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  1. I have tried, it doesn't work
  2. Please see pic. I am trying to do the circled part....wall thickness is around 30" with a closet inside the wall. Only way I can think of is a wall niche...but then I cannot place the door. Any idea how to do this? Thanks
  3. Only solution I could think of was to manually place a newel at the corner....
  4. Please see pic....both railing are straight half wall....there seem to be no way to connect both properly
  5. May I ask why it's raising the floor of the 2nd floor bedroom as well??
  6. Hello, I have raised the ceiling height of the porch to above the 2nd floor level (see pic). Since then, its causing issues on parts of the exterior wall siding (red arrows in the pic). When I lower the porch ceiling back to normal 8 ft, those cuts disappear. Can anyone advise why this is happening. House.plan
  7. Hello, See pic. How to make the grey exterior trim around the window in Chief. It is a different shape on each of the window.
  8. Hi all I am trying to replicate this roof eave decoration from Paradise Rises #23 house. I created a symbol, then tried to place a Polyline Distribution Path along the roof edges in an elevation view but after drawing a line along the roof edge in the elevation view, I cannot convert it to a Polyline Distribution Path. Hence I am stuck. Thanks for your help
  9. The 2nd floor wall was set to 'No Room Definition', hence roof was built on the 1st floor
  10. Hello I am designing the Breckenridge house and following along the video tutorials. On part 4 video, when the roof is auto-built the first time with 6" pitch, the kitchen area wall becomes lower height than the rest of the house (see pics). I did exactly as in the first 3 videos...yet my kitchen area height stays same height when my roof is built. Can anyone help
  11. Hi from Calgary. Been using CA for a year now. Would love to work on some real projects for free...
  12. Sorry, I have done it now.