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  1. Thank you for the You Tube clip. That worked. Thanks, Mike
  2. I am getting a large vertical triangular shape showing up in elevation and perspective views. I have attached my plan along with a screen shoot. This triangular shape comes and goes. Does anyone know what is happening and how to get rid of it ? Thanks, Mike Belden Design Plan 2.plan
  3. I am working on a room addition project. In the existing house there is 2 existing bay windows. I do not wants these bay windows to show up in the window schedule. I have unchecked The "include in window schedule" and under labels I checked "suppress all labels". These 2 bay windows still show up in the window schedule. How do I remove them from the window schedule ? Thanks, Mike
  4. I am working on a project where at the front of the house is 3 window unit. These windows and 3" of wall around the windows are recessed into a 2x8 stud wall. See picture. How to a model my plan to match the picture ? Also how do I draw the lintel and sill to match the picture ? Thanks, Mike Theiss-DesignFront Patio.plan
  5. Thanks Chapsaw, I will try that.
  6. I have a client that want to add a patio to the front of their house. The contractor did a mock up of the patio roof. The way they want to build it will require one of the beams supporting the roof to be at an angle. I'm not sure how to place the angled beam and how to get Chief to build the roof over the angled beam. The top of the roof will be level and built over the top of the existing roof. See pictures. Does anyone know how to model this type of roof ? Thanks, Mike
  7. That did it. The only time I have checked the soffit under the structural panel is when I was placing a flat soffit under the eaves. Thank You, Mike
  8. Hi Chopsaw, What you show is what I am look for. I tried doing what you show in your screen shot and it does not show up. See attached screen shot.
  9. I am working on a patio with a vaulted roof. The client wants 1x6 T&G sheathing under the exposed rafters. I am using wood planking for the ceiling finish on the under side of the roof. The problem I am having is having this finish continue on the under side of the eave over hang. Does anyone know how to get the wood planking to continue out under the roof over hang ? Ngai Design 1.plan
  10. Does anyone know of a program that converts pdf file into a .plan file ? I am always getting advertisements for converting pdf to .dwg file. Thanks, Mike
  11. In the last hour every time I go to delete something I get the message "Do you want to delete the selected object". This wasn't happening before. Something got changed. I'm sure there is a setting for this somewhere in the program. Does anyone know what and where that setting is ? Thank You, Mike
  12. I am adding an exterior stairs to an existing two story house. I started by adding a 48"x48" landing on the second floor. I then added the stairs to the second floor landing going down to the first floor patio slab. The problem is the stairs only show on the second floor plan. How do I get them to also show up on the first floor plan ? Thanks, Mike
  13. I have been using Chief for 3 years, 1 year full time. Prior to Chief I was using using AutoCAD since 1993. At first I found Chief difficult to learn because of the different terminology used in each program. With help from the people on this forum I am almost as productive as I was with AutoCAD. One year from now I should be more productive. The people on this forum are a great asset to all Chief uses and are more that willing to help you. With that said, I like the idea of a So. Cal. user group. I live in Simi Valley. Years ago I belonged to the AutoCAD Users Group. About 100 of use would meet once a month in Burbank. It was great to get together other in our field.
  14. I am working on a small remodel project. The original house has a raised foundation. In the past they added an addition to the rear of the house that has a slab foundation. The problem I am having is most of the existing slab footings are shown with solid lines for both the foundation and footing. One of the footings is shown correctly, a solid line for the foundation and dashed line for the footing. Does anyone know why this is happening. I have included the plan for your review. Thanks, Mike Houck Design 2.plan