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  1. Thank you. I will make sure I submit the proper file format next time. Thanks for the your suggestions on the plan and layout…
  2. Hi, I have a shop with a height of 16' with an addition of 18' on the right. How do I make these meet in the middle? They roof will be 4/12 on the left and 3.067/12 I think on the right. The old structure will have a lower roof slope. But I need both halves to meet in the middle. I set the room definitions in the structure options to be the correct heights but the program adds height on the lower side to match the new addition. How do I adjust the difference to lower the problem side? What wall setting am I omitting? LPPS Addition Front.pdf LPPS Addition.pdf LPPS Addition.plan
  3. I am currently working on a shop with an addition. The Old shop on the left has an interior height of 16'. The New addition on the right is an interior height of 18' 1 1/8". There is a mezzanine in the new section with an interior height of 8'. In 3D the wall in front and right side has a line between the upper and lower wall. How do I get rid of that? Also on the 2D plan itself the 2nd story wall has disappeared. If I redraw it in it covers the upper half of the 14'x 14' garage door. I am currently also having trouble to get the roof to auto build (I deleted the attic walls -mistake!) Roof keeps generating on the first floor even though I'm building on the 2nd story-will be a gable roof with a 4/12 on the existing building and the other side will be 3.07/12 to meet the peak on center. I am using version X13 LPPS Addition.plan
  4. Thanks, that was a simple fix! Not sure why the slab is still not at the same level as the footer -from what I'm seeing in the cross section view (builder wants slab flush with the footers).....
  5. So I have a simple elevation problem where my dimension is showing an extra 1 5/8" (at the foundation level) that I am not sure where it is coming from. I have a 4" slab foundation with 8x16" footers and stepped FoxBLOX along the sides as it is a partially underground. It does look as though the slab is not sitting at the same level as the footers. It looks like it is 7/8" above the footers from the backclipped view. The Cross Section Elevation also has an extra 1 7/8" on my dimension string. My builder wants the basement to be 8' 1 1/2" . So I would like to eliminate this extra height. Kent House STAIRS: Revised :Auto Dimension.pdf Kent House STAIRS: Revised:North.pdf Kent House STAIRS: Revised.plan
  6. Yes I did zoom in. No increase in size, but because of the length of the structure it limits my zoom
  7. Since the building is already built, (its the overhang post structure and stairs that will be added) I'm want to give the client as accurate and large a view as possible
  8. Oh yes, I zoomed in but the building is so long its a tight fit screen wise.
  9. So something like an elevation view or 2D which could have dimensions is the way to go than? I would like to send as realistic a view as possible (hence the image view) for the client but it looks so small
  10. I did try to resend but its not any better or bigger.
  11. No, it was not an elevation view and yes I sent an image (camera view) to Layout. Here's the plan, #1Scott Shop:Boone ADDITION (modified).plan