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  1. Can the area be designed with 3 or 4 attic trusses? See what the truss design guys say. I bet they work with this scenario often in your area.
  2. Use a rectangular polyline then disconnect and delete the 3 unwanted lines. The rectangle always comes in square. Kind of a lame workaround but it works.
  3. Same experience. Even though it’s 2D, it acts like there is a foreground snap point and a background snap point just a bit off. AutoCAD never does this, and I’m exploring SketchUp pro and it snaps very accurately too. I noticed with CA quite often when I am trying to dimension the run of a jack rafter from outside of framed wall to face of hip or valley. It tries to stop along a centerline of the jack instead of snapping to the long point. If you zoom in to fill the screen with the width of the jack, you can sometimes catch the long point for a point-to-point dimension. Accurate snapping is critical.
  4. Chief’s roof framing is not always as it would actually be done on site. Is such a 3D framing image a requirement for your permit office?
  5. Garages of old have always been cramped. I prefer the deeper garages that fit a full-size truck and then a work bench. Makes for a great place to go to do man-stuff.
  6. I use a wired Cad Mouse from 3d Connexion. It has the ability to customize the cursor speed per application. It’s pretty crazy to go from fast cursor to slower cursor by just navigating from one application to another.
  7. Dimension to the center of all openings in ICF and then, on the job site, follow the vendor’s literature as to how to buck out the opening in the blocks. Logixs has changed their method from pressure treated 2x12s to their own system.
  8. What is your work around? I only ask because if in the future, someone has the same question and this thread comes up in their search, it won’t be much help without you providing a solution to your problem. thanks in advance
  9. If it’s a PDF, can you grab the grip on the side and drag it in the direction of the PDF so that it covers the part you don’t want seen. You know how if you grab the diagonal grip it scales the image or PDF, but if you grab the Edge grips you can actually visually crop, non-destructively.
  10. On a mac, I just right click the schedule and re-number is in the context menu. I’m not in front of a computer so I’m going from memory. Confidence in accuracy is not 100%.
  11. I have three or four builders who I keep their information dragged off the plan to the right in the gray space on page 0. I don’t know if that works for you.
  12. Chief does a good job of irregular pitched roofs if you set the roof pitch in the wall before building. Here's a framing breakdown. Most won't need or care, but if it helps.....that's all that matters
  13. From step to step only ⅛” variation is allowed with a max of ⅜” cumulatively over the entire stairway. I’ve cut stringers at code limits, but I don’t like to be that close. And that is a pretty steep stairway to transit. If you can add a step, passing inspection is much more easy. MATRIX.pdf?dl=0