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  1. I think this is the way to go, or at least how i fixed this last time i came across it. If all else fails...
  2. sure... but i also have spent plenty of time trying to figure this out myself already, i came here for an answer, not a cryptic picture that shows nothing with no explanation at all and if you look thru his posts they are mostly all like this with some cheeky attitude then someone else actually explaining it. If i want training, i'll pay someone polite that actually shows a history of helping people instead of one cryptic post after the other. Ive been thru trade school and 4 years of college otherwise, the best teachers were the ones who took the time and explained things clearly, the worst were the cryptic buttheads who made you struggle and guess and waste time. Same goes for online. Look at his post up top, and tell me you get ANYTHING from it. Now if anyone has something actually constructive to add to this that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise i think i have the wall fixed up
  3. I havent done any exterior "painting" on that part at least. Its supposed to be the same as the attic wall above, but it seems to default back to an interior wall type, or none at all. I have it now so its all one type. Not sure what the heck i did but it worked. Thanks to everyone that gave some useful advise / ideas to try.
  4. This wall here is what seems to be my main problem. Ive tried setting the wall type the same as the rest of my exterior walls but when i do it either stops at the btm roof line in the right wall type, or extends thru like this with a different wall type.
  5. agree to disagree, your comment added nothing but and image and confusion.
  6. Thanks for this, i have that one figured out now, but for some reason the one on the lower side of the garage is still acting up. Would this have something to do with setting the proper wall type below roof intersections?
  7. I dont mean to offend... but maybe i do... looking through your posts, are all of your "answers" this cryptic and rude? This response adds nothing to the conversation, and pretty much only serves to your ego.
  8. File size is too big to attach unfortunately cant get it under 23mb even after just zipping the plan file.
  9. So im having some troubles with this roof line / wall intersection. As you can see here on the first image i cant get the top wall to stay set as an exterior wall. The 2nd image of the front wall is giving me the same issues, im on the attic floor of the plan but cant seem to get this wall to actually come up and connect with the roof plane. Basically these 3 walls that separate the house from the garage are giving me nothing but issues. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  10. You need to create a ceiling plane in the room you want those parallel chord trusses over, set slop of ceiling to what you want interior slop to be, then build framing and that should do it.
  11. So this has been happening on almost every mono slop style build ive been doing lately and i cant for the life of me figure out why.... But when i go and build my roof framing, most of the trusses are ignoring the 2' overhang and building a full truss right to the end, causing this lovely effect in the posted image. Any ideas?
  12. waking up this dead post for a 2023/24 update! Anyone on here from Manitoba / Sask etc?