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  1. If you are talking about offset walls in the basement... create your own interior wall type that fits your needs and mark it as furred in the properties > structure > double walls > furred. So to offset by 2": create a wall type "furred basement" from like interior, remove exterior drywall, add air layer 2" on exterior
  2. I just picked up a house project I started two years ago so I'm rusty using this program and I cant find my answer in the doc. I have three questions... 1. The shed roof is going in the wrong direction. I had it working on my original version until I moved the first floor wall. I have high shed/gable wall on the tall side and full gable wall on the two lower sides yet the roof slants from the two sides marked full gable wall. There are couple ways to make it: Mark the tall wall "high shed/gable wall", mark sides as full gable, mark the lower as hip. Another: make baseline polyline and mark it on that... But it is much quicker to press "q" on a keyboard click right outside of lower wall, stretch it to the width and pull it over the high side, takes 3 seconds to do the manual plane. 2. I cant recall how to view, create or edit the walls above the first level. need help on the buttons. Press up button on the top bar next to a number "1" 3. The mirrored garage windows from the main house are lower than the house windows using the same settings. I can fudge to raise the windows in the garage but curious about a better solution. Because you window height is from the floor. A garage floor is lower. Change window "Elevation reference" to Absolute.
  3. Enable Selection Toggles toolbar, by right-clicking empty space on a toolbar...
  4. Here is my macro..... You do not have to use it.... It uses rounder function def rounder(l) arr = [0,4,8,9,10,12,14,16,18,20,l] puts{|item| item < l}.max end This function rounds a lumber to 4',8',9',10',12'..... to buy list sizes replace with [0, l] to disable it. LumberMaterialList.json
  5. Apologies if I state the obvious.. I would not recommend using double click to open object specification dialog - if that is what you were using. Select an object (such as a room) and use hotkeys: Ctrl-E (windows) or Command E (mac).
  6. Not sure what the issues are? IMHO 1) Neither plan have good dimension defaults. 2) Neither person understands how to provide / convey to a framer of what are you trying to get done, or dimensions. 3) The casings may or may not be against the wall or may not always be flat, could have a different width or depth. They are not a good reference point. Whole 20 seconds.
  7. I doubt they will make X13... Most software companies will avoid that as a plague...
  8. Here
  9. You are trying to extend a house by adding three (3) attached gables on the back....
  10. Are you asking about like real time growth feature, like this?
  11. 99% sure it was created in an older version of ChiefArchitect, prior to Views existents. No big deal Right click on a toolbar, customize toolbars, add the "L" thingy (Active Layer Set Control ), enjoy.
  12. This is my hobby. I rotated a plan few times but with Edit Area> All floors for testing... It looked weird. Some labels rotate, others do not. Not sure what construction worker would want blue prints rotated at 24 degrees... I would build it straight and rotate one layout box on a like Site Overview page. IMHO. Same if you are building on a large lot ... do not input entire survey dwg... Like 1 sq mile. Impossible to use and makes chief very slow. Import what you need for a house site. Merge on a layout page.
  13. Just my $.02. The issue is not with the wallboard. Chief provides 4x12 and even 4.5x12, see below. I doubt any designer is using material list. It is not working correctly. So should you get a model 100% correct if you can not get totals anyway? 1) ChiefArchitect added Ruby macros ... very nice. I do not have a clue what get's passed to Ruby 2) I created a simple Ruby macro "return1" that returns 1. Got an error, 3) Jenna Video of 2 years old is wrong She adds extra 110% - that will cause total to be: count + extra = 210%. No one appears to complained. 4) If CA wants to compute drywall as 4.75 per wall - fine show me that. DO not show 5+5+5+5 = 19 Even better let me round: count.ceil.
  14. Ok, I figured it out... Just because walls are rounded to 5 does not mean it is 5 sheets. The software considers them 4.75s Thus the answer. I think CA needs to re-look at that. You could be really short on materials.... Lies
  15. Yeah, I probably should have used the term not the "Ruby Macros" [or read the help file to find out how CA calls these] IMHO (%schedule_number%) - probably simple old string substitutions thingies... eval("%%room.schedule_number%%") returns an error... No matter what Ruby macros work in a richtext box....
  16. That is because %schedule_number% is not a macro, and you are right it will never work. On the other hand if you do create a ruby macro: result="" result += + " - " + result It will work as a fake RichText room label
  17. Thank you very much. Odd that CA does not have it.
  18. Anywhere in the library dimpled foundation mats like delta-ms?
  19. Is this suppose to be a nob with gulf wings?
  20. You could always try Unicode entry in the rich text box: holding <ALT> 253 [use numeric key pad] ²
  21. Here are some benchmarks RyZen AMD CPU are fine. They are fast and very decent CPUs and cost less than I9s. You may have an issue utilizing that many cores tho, If you have Ryzen9, as most software not designed to be heavily parallel.... I ran into an issues with Adobe PDF various libraries as the format was not designed for multithreading. This issue is applicable to the most software written today unfortunately.
  23. Software can probably do this automatically. If not go manual. Specify porch room ceilings height like 12" lower, for each porch wall specify roof / hip wall with like 3:12 pitch. For the building set gable condition 6:12. Add a cricket.