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  1. capitaldesigns

    Room Titles

    A couple more questions. I used the insert button under room labels default and added the "room ceiling height". The text height is as large as the room title. I would like it to be 4.5" high instead of 6". Where do I change this text height ? Also the room dimensions still show up under the room title which I want to remove. The room dimension attributes is not selected under the insert button of the room label defaults. Is there some place else in the program that is placing the room dimensions under the room title ? I
  2. capitaldesigns

    Room Titles

    Thank You very much. I spent about an hour trying to find this in the manual and CA video's. I tried looking under Room Attributes and Room Titles and I could not find what I was looking for. Again, Thank You for your very fast response, Mike.
  3. capitaldesigns

    Room Titles

    Under the room title CA calls off the room dimension. I would to remove the room dimension and replace it with the ceiling height as the default. Does anyone know how to make that change and save it as the default ? Thank You, Mike
  4. capitaldesigns


    Is there a list of plotters that work well with Chief X12 ? I also need it to work with AutoCAD 14. My old HP Design Jet 750c Plus is on its last leg. Thanks, Mike
  5. capitaldesigns

    Second story deck

    Thank you for your help. I am still having a problem. I tried doing your suggestion by coping the deck railing and pasting it to the first floor. I then gave it the room definition of Porch. That didn't work well. I also dried defining it as a slab. Again that did not work well. I did change the room definition from deck to balcony. With the deck changed to balcony I was able to add the stucco to he underside of the deck by going to Room Specification, Structure, Floor Structure. Then use the Insert Below button to add the stucco. I was able to lower the floor as you suggested. The problem I am now having is the finish at the end of the balcony is missing. I tried turning on all layers that were not already on, still doesn't show. Does anyone know why the finish at the end of the balcony is missing ? Thank You, Mike
  6. capitaldesigns

    Second story deck

    I was able to add the stucco on the underside of the deck. I had already changed the floor joist size from 2x8 to 2x10. In the section view it still shows the floor joists as being 2x8. Also in that same Plank/Joists tab I had changed the 2x decking to 5/8" P.W. It still shows 2x decking in all views.
  7. capitaldesigns

    Second story deck

    Did you make these changes in Room Specifications ? Under the Structure tab, Ceiling below is grayed out. Do I need to create a room under the deck so I can give that room a stucco ceiling finish ?
  8. capitaldesigns

    Second story deck

    I am working on plans for a fire reconstruction project. The house was second story deck. I used the drew the deck using CA default settings. I need to change several things on the deck as CA drew it. I tried to manually make these changes, but nothing seams to have changed. I need to make the following changes: 1. P.W. decking w/Dex-O-Tex instead of 2x decking. 2. 2x10 F.J. instead of 2x8 F.J. 3. Stucco on the bottom of the deck. 4. Lower the deck joists so they sit on top of the double plates of the house wall. Thank You, Mike Tomlinson_New_2-10-2020.plan
  9. capitaldesigns

    Stucco missing at floor joist level of elevations

    That did it. Thank You, Mike
  10. I am inputting as-build floor plans for a two story residence. When I view the plan in perspective view a stucco band is missing at the floor joist level of the exterior. I am drawing the plans in x12. I never had this happen before in x11. Does anyone know what is causing this ? Thanks, Mike Tomlinson.plan
  11. capitaldesigns

    Retaining wall v. Terrain wall

    I am working on a hillside project where there are existing retaining walls. One of the retaining walls steps down with the grade. It starts off at 8' and drops down to 4' high. The retaining wall drop down 8" every 4'. I tried both the retaining wall and terrain wall. Using the retaining wall I do see where I can control the height of the wall. It looks line the grade behind the wall controls the wall height. Using the terrain wall I can control the wall height of the entire length of the wall. I can not break the wall into 4' long sections where I can give each wall segment its on wall height. Any suggestions on how to draw a retaining wall that drop down 8" every 4'. Thank You, Mike
  12. capitaldesigns

    Grade not showing correctly

    I get it now. The terrain perimeter at 21" below the first floor sub-floor become the 0" elevation for the elevation lines, regions and points I place in the drawings. I thought everything was measured from the first floor sub-floor height. Thank You, Michael
  13. capitaldesigns

    Grade not showing correctly

    Hi Michael. I'm not sure what you mean. I am trying out the terrain feature for the first time. All of the projects I have drawn with CA has been on flat pads and none of them had basements.
  14. capitaldesigns

    Grade not showing correctly

    I'm sure you are correct. When I first place the terrain it shows it at 21" below the first floor sub-floor. After I place the elevation regions for the upper and lower pads that when everything screwed up. Even though I selected the upper elevation region and called it out to be 21" below the first floor sub-floor CA showed the grade as 12'-5" below the sub-floor. I had to show it as 0" below the sub-floor in order for it to show correctly as 2" below the sub-floor.
  15. capitaldesigns

    Grade not showing correctly

    I just tried that. I deleted the terrain that was placed on the foundation level and drew it on the first floor level. This time instead of placing the grade 3'-5" below the sub-floor it placed it 12'-5" below the first floor sub-floor. I wanted the upper grade o be 21" below the first floor sub-floor. It is placing the grade 21" below the basement finish slab. To get the lower grade to be level with the basement finish slab I need to place the grade -111" below the first floor sub-floor. The basement slab is drawn 132" below the first floor finish floor, not -111". To get the upper grade to be 21" below the first floor sub-floor I had to show the grade as 0" below the first floor sub-floor. When I look at the structure DBX under room specification it shows that 0" elevation is still the first floor sub-floor. So why do I have to call out the upper grade to be 0" below the first floor sub-floor to get it t show up in section view as 21" below grade ? Thank you, Mike