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  1. It was the carport. I used invisible walls to turn it into a room. I removed the invisible walls, the wall cut disappeared!
  2. Pls see pics. The right elevation shows this cut on the wall...i cant get rid of it. The 3D model looks good...
  3. Just wondering if anyone has a ready to use symbol of a 6x6 post bracket (pic below) that he can kindly share. Thanks
  4. Just an update on this. I have found the cause of this issue after all these months. It has to do with power saving mode. I used to tilt the screen of my home laptop down...this puts it in some power saving mode causing the X14 issue when remotely accessed via teamviewer. I have stopped tilting the screen and now it works fine!!!!
  5. Hello, A rookie question that I can't answer. See pic. Highest Ridge shows as 14 1/2' when using Auto Story Pole Dimensions but adding 9' + 5' 5 5/8" doesn't add up to 14 1/2' ??
  6. see pic. I have opened a plan in X14 from teamviewer....nothing shows on the screen....
  7. The workspace area is completely blank...see pic.
  8. No display when opening X14 from teamviewer. But on X13 it works fine.
  9. Indeed it was the attic space. Room type was set to Attic for both, which was causing the issue. But when I changed it Unspecified, the wall framed correctly!!! But why?? Those two spaces are supposed to be Attic room type....
  10. See pics. This is a 1.5 story garage. I set upper wall on both gable ends to balloon frame...but they not being framed correctly. Any idea how to fix this (other than manually editing the wall detail)
  11. Hello I made a saltbox garage, with roof pitches 5/12 and 12/12. I need attic trusses but it seems attic trusses can't be automatically generated for this type of roof. Hence I tried to manually edit the webbing of the truss to create an attic space. However the custom webbing doesn't show in 3D Framing view but just the envelope. Saltbox Garage.plan