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  1. Cross hatch without background works. I had not tried that button before. Thanks Chapsaw, Mike
  2. I am working on a small TI project in a strip center. I am using a light gray fill to highlight the entire building. I want to use a cross hatch fill to identify the location of the TI within the building. When I do this the light gray fill disappears. I want the cross hatch fill to be over top of the light gray fill. Is there a way to have a fill over the top of another fill without one of them disappearing ? Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks Chopsaw and MarkMc, That worked. I was selecting the arc then made a copy then selected concentric copy. When I did it that way the most of the edit handles were not there anymore. It worked when I did it the way MarkMc suggested. Select spline , copy paste in place, select concentric copy, pic one of the diamond edit handles and move it in the desired direction, hit the tab key and input the desired distance. For arcs you select the small circle instead of the diamond. Thanks, Mike
  4. I am working on a site plan for a small commercial project. There is a number of existing curved sidewalks on the side. I am drawing one side of the curved sidewalk and then wanting to offset that curved line for the other side of the sidewalk. The concentric copy is not working correctly on curved lines. It's just making a copy of the curve without changing the radius. The concentric copy command works fine on a complete circle but it does not work for arcs or splines. Does anyone know how to do offset arcs and curves ? Thanks, Mike
  5. When I delete an object I get asked if I want to delete the selected object. I know there is a setting where I can turn this off but I can not find it. Does anyone know where this setting is ? Thanks, Mike
  6. The vent is on the windows layer. I placed them in elevation view. The elevation view is referenced to 1.
  7. When I place a gable end attic vent in elevation view the attic vent shows up in the floor plan. It shows correctly in elevation and section view as being in the attic. How do I not have the attic vent show up on the floor plan ? Thanks, Mike
  8. Thanks Glenn, that's what I was looking for. Mike
  9. I am working on addition plans on a house that has 18" thick exterior walls. The doors and windows are recessed 16". In Chief I selected the windows to be recessed, but when I place them into the plan they are only recessed a couple of inches. How do I get the windows and doors to recess deeper than a couple of inches ? Thanks, Mike
  10. Thank you for the You Tube clip. That worked. Thanks, Mike
  11. I am getting a large vertical triangular shape showing up in elevation and perspective views. I have attached my plan along with a screen shoot. This triangular shape comes and goes. Does anyone know what is happening and how to get rid of it ? Thanks, Mike Belden Design Plan 2.plan
  12. I am working on a room addition project. In the existing house there is 2 existing bay windows. I do not wants these bay windows to show up in the window schedule. I have unchecked The "include in window schedule" and under labels I checked "suppress all labels". These 2 bay windows still show up in the window schedule. How do I remove them from the window schedule ? Thanks, Mike
  13. I am working on a project where at the front of the house is 3 window unit. These windows and 3" of wall around the windows are recessed into a 2x8 stud wall. See picture. How to a model my plan to match the picture ? Also how do I draw the lintel and sill to match the picture ? Thanks, Mike Theiss-DesignFront Patio.plan