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  1. I've been using it for a week. I like the refinements.
  2. Why do people buy a Mercedes AMG and not a Toyota Tercel?
  3. I do much more on a computer than just CA. Adobe is sometimes demanding. Video encoding is time sucking. I'm hoping to cover the more cores requirement and also the more memory needs. It's only money, right?. I drive a paid off older truck so I'm not saddled with too many other debts right now. I'll keep this thread in the loop when I finally pull the trigger.
  4. I’m working with Puget Systems to build a new beast. I too try to rotate about every 5 years. I’m saving up to go really big (because the kid in me wants to just once in life) I tell myself it’s only a couple jobs and paid for, so after the new fence and landscaping, this is my next target. Maybe by fall.
  5. YES!!!! Ding Ding Ding I have no idea how I turned that on. This is the first time I'm trying to create details in CA instead of AutoCAD and I was losing hope that I could go 100% CA. Thanks much.
  6. X12 I placed a Simpson LUC210(Z) into a plan as part of creating a specific detail, and the hanger imports with all kinds of extra lines all over it. They are NOT selectable, and the only fix I found so far is to create a CAD detail, and then I could manually delete them. Is there a setting I have turned on that is creating this issue? The same condition occurs when I drew circles to represent the cross-section of rebar......unselectable target reticles appear and can not be removed unless turned into a CAD detail. I do NOT need or want these lines, so
  7. A was a framer for a couple of decades. The dimensioned plans I hated were: - inside of finished wall to inside of finished wall (as in 4 1/2" thick 2x4 wall) I would have to account for GWB. - walls that were called out at 4" thick. I only remember a couple like this.....not sure why they did this. - walls dimensioned to the center. Very odd to me. I like beams centered sometimes, but not walls. My favorite: "Over-to-it" dimensions. I can pull my tape one time and catch many walls in that one pull. Some framing plans were reall
  8. For double walls, I make a copy of a single wall that is close in type and rename it ___ - DBL WALL. Then I add all the specific wall info and when I choose it, it displays as 2 walls (like a party wall between to units of a townhome) I assume CA is treating this as one fat wall, but it generates to the final plan visually correct.
  9. resize it in autocad I used the scale at the bottom. It's drawn weird on purpose.....many of the called lengths are close but not precise. (to scale 1 to 1) Puckett Drive Siteplan.dwg
  10. so the only problem is that the rails are locked to the platform size and stringer. I can get it close for 2D plans, but 3D model looks wrong unless I drop the top stringer
  11. I'm having trouble building stairs in CA the way I build them in reality. Is there an easy way to set the top tread flush with the upper floor and not dropped one step? Thanks for any help. Page 33 has the image of what I'm talking about.
  12. I think I learned from someone on here how to change my system fonts. It might have been Renerabbit. The font that I chose is San Francisco pro display. I like it even better than Arial for all my text on my plans.
  13. So I just loaded x12 beta on my 2015 MBP to have a mobile option. This message just popped up. "Chief Architect Premier X12" would like to record this computer screen. This is the first I've ever seen this message. No such message ever popped up on my WIN 10 box nor any previous CA installs on macOS. I don't think I accidentally pressed some hot key combination to initiate this action, but I could have since I wasn't paying attention to everything I was doing until the pop up got my attention. I'm guessing this is some kind of macOS system security thin
  14. My county wants all kinds of code language on the plans. Then they started to request that the code language be placed on the relevant sheet and not “buried” in a specification sheet “that no one will read.” This tends to make some plans a bit busy. I think it’s dependent on who is reviewing the plans and how lazy/busy they are as to their level of code language required. the two newest ones are the pellet stove installed to manufacturers specs and the GWB under stairwell language, both located on the plans at the location. now I’m getting push back on prescri