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  1. MTS12 or larger. At the wall we would fill the I-joist web with plywood to add strength per vendor literature. LP
  2. When I opened a camera to see a practice kitchen (I'm still trying to absorb Rene"s template and tools) the tool bar went poof. I guess I will see if I can set up a copy replace script to run that copies my archived toolbar folder to then be pasted over my corrupted one. Kind of lame but I need to move forward.
  3. Framing is crazy for having many different regional names for things............HAP, heel height, etc. If a plan was to have the facia match at the same elevation (typ), as well as the overhangs be equal all the way around the house (on a bastard roof), we would raise the plate height on the steeper pitch portions. I would CAD the entire roof the night before I started cutting to make sure everything would work. Most plans are not very detailed for production. I still go to this level if I'm framing the roof. If not, I don't include this level of detail because it's confusing to some.
  4. Baseline = HAP? (Height Above Plate) That's how it seems to me.
  5. Update: Ever since the latest Chief update, X14 has been running smoothly on my M1 MAX MBP except for the occasional loss of toolbar icons. The worst was when I was laptop only on the kitchen table in a client's home, when I lost all the toolbar icons. That made doing real-time edits during the presentation much more unprofessional.....but I survived. All in all, chief things are much more stable now on macOS. I've even upgraded to the public beta of Ventura and everything seems solid. I wish every success to you.
  6. I used Chief and an app to take specific screen shots.
  7. Stream Deck or even better, Touch Portal, is great for automating things including app-specific shortcut keys (hot keys)
  8. I bought the whole package (device, walking stick, etc) because I'm a sucker for new tech. It didn't work as I wanted so it sits on my shelf. I can't recommend it. That's about $400 cast to the wind.
  9. Supported Hotkeys CA X14.xlsx
  10. I love it! I offer this to builders who might find it valuable to have access to a Matterport scan BEFORE everything is covered up, at least for the life of any warranty they provide.......just in case. Great job!
  11. 2018 iPad Pro. (the overly big one) I think the iPad mini would be a great size. The one I have is a bit large and the size isn't necessary to mask off the windows or mirrors.
  12. Great job, Doug. I use my Matterport as a back up, in case I miss something. Saves me a return trip to measure something or to ID a window or whatever. Mattertags are useful to store textual info or to link to other things. I try to imagine what info would be useful to the H/O or a contractor, that they could access from a computer and not have to go to the site. Noting code violations was a great use of the Matterport. Best to you.
  13. Since it didn't stitch together, I ended up with two separate single scans. It wasn't as useful in the crawlspace as I was hoping. I had a Milwaukee floodlight on top of it and did my best to get it level, but who knows when it's 3 feet of vertical working space with the camera sitting flat on the ground and me crawling around like a grumpy old man down there.