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  1. >but I do not see my browser anymore so I know its open somewhere. You can reset like solver suggested or you could try: Cntrl-L [ or menu > View > Library browser ]
  2. You are selecting some sort of polyline drawn over your floor.
  3. Thank you. I noticed @robdyck you are only two short of 300.
  4. Is there a sound bar library, like SONOS?
  5. Go to a template sheet (e.g. 0) and select that title field....
  6. Synchronization software and cloud storages work, so if you are using icloud, drop box, one drive, sugar sync, always sync (free for noncom), goodsync, <other file sync's> or home brew, etc will replicate the file. It just fine. With many of them you will get an error stating that unable to sync because file was changed in multiple places if this is the situation...
  7. 1) SonOfBachelor View Has autobuilt ... Nothing build right
  8. I was thinking along the same lines why would they not have it like a wall?
  9. So I am "building" a modern house: mcm with a gorgeous skillion roof at 2 in 12". Unvented roof assembly with the following layers: 1) Roof Metal 2) 1/2" ... something like 1"x4" diagonal sleepers 3) 2" foam 4) 2" foam 5) Grace Ice and water shield HT 6) 1/2 OSB 7) 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" 16 o.c. I-joist with fiberglass insulation for my 20' span 8) drywall underneath I want 9 1/2" I-Joists to have soffit under and some sort of facia. 1) Chief presents me with the following dialog. Now I am totally confused ... What the heck is a difference between a surface and a structure? Is my foam part of the surface or a structure? Or sleepers. What should realistic eave and gable subfascia be?
  10. Technically speaking it is: x = 24"/tan(angle / 2) ; So if your corner angle is 135; tan(135/2) = tan(67.5) = 2.4; So inside corners walls should be reduced by 24"/2.4 = 10"... For practical purposes there is a small gap between cabinets... 10 1/2" - 11". Lol trigonometry 101?
  11. I am sorry, I type and fix staff faster than I think, so must have fixed it even without noticing. It took whole 3 minutes to create these demo plans. >ConvertToFeetInches(height.to_f,16, "-", "-", true) .... 1. I assumed you locally defined this ConvertToFeetInches function right? 2. Generally I do not like this object cast .to_f, reminds me of the old days of ADA. 3. It would have made more sense for CA to implement .to_ftin... Instead of us embedding local converter functions. Just my $.02 4. .to_in ... makes no sense to me because it gives you the decimals. I fully dig .to_mm or .to_m because they are decimals, but what in the heck is 7.23" really is, why would someone want decimal representation of an empirical unit? ( Same, If someone in the past game me a plan where a part was dimensioned: 10 3/16 mm I would have told him where exactly to put that design). 5. Where our instrument nonius is 10 (e.g. 0.01 mm) no point. The reason I am saying this I have learned not to convert and use decimals with metric and fractions with imperials. Even if software uses for some reason that internally it should never be a default display.
  12. If your window scheduler did not get updated just delete it and regenerate.
  13. Lol. Thank you Kbird1. I had no idea that someone really orders windows to 1/16th. Last time I ordered instead of 3072 I got 9072. Beautiful window three times the width after 4 month of waiting. You do not have to use the label, and it does show up in the scheduler. Here I added another macro windowGoldenRatio and custom OIF, that informs a designer that the window [or may be a building] has an incorrect factor. WindowTest.plan #Macro: windowGoldenRatio result = "" referenced ? obj = referenced : obj = owner result ="Golden ratio [1:1.618]: This Window =[1:" + (obj.height / obj.width).round(2).to_s + "]\n" result
  14. You sure, you selected the window? WindowTest.plan (X12)
  15. Example code: WindowLabel.txt I am not an architect. And this is my hobby.
  16. My college every single auditorium in the lecture hall had it, and that was built like 40 years ago. While most could not tell it was a steel structure with a parapet roof, with drain channels on outside and in the middle so it could be cleaned safely without a crane. Amazing structure, very thick rubber inserted into the C channels. They had to install sound dampening shutters, because you could not hear a word prof was saying during a rain.
  17. Unblock in the empty plan or CAD detail and draw extra line. What they are asking is not that big of a deal. They just want to make sure correct the correct breakers been installed. TYP any room require 15A breaker. TYP kitchen require two circuits of breakers TYP garbage disposal and dishwasher each require a dedicated breaker. Bathroom(s) require 20A but they could be connected to each other. For the rest let's say 4T HVAC takes 20A, for any contiuesly running device you multiply by 1.25. : 20A x 1.25 = 25A (therefore you need 30A breaker) Same for sump pump, same for sewage pump, same for water heater, same for wall oven [let's say Bosh based on web page require 14A -> 20A breaker ) This is not an astrophysics.
  18. Something I did for fun many years ago. BT ElectricalPanel.calibz
  19. You can normally easy tell nigerian princes or princesses - Dangle/speak of large amounts of money as a bling upfront. Too good to be true, really if you have 2mil hire local architect. - Someone will be very sick or in the hospital or has cancer - They travel and have little time. - Suggest a business check as the only method of payment upfront... - Give you an address that misrepresent the property or individual. - Have verified facebook account with a phone number traceable to some odd african nation. - Throw a lot of details upfront but really vague on details, when you ask. - Suggest they can only meet in two weeks when they will be back in town. - Suggest that it is their rich uncle who will be paying. .... I do not do floorplans for anyone. But encountered plenty "nigerian princes"'... One email all it takes to see right through them. Any above sentences, they are on my s list.
  20. Lol, thanks. $FtIn.denominator = 8 I was going to define in the room lable macro and reuse $FtIn class in other places.