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  1. Thanks everyone for your help, it is much appreciated! As I was busy with Mark's suggestion and couldn't figure out how to rotate the symbol, Rene's video came in and got us to the finish line. I ended up making 2 separate doors on different layers, 1 open and 1 closed for the different views. I really like how you go over the Q & A in your video Rene, I will continue to check that out. Thanks again for all the help!!
  2. Interesting, thanks for the replies and pointing me in a direction, much appreciated!!
  3. Is this a possibility in Chief?
  4. With this system, are your still pressing 2 or 3 buttons to go from one action to another? For example; If I'm on the "main" screen and I want to draw an exterior wall it be one button to go to walls and then one more to select which type of wall. Then if I want to draw a door in that wall I would have push the back button to go to the main screen, the opening button and then the type of door, so that be 3. Do you find you are pushing a lot of buttons for one action? Are the hot keys not faster as I don't have to go back to the main screen etc? I would be sold if there was one big screen/device with all the commands that I need on there.
  5. Hmm I'm about halfway I guess, but you must have a VIP membership that you get 20 versions in 15 years and burn through a lot of computers . However, my question is, do you professional Chiefers have the same results with drawing cross sections? I find I'm spending a lot of time editing those and think it will take me another 25+ years to get those so that I don't have to edit a single line when sending them to the layout.
  6. I have a similar question about separating new construction from existing construction. My question is about this issue in elevation drawings. I don't do a lot of renovation plans but when I do, I like to overlay the existing construction with a somewhat transparent filled polyline to give it a "faded" look. With simple additions it is usually no problem although it can be time consuming but it really gets difficult when I have a covered deck added to an existing part of the house (as in the picture). It takes too long to make all individual polylines for in between the railings etc. I was hoping it would work with placing the existing construction on a separate layer and have it displayed on the elevation drawing with grey lines instead of the black lines for the new construction. Then I thought to make a separate drawing group called existing and place that behind the cad group or even place it on an different drawing group behind the cad group but that also doesn't seem to work. Do you have any ideas or pointers?
  7. I have had angled lines in some of my cross section views in X14 as well. When I moved the camera forward or backward small amounts they would disappear. Not sure if this is the same thing you are talking about or if it is of any help but thought to share.
  8. The customer wants it in a DXF file. They are not using the elevations or heights and only use the total station for laying out exterior, party walls and deck columns. Are you saying a CSV file would export this better?
  9. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with exporting Point Markers. I have a building that needs to get imported into a TopCon Total station. I put Point Markers at each building corner and at the center of the sonotube columns. Problem is, when exporting the file in a DXF format and imported into the total station the Point Markers become to separate lines and we lose the center point of the Point Marker. Is there something else that I should be using to get point references in the total station? Thanks for any help!
  10. Thank you all very much!! You people are amazing with your knowledge and willingness to share! Learned something new again as I had never used the clipped option before and thanks for the plan/cabinets Mark!
  11. Thanks for that! I had hoped it could be done with the cabinet so that the base would line up but I guess there would be work arounds for that. However, with my question I had hoped to kill two birds with one stone because of similar situations that I ran into before. Any suggestions?
  12. I would like to make the cabinets according the red outline. With this plan I am trying to match an existing kitchen that was built.
  13. Hello, Hopefully I am not asking a very obvious question but several times now, I needed to have the back of a cabinet angled but was not able to shape the cabinet according to the wall it is installed against. I have attached a picture of what I am trying to do in this project. I searched "custom cabinets" on the forum and in the videos but that seems to provide information on how to customize a cabinet in regards to the doors. Does anyone have some advice or can point me in the direction where I can find info on this? Thanks in advance!