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  1. The customer wants it in a DXF file. They are not using the elevations or heights and only use the total station for laying out exterior, party walls and deck columns. Are you saying a CSV file would export this better?
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with exporting Point Markers. I have a building that needs to get imported into a TopCon Total station. I put Point Markers at each building corner and at the center of the sonotube columns. Problem is, when exporting the file in a DXF format and imported into the total station the Point Markers become to separate lines and we lose the center point of the Point Marker. Is there something else that I should be using to get point references in the total station? Thanks for any help!
  3. Thank you all very much!! You people are amazing with your knowledge and willingness to share! Learned something new again as I had never used the clipped option before and thanks for the plan/cabinets Mark!
  4. Thanks for that! I had hoped it could be done with the cabinet so that the base would line up but I guess there would be work arounds for that. However, with my question I had hoped to kill two birds with one stone because of similar situations that I ran into before. Any suggestions?
  5. I would like to make the cabinets according the red outline. With this plan I am trying to match an existing kitchen that was built.
  6. Hello, Hopefully I am not asking a very obvious question but several times now, I needed to have the back of a cabinet angled but was not able to shape the cabinet according to the wall it is installed against. I have attached a picture of what I am trying to do in this project. I searched "custom cabinets" on the forum and in the videos but that seems to provide information on how to customize a cabinet in regards to the doors. Does anyone have some advice or can point me in the direction where I can find info on this? Thanks in advance!
  7. I was afraid to hear that Thanks for the responses though!!
  8. Hello everyone, My Polyline Solid is by default set to a 1" thickness. Is it possible to changes this setting to a different thickness so that I don't have to change them every time?
  9. In real life the precast panels have a chamfered edge and I'm not sure how to get that accomplished.
  10. Can you please explain this or send me in a direction where I could find more info on this? I have to model a precast shop and would like to have the joints from the panels show and possibly even have different color panels. Not sure what would be the easiest way to get this done.
  11. Yes it is an addition but part of the overhang has to remain so I was looking for a way to illustrate that in the demolition plan. Thanks for the replies Mark and Joe!
  12. I searched "Glass Vector View" but have to admit didn't look close enough . When I searched vector clear I came across the tread "Can a Material Be Nothing?" where you wrote about making a new symbol without a panel which sent me in the right direction. I ended up making a symbol so it looks like it is glass. Thanks for the help!!
  13. Hello, Not sure if this possible but I am trying to show how far a roof has to be removed for a renovation job. I thought to use a vector camera view and add some notes overtop in the layout. I am trying to place a piece of glass at the point where they have to stop removing the existing roof. I have the same material as the windows of the house which are see through but the separate piece of glass remains color filled. Is it possible to make it see through? I just want to have the outside lines showing. Thanks for any help!