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  1. BrownTiger

    Refresh time - Rebuilding the model

    Code42 scanning / backup takes a lot of resources I do not believe it matters how powerful your CPU is. When It does the full scan you will fill it.
  2. BrownTiger

    Difference between export PDF and print to PDF?

    I believe it is set in two different groups [places] one for export pdf and another for printing. Make sure you change the right one.
  3. BrownTiger

    Difference between export PDF and print to PDF?

    No it defaults to the C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Chief Architect Inc\Chief Architect Premier X12.ini setting Printer%20DPI=600
  4. BrownTiger

    Difference between export PDF and print to PDF?

    Export PDF automatically defaults the Destination: to Chief Architect PDF driver, while Print PDF defaults to last printer used. (could still be Chief Architect PDF driver but not necessary)
  5. BrownTiger

    Print settings

    >so that the print dialog is always correct for a particular layout file... >I must be missing something simple... Yes, sorry the meaningful description of the issue. dialog settings, like what? Landscape, Printer Name, CollateCopies, DoubleSided, PaperOrientation, Watermark, Range, Scale, Print in Color...
  6. BrownTiger

    Sun angles

    1) Are there particular Sun Angles that you consider when placing a house? How many sun angle do you define per plan? e.g. January XX, 9am? April ?? 2) Can't get sun angle to cast a show on interior? Is this normal? BT
  7. BrownTiger

    Large Notes

    Just like with everything else, you check Plan Default> Text callouts markers> Notes = to see what exactly it says. You hilight the note itself and see what text default it says. You select the schedule... and check ALDO Are you using a custom style? I recommend create at least 3 styles: "Notes 1/4" Style", "Notes 1/2" Style", "Notes 1" Style". As a general rule: Never apply custom style to any Notes, Text, always use either a layer style or a plan style. Without a plan I can only guess.
  8. >Do I have to have two separate text boxes on two different default sets for two different scales? NO You should be using PlanViews....Let's say you have Kitchen and Bath PlanView that is linked to NKBA 1" (kitchen and Bath layerset). In that layerset click on room label, hit Text style, define >> Copy >> Name new style: Room Label Style 1" In that style specify let's say font size: 2". Now if you return to Working Plan view your label will be in "Room Label Style" and in NKBA it will display as Room Label Style 1". Send each plan view into your layout.
  9. Change Your text style, define appropriate label style for your scale. If you have 6" Room Style for 1/4", you may want to define RoomStyle 1" style to be 2.5".
  10. BrownTiger

    Time Tracker

    You are right this would have to be a VBA Macro to parse this..... September 14, 2020 1:07:15 AM,September 14, 2020 1:18:47 AM,00:11:32,BT, SomeText It should have been tab separated and like "2020-09-14 1:07:15 AM", or at least quoted, or may be XML or Json. Currently with two commas only VBA cann get this I do not understand why field that contains "," separators are not quoted during CSV exports Well why don't some one makes a suggestion, see if @Dermot comment on this.... With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection ....
  11. BrownTiger

    Time Tracker

    The export to csv is not working for you?
  12. BrownTiger

    Video Editing Software compatible with Chief Architect Filmora9 very easy $59 - lifetime
  13. Or Turn back on eave and gable fascia
  14. BrownTiger

    Sip Roof Panels on Top of Exposed Rafters

    I think I had some of the same issues a year(s) back, when I tried to model, SIP over rafters. [ I gave up on that model, my staff are not really for building in the real world. ] I did SIP as a finish layer, and 4x10s rafters as a structural layer with exposed rafter ties. Software framed structural layer perfectly, sip was good, but frieze and blocking never worked correctly. Frieze board did not generate, but it can be placed in cross section. Blocking never worked. I think I used soffit & rafter to cover up the holes. 2D appeared correct.