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  1. Did anyone who watched this video notice the wall going through the closet door? Ha Ha!!
  2. In addition to what others have mentioned, I was hoping for the ability to copy and to rotate / flip section and elevation cameras.
  3. DianneDSC

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Top of the list: *** Brick patterns / materials for use around arched and half round windows that display correctly. *** Other than what you listed: Multiple coursing options - regular, stacked, soldier, multiple solider courses (half over full, etc.) Solider brick created to match the brick / mortar material Control over the size of the soldier brick (half or full brick) Agree!!
  4. DianneDSC

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Thank you. I've used this in the past and will check it out again.
  5. DianneDSC

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Dustin, I've watched the reply of Thursday's webinar. I've not used the substance player yet as currently we rarely get too detailed with interior materials. However, we do get detailed with exterior materials. Having a way to control brick materials with Substance Player would be awesome!!! Also, changing mortar color would be so helpful. I'm not sure if this tool would help in creating better solider brick for over arches, but if it could, that would be fantastic. Thank you for all the tips today. I especially found helpful using the box rather than a countertop for the bench so the top plane could be rotated.
  6. DianneDSC

    Chief freezes when used on side monitor with laptop

    This has worked for me, so far at least. For my laptop Alienware m17r3 the file location is: C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\DellInc.AlienwareSoundCenter\Modules\ScheduledModules\Configurator\BlackApps.dat
  7. DianneDSC

    Chief freezes when used on side monitor with laptop

    Thank you, Mick, for following up on this thread and posting the links.
  8. DianneDSC

    Chief freezes when used on side monitor with laptop

    Search the forums for Nahimic service. This is related to sound system. There's been several good posts recently with ideas to deal with this issue.
  9. Thank you Scott and all others. I had to leave before the end. Date night with the husband.
  10. DianneDSC

    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    Awe, 60's not old. Haven't you heard.....60 is the new 40 I was 51 when I made the switch.
  11. DianneDSC

    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    That's great news, and not surprised. There's improvement with most every release, and a huge improvement since I started with X6
  12. DianneDSC

    Has Anyone Switched from VisionRez

    Hi Joe and welcome to the Chief. I'm not sure about it being life altering but it definitely will change work life for the better. We, my employee and I, transitioned from VisionRez to Chief in 2014 after discovering it in a magazine I think. My Vrez sales person had told me that Vrez will soon stop developing for AA and switching to Revit. I had no desire to learn Revit. I had been using VRez probably since or 2005. Before that used AA by itself, before that - straight Autocad. (I've been designing houses for a living since 1989). So a similar background as you. In the beginning VRez was being developed and improved, but then the company was sold. It was still so much better for residential than AA only but no comparison to Chief Architect Premier. With experience in Autocad / AA / VisonRez, the transition to Chief was not difficult at all, especially the 3D modeling tools. Everyday was awesome, finding features that were soooo much better than in VRez. The only learning curves I remember was getting used to how to dimension in CA, complete cd's, and missing the stair tools of VRez. Chief has improved stairs since X6 but still not as easy as VRez. For those that have never used VRez, p-lines could be drawn in any shape and converted to stairs. I do not remember struggling with railings either, but it's been awhile. As I remember, Vrez developed their own stair and roof tools rather than using AA's tools. CA's roof tools are better the VRez so it was a wash with the stair tool lacking. Back to the transition to CA: The modeling part was a fun and easy transition (except for stairs). We went through the User's Guide / Tutorial and was using CA exclusively in no time. If a project was still in the design stage, we started over in CA. In some cases, after showing our clients the better visualization tools in CA, we redrew almost completed plans in CA with the client paying extra for this. This process also helped us gain experience, speed, exploration of multiple tools by allowing us to focus not on design, but just the tools. I'm sure with your background, you'll have no problem and it will be fun. I highly recommend purchasing Chief, and with SSA. Awesome new features are added yearly, great support, and a great company.
  13. DianneDSC

    Looking for advice...

    I'll be very interested in your review - interested to know about the cooling aspect, and if the tablet portion can handle 3d views in Chief. Not that using 3D in tablet mode is important, just curious. I had not considered the quadro card as Chief is my only design program. I, too, am looking for a laptop to last 4-6 years. My AW is just shy of 4 years old, and could probably be fine for a little longer. But having something that is zippier would be a nice improvement. Also, having something that is easier to take on site for as-built drawings would be awesome.
  14. DianneDSC

    Looking for advice...

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the specs of the Surface Book 3, now that they're ready for pre-order. I am considering this as a replacement for my Alienware 17 R3. I believe you had mentioned in another post that you are hoping the SB3 will have a Thunderbolt port, and I do not see that listed in the specs. Is this a deal breaker for you?
  15. I am in the Murfreesboro area and I need someone to "finish" what I have started. I am lost on the roof pitches and a few exterior elements of my plan. Are you interested? I acan send you my files and material I have saved.