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  1. Ken Glad it helped! I don't know about the knowledge part of your comment (lol) but as far as the time goes....I'm just paying it forward. Have a great weekend
  2. Thanks everyone for the great comments and advice especially @Chopsaw. Just started using ChiefTalk but already see there's much more knowledge and know how here! My only regret is I didn't tap in much sooner. Thanks again and Happy Friday!
  3. Hey Ken I don't know if what I'm about to offer helps any at all but I copied the original window, made the adjustments, then put it in place. Here are some screenshots showing changes to specifications. Now if the roof pitches were different (for some reason) then I would have probably placed a window under the roofline, matched pitch then copy, adjust, place and delete the original. If it helps glad it did, if not....well it was worth a try.
  4. Ok so I've given it my best but keep getting stuck. I've attached a test plan. The Framing, Floor Layer Set has the floor system and schedule. Cut Length is the Custom Object property I set up if I can ever figure out how to get the macro right. I have a macro also title cutLength in the user defined macros. Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide. NumberFormatter Plan.plan
  5. Thanks Robert That's the plan once I figure out how to formulate a macro that does what I need.
  6. Thanks for the advise Mick. Never really thought about that. I'm still slugging through it trying to learn and write the macro on my own but keep hitting a roadblock....Going to give a a few more swings and I may have to wave the white flag and get more help. Much appreciated Eric
  7. Chopsaw Thanks for the input. I will take a look at your posts and see if I can figure it out on my own, as I realize you are probably really busy with your own work. If I can't figure it out I will post the plan file and appreciate any help you can give. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
  8. Mick Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, I am just wanting the length for the schedule. I have the material list and member reporting set up the way you mention. I realize putting the length on the schedule is a little bit of overkill but as an estimator overkill is kind of my thing lol. On the plan that I'm working on currently the length really isn't that big of a deal as we are using dimensional lumber and it will all have to be field cut anyway. However, I do like my framers to have all the estimating information possible, not that they won't change when needed but so they can provide feedback of what changes and I can update my estimates/designs. On most projects, we will use engineered I-joists that are precut by our vendor. I've found that it's a little easier for the vendor when they have both the layout with schedule as well as the material list when they double check the engineering. Hope all that makes sense. Thanks again! I really appreciate your input!
  9. Thanks for the help on formatting the posts Eric. New here and appreciate the help.
  10. I've been trying to figure out how to change the format of the length column in my framing schedule to feet and fractional inches rather than the fractional inches shown below. I really do feel like I should know how to do this but can't seem to find anywhere to figure it out. Can anyone help? Eric Stewart, Estimator Blue Oak Projects Chief Architect Premier x.13