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  1. The 2nd floor wall was set to 'No Room Definition', hence roof was built on the 1st floor
  2. Hello I am designing the Breckenridge house and following along the video tutorials. On part 4 video, when the roof is auto-built the first time with 6" pitch, the kitchen area wall becomes lower height than the rest of the house (see pics). I did exactly as in the first 3 videos...yet my kitchen area height stays same height when my roof is built. Can anyone help
  3. Hi from Calgary. Been using CA for a year now. Would love to work on some real projects for free...
  4. Sorry, I have done it now.
  5. I tried to reshape the roof plane above the gap so as to close it...i could minimize it but the gap itself isn't going away. I am still quite new with may be I am missing something.
  6. Hello everyone, I can't seem to fix this gap, no matter what I do. It's driving me crazy. Pics and plan attached. Using Chief X12. Can someone please help. Paradise Rises -