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  1. Thank you very much. # #Macro: roomLabel #X12 Room Macro. Defined global $FtIn #BT Output: 13'-0" CLG.HT. # referenced ? obj = referenced : obj = owner height = (obj.ceiling_elevation-obj.floor_elevation).round(0) if defined?($FtIn).nil? then $FtIn = $FtIn.unit = "'-\"" $FtIn.use_fractions = true $FtIn.denominator = 8 $FtIn.show_trailing_zeros = true end result = $FtIn.apply(height) + " CLG.HT." LabelTest.plan
  2. What is the correct or suggested way to create a ceiling macro in X12? (Let's say I want it displayed as x'-y") Like this for example: #================================================== height = (owner.ceiling_elevation-owner.floor_elevation).round(0).to_in arr =height.divmod(12) result ="#{arr[0]}'-#{arr[1].round}''" + " CLG.HT." #=================================================== Or there is a better way to display 12'-5" without the use of divmod? Define a custom NumberFormarter? etc. Just looking for suggestions?
  3. My rules: 1) No CATs to any computers. Only between router, access points, NAS storage. 2) PoE CATs to cameras as I have no plans to change batteries on two story building. WiFi 6 All the way. With upcoming 6Ghz bandwidth channels it will get much better.
  4. Using pdf software like Adobe ... More Tools> Tools add "Organize Pages" > rotate.... Just my guess.
  5. Very nice features. Any improvements to callouts?
  6. You are working with NVCollection not an Array... >obj.layers[1].material_data.description <- wrong Get your object material = obj.layers.to_a[1].material_data to_a(*args) → array Returns an array containing the items in enum See: Now material.description, material.formatted_size, material.quantity should all be a valid methods. Now sure if you wanted to collect it or just display.... macro: labelRoofPlane [don't forget the Evaluate checkbox] MacroLabel (1).txt
  7. Sorry, I never meant to imply this was your design. I quoted the picture.
  8. Is that really the roof plane ends with a vertical wall? Little or no roof overhang and the window stucked very close to the corner. Just curious...
  9. General notice: If you really want help zip up and post the plan.... It all depends how you build the roof.... You can also fix the pitch and set +6" roof plane
  10. Cool I did not realized there was a "macros" object. Very cool. I bet Ruby engine set to replace %object_properties% with macros.object_properties when it executes.
  11. My understanding is that "non-evaluated" macro can use one or many evaluated macros and any global macros ... e.g. While evaluated macro in CA can never execute another macro ( at least I have never been able to figure out how module_eval, or instance_eval can execute others ) Where it could be used: let say you have labelCeiling macro none evaluated macro that is defined: %showCeilingsHeight%%collectRoomInformation%
  12. Google: It could be regional. I have dealt with framers before, doubt they even use same terminology
  13. May be knee wall staircases, so you don't have to use ramps... Nuh doubt it.
  14. >How do I get my frieze board to auto-generate all the way around the bird boxes? Here everyone refers to them: THE PORK CHOP EAVE RETURNS
  15. >I often have trouble drawing a roof that is below another roof, i.e. on a 2nd or 3rd story house. If i use "Build Roof Planes", the roof planes keep will build on the upper floor even though i am working on the 1st Level.  Like Solver stated roof builds everywhere where it is needed. > In this instance I have a deck and entry door at a split level and this is where I would like the roof to appear over. Sometimes it is easier to just start drawing a roof plane by pressing Q key. You can 1) make baseline polynine, to make polyline and give roof builder the direction to build/rebuild roofs. 2) for your front porch you can section off the area you want to have roof, and open this room and specify roof over this room. 3) Or my preference: press Q, set 1 st point outside the deck corner post, drag cursor along the stairs to specify how wide your roof plane should be click, now draw toward the house [final click]. All it takes 3 clicks [5 seconds tops] BTW: It is very discouraged to have a deck over any living space.
  16. >Use polyline union while in plan view. Thank you it worked Wow, this roof is 55 sq 's...
  17. Thank you My learning more complicated roofs. My difficulty were two coplanar roof planes that would not align for nothing. Same pitch same everything, yet no command to set them at the same height. If I try joining them: CA states that it can not: duh! they are both 1/4 pitch, never going to intersect. I am going to try a different patio/pool deck area for fun. Just need to find some cool pictures.... Thank you.
  18. My attempt to draw roof on a prairie style house..... LearningCAroofs.plan
  19. My favorite CAD fonts are: Frank the Architect Architext Pegasus [Captions] Graphite MM Flux Architect
  20. The "~" key opens the preferences. (Holding SHIFT- `) Also in the command window run as administrator the following line to repair your window. dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  21. Any CA X11 release regardless of the version can Open any X11 .plan file. Same is applicable to X10, etc. Betas, like X12 <-have a different version number. [ I used to have a C# gizmo that dumps the content of .plan file and can manipulate version # ].
  22. I would advise you to exclude Undo / Temp CA Folder from Norton (Symantec) scans. 1) CA Menu> edit> Preferences> Folders> Look for: "My Undo Folder" and "My Temporary Folder" and change it to: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X11 Data\Temp\ 2) Next: Create that folder "Temp". 3) Open Norton and add the folder exclusion C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X11 Data\Temp\ ============================================================== 1. When trying to open the roof icon 2. When I group select. 3. While in the walls dialog box trying to change the siding type. 4. When select to open a bulkhead so I could change the size of the bulkhead. 5.. When I use Crl. E to open a kitchen cabinet. .... None of those really put the load ON A graphics card
  23. Make a copy of your plan, delete the kitchen, create a schedule link it to your layout