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  1. @Roshele_Allison The best software that you should consider as a companion to your Chief Architect software is Adobe Creative cloud - They have one of the best Video editing programs in the suite of products called Premiere Pro - (Note: It is more cost effective to subscribe to All Apps for a little bit more) All other Adobe programs are so useful.. I would be lost without them. They work nicely with your Chief Architect products. They make it very affordable and user friendly so that it is within everyone's budget. A lot of corporate firms use this software, and they have a great training and tutorial videos just like Chief Architect on their site.. They also offer you a 30 day free trial. I think that after trying nearly every video editing software on the market, I can safely say.. You get what you pay for. I now look for products used by professionals that I admire their work.. Listen to @Renerabbitt He is a wise person, expert Chief Architect user and one of the best Designer/Architect users on the forum... If he touts how instrumental the software is to his business...I would not think twice about using the product.
  2. Both are very nice... Thanks for sharing your work and this fabulous source... You have stellar design skills.
  3. @Joey_martin - This is really an impressive graphic...Amazing layout...
  4. This is beautiful... Magnificent design.. It would be great to see all the nuances involved in getting this result... Thanks for sharing another one of your masterpieces...
  5. Graham Great Renders showcasing both methods.. Thanks for showcasing this to show how the same image looks completely different with the two methods. Amazing... This is so helpful to see them side by side. The PBR version has more warmth and brings you into the photo.. This is my fav of the two... Thanks again for sharing...
  6. This has been a very helpful topic.. Thanks for the specific details @TheKitchenAbode
  7. Nice video.. really gives a detailed view of this new feature.
  8. Simply Amazing.. Thanks for sharing this.. Yes I was truly impressed with this Café Line at IBS this year. Great show overall... Love the New Video x12 and the Ipad - @Renerabbitt - Thanks for all your contributions on the Forum