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  1. DianneDSC

    Any Chief Architect user here in Tennessee

    I'm all in for a Nashville TN area user group. Let's set a date and place to make this happen. General question for those interested: when would usually be the best day / time to meet? Weekend, day during the week, evening during the week?
  2. DianneDSC


    You can adjust the spacing to eliminate the one in the center. Then place one in the center manually, making in the height you want. This manually placed newel will be separate from your railing.
  3. DianneDSC

    Different Layout Drawing Sheet Formats

    I think this is more a reason to be able to have a different page size set for each template in a layout. Even if you print the pages separately, at least the page sizes and orientations won't have to be changed and then changed back. (Suggestion request has already been made.)
  4. DianneDSC

    Anyone ONLY Accept Online Payments?

    Xero offers their Projects feature, included with the "established plan". I am on the "growing plan" so I'm not using the project feature to track time. Even on the growing plan, invoices can have multiple line items and each item can have a different unit used for billing. From Xero's website, it seems the projects feature has an app with stop / start timer that can be used to track time. I'm not sure if the timer is available by logging on through the website. I use Proworkflow for managing my projects and tracking time (they have a stop / start timer or you can manually enter time). I can create invoices in PWF and send to Xero. The integration works very well. Once the invoice is in Xero, I review and modify if needed, approve and email to clients from Xero. Sometimes I'll invoice directly in Xero rather than going through PWF. PWF offers so much more than just tracking project information and time so works better for me than Xero's projects. I use it for scheduling projects and meetings, organizing workload, etc. https://www.proworkflow.com/pricing/ I'm on the Professional plan, and pay extra for the invoices and quotes features. I had been only using Xero for quotes and invoices but being able to do these in PWF has been worth the extra fee. Are you referring to the sales tax feature? I have sales tax rates set up on the invoices and print reports but file the taxes through the state's website.
  5. DianneDSC

    Anyone ONLY Accept Online Payments?

    Xero is an option to Freshbooks or Quickbooks that also emails invoices with links to pay online. Once payment is made, Xero handles all the accounting entries. Xero works with a few payment options such as Stripe and PayPal. I use Stripe even though I have a PayPal account just to keep payments all in the same service. Stripe also allows ACH payments for a lower fee. Once more clients wanted to pay by credit cards, I increased my fees some across all services. I will accept checks, and most builder clients prefer to pay by check. Since I receive notification when a payment has been made through Stripe, but have no notification when a check is mailed, I prefer clients paying online. Also, I don't have to worry about a check being stolen or lost in the mail. When payment is due during a face to face meeting and client wants to pay by credit card, I open the PDF copy of the invoice amd let them enter the info on my computer, tablet, or phone (or email it to them for immediate payment on their device.)
  6. DianneDSC

    Brick edge on patio

    I use a molding polyline with soldier brick material.
  7. DianneDSC

    Any Chief Architect user here in Tennessee

    I'm in Nashville, TN, and would be interested in getting a group together. I'll message you my email address.
  8. DianneDSC


    Welcome! Chief is an amazing tool. When I started using Chief in 2014 there used to be multiple templates with predefined styles, such as Arts & Crafts, modern, etc that had different cabinets, doors, lighting styles set as defaults. Perhaps those are what is shown on some of the videos you've watched. I'm not sure when Chief changed to having less template options, like residential, etc. as those older templates kept migrating with my new installs. I never really used those other style based templates so finally deleted them so they don't migrate anymore. The residential template is a good starting point. Save a copy and then modify to suit your needs. Then in the preferences settings, change the default template to your modified one.
  9. DianneDSC

    Object Layer Properties

    As an optional method to quickly hide objects, there's a command called "hide layer"or "layer hider". I've added a hotkey for this or you can add a tool bar button. With the hotkey all I do when I want to turn off an objects' layer is hit my hotkey, then click an object that's on that layer. No navigating to a dbx to clear a checkbox. Super quick. For other layer controls, like turning layers on, I have the Active Layer Display Options docked for quick access as others have suggested.
  10. DianneDSC


    Suzy, Following Rene's suggestion,quoted below, for our User library. I do have a system working somewhat well. We use dropbox and still figuring out the update sequence. It seems that when our computers are shut down, such as overnight, the next morning when we each start up and open Chief, the user catalogs are updated. Using Onedrive, Rene mentions having a dedicated account just for user catalogs, and a scheduled time for syncing overnight. What we have discovered so far to keep from having conflicted file copies: User A cannot add, modify, or delete in any folder created on User B's system and vice-versa. I have all the user library content on my system but Melissa, our other designer, has access to this content to use in Chief. She just can't add to these folders, delete items or modify the content or else a conflicted file copy is created. She can copy the items to folders in her user library and modify from there if needed. Melissa created a folder in her User catalog named "1 new (her initials)" so " 1 new mb". The "1" is so it's at the top of the list. This is a holding place for new content she adds. She creates sub-folders that match the structure of our main user catalog. Then, once the files are synced so I see them on my system, I add each new item into the appropriate folder in the main user catalog on my system. Once she has the synced updated main catalogs, she can clear out her "1 new mb" folder. Rene's suggestion that I followed. Since you have 3 users, you would need to add an additional user symlink, and place in the bonus libraries on each system. Hope this helps.
  11. DianneDSC


    @rispgiu With x11 our user library can be in a cloud location for accessing from multiple computers. The conflicted copies will only come into play when more than one concurrent instance of Chief is accessing that file. If you have only one license and only using Chief from one location at a time, you'll be fine. You should only need to direct Chief in the preferences where your user library is located. Do this on each of the computers you use for Chief.
  12. DianneDSC

    X11 crashing

    I had a very similar issue on Friday, wasn't completely locking up but was very slow. Couldn't even make any modifications. I had floor plan on laptop, 3d view and section on external monitor. Restarted computer, didn't help so gave up using external monitor. After reading this thread over the weekend, I followed Dermot's thought & updated my video card driver and, so far, has solved my issue. I'm using x11 beta.
  13. DianneDSC

    Residential Drafting/Design business

    Joey, since using Chief and seeing your work, I've admired what you do. It is so unfortunate that builders in your area, as well as many areas around the country, do not understand the value we can provide for them and their clients. Working in Tennessee, there are many rural areas that do not require drawings for permits, nor do much, if any, site inspections. I'm fortunate to be in Nashville, so most of our work is in this and surrounding counties. We have provided home design and construction plans for rural areas though, even if not required for permits. It's usually the clients seeking our services because of unique site considerations or not finding stock plans that fit their needs. We've had some builders in rural areas refer their clients to use as well. They understand that if they do not have a clear understanding of what a client wants, it's hard to give them a price and negotiate a contract with them. I know that this is not the normal thinking for builders in rural areas.
  14. DianneDSC

    Residential Drafting/Design business

    Even if drawings are not required for permits, good design is needed and should be valuable to clients. Perhaps market and sell design solutions with 3d visualization. Also, construction documents for remodels and custom home design help convey what is to be built so builders can provide clients with more accurate pricing and be included with the contract. Potential clients and builders may need to be educated and shown the value in having professional designed solutions. It's not always about just what's needed for permits.
  15. I've had this problem of trying to select something, such as a roof, and the curser picks something that is on a layer that is off, like a dimension, text, or wall. Locking layers does not help. Seems to happen mostly when more than one plan view tab is open.