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  1. capitaldesigns

    stairs not showing on both floors

    I am adding an exterior stairs to an existing two story house. I started by adding a 48"x48" landing on the second floor. I then added the stairs to the second floor landing going down to the first floor patio slab. The problem is the stairs only show on the second floor plan. How do I get them to also show up on the first floor plan ? Thanks, Mike
  2. capitaldesigns

    Seeking Southern California User Group

    I have been using Chief for 3 years, 1 year full time. Prior to Chief I was using using AutoCAD since 1993. At first I found Chief difficult to learn because of the different terminology used in each program. With help from the people on this forum I am almost as productive as I was with AutoCAD. One year from now I should be more productive. The people on this forum are a great asset to all Chief uses and are more that willing to help you. With that said, I like the idea of a So. Cal. user group. I live in Simi Valley. Years ago I belonged to the AutoCAD Users Group. About 100 of use would meet once a month in Burbank. It was great to get together other in our field.
  3. capitaldesigns

    Slab footing not showing correctly

    I am working on a small remodel project. The original house has a raised foundation. In the past they added an addition to the rear of the house that has a slab foundation. The problem I am having is most of the existing slab footings are shown with solid lines for both the foundation and footing. One of the footings is shown correctly, a solid line for the foundation and dashed line for the footing. Does anyone know why this is happening. I have included the plan for your review. Thanks, Mike Houck Design 2.plan
  4. capitaldesigns

    Stair railing

    Thank you, Joey. That worked.
  5. capitaldesigns

    Stair railing

    Here is my plan file. The deck railing shows in plan view but the stair railing does not show. Yes these are auto stairs. In 3D view the stair railing is displayed. In plan view they do not show. Thanks, Mike Papata
  6. capitaldesigns

    Stair railing

    I'm drawing a deck that is 30" above grade. The deck railing shows up but the stair railing does not generate. Is there a setting that I am missing ? Thanks, Mike
  7. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    Did that and re-started computer and still have grainy elevations. Attached is a screen shot of the graphic settings. I will need to look at this on Wednesday. Everyone is waiting for me. We are going to Laughlin, NV for a couple of days. Thanks, Mike
  8. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    No. I just did. Went to preferences then video card status, it still shows Intel UHD Graphics 630. I do not know how to change it.
  9. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    I followed Alaska_Son's and Eric's instructions and the elevations still are just as grainy, no improvement.
  10. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    Just tried Alaskan_Son's instructions. I got as far as the Graphics Settings then choose an app to set preference. I do not see the "Desktop App" in the pull down menu. I see "Classic App" and Universal App" see my screen shot. When I select "Universal App" I get another pull down menu below that says "Select an app". Under that pull down list I do not see Chief Architect in the list. See screen shot. I'm not sure how to get Chief Architect to show up in this list. Everything has been working fine until recently. Yesterday is the first time I ran an elevation view in the last week or so. I have not change anything or added any new programs on the computer for several months. Last week HP Tech. support took remotely took control of my computer to resolve a plotter issue. They might have changed some settings that I was not made aware of.
  11. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    Thank you, I will try this in the morning. Mike
  12. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    I have never done a search in the forum before. Not sure what word(s) I should use to find this topic.
  13. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    This is a screen shot with the video card information on the right. I no I have a GeForce graphics card in this computer. It shows in preferences that it is an Intel UHD Graphics 630. I don't know what that means and why it's not showing the GeForce graphics card. I will call HP tech. support in the morning to find out if they changed my graphic card settings. If not I will call Chief tech. support. All other graphics on my computer look normal and have not changed. Even the back drops in Chief look normal. The only thing that has changed is elevation and perspective views. See attached.
  14. capitaldesigns

    Perspective view & Elevation view not showing correctly

    The last update was in July 2020. Recently I have been having a problem printing Chief drawings with my HD plotter. The plotter would print a couple of sheets and then stop in the middle of the next sheet. Last week I called tech. support. He took over my computer for about a half hour while he resolved the problem. I was told that when I send a sheet to the plotter and tell it to make 3 copies Chief send that sheet 3 separate times. If the drawing is a large file it will lock the plotter up. When printing large drawing files I need to make one copy at a time in order to not lock the plotter up. I have had the plotter for about a year now. It had never done that before until the last few weeks. I don't know if this has anything to do with the grainy elevation and perspective views.
  15. I'm working on a remodel project. When I do any kind of elevation view it gets really screwy. It gets very pixelated. I have run elevation view and perspective views a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. Now they are all screwed up. Do anyone know what is causing this ? I have included the file. Thanks, Mike Houck Design 2.plan