope it never gets comprised or attacked by a starship hacker system?