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  1. We need to submit our plans online to the County Building Dept. I could print the Layout and then have the P.E. stamp each sheet, and then have each sheet scanned, but there will be a degradation of the drawing from that process. What is the best way to add Professional Engineer's Stamp to Layout Drawings?
  2. Marquee, Copy and Paste contents from each CAD Details file into new CAD Details in current .Plan does indeed work. But tedious. Don't know what cad block to place into the library is but will investigate.
  3. rgardner Thank you. You are correct, I am trying to put some of my CAD Details from my older .Plan into the .Layout of my current .Plan And I think I know how to do that by opening up the CAD Details of the older .Plan and then sending them to the .Layout of the current plan. But I want to tidy things up because I want to dropbox the newer .Plan file to a member here to train me on how to do the drop garage and drop entry porch slabs and I would him to have one tidy current .Plan file with the CAD Details in it, as well as the current .Layout file. As I ge
  4. Hmmm... I watched the Finding and Placing Library Objects tutoriial video and it did not say how to put stuff into the Library>User Catalog. I Selected all the CAD Details Files I have in the older .plan file but couldn't find a Copy command to Paste the Files into either the Library or the Project Browser for the new .plan. Are you saying that I need to open each CAD Detail File and Marquee its contents and Copy and Paste the contents of each file into a newly created CAD Detail File for the new .plan?
  5. I am getting close to completing my construction drawings, but I have quite a lot of CAD drawings which I saved in a previous Plan file which do not exist in my Current Plan file. None of the titles of Plan Management tutorial videos seem appropriate to this task. The CAD Tools tutorial videos don't seem to address anything other than importing .DWG files into a CA Plan. There must be a simple way to do this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Bingo! Fixed it. Call me "Mr. Inadvertent." Interesting. So for a newbie normal guy, should I have Layout set to "Default Set" and "Default Active Layer"? At least prior to importing?
  7. I don't like Layout Box Borders. Is there a way around this where my imports will appear without Layout Box Borders checked?
  8. Yes, I can't believe it. It would seem that the program would know to display the Electrical items in the Notes Schedule, but it didn't. I checked them off and now everything is showing. Included in schedule was checked. You guys are the best. Thank you.
  9. First of all thank you all for all your prior help. I watched the Notes & Note Schedules tutorial video but when I follow it, my text does not display. Rather, only the phrase Note Schedule displays. Please see below. Any suggestions? Notes are checked as on in my Electrical Plan Layerset.
  10. I like my Door, Window & Flood Vent Plan just the way it is. But it has some manual point to point dimensions which I put in for my Electrical Plan. When I delete the manual dimensions on my Door, Window & Flood Vent Plan they are also deleted on my Electrical Plan, which I don't want. Is there a way to "Lock" Plan Views or to isolate them from the General Plan? Or should I just save the Door, Window & Flood Vent Plan to CAD Detail (where I believe it will be isolated from changes on the General Plan and other plans) or send it to Layout to keep it fro
  11. OK here is the answer: The symbol size expands or decreases based on the size of the box in the grid it occupies. So, if you use Callout for Labels, like I did, you grab the diamond edit handle on the first column (the one with the symbols in it) and move the diamond left. That squeezes the size of the symbol. And when you squeeze down the size of the symbol, the rows also become closer together, because row distance is a function of the largest entry i.e., either text size or if you are using symbols, then the size of the symbol.
  12. The text I have reduced in size. But there don't seem to be edit handles for rows. There are only edit handles for columns. It seems to me that the row height is set by the size of the symbol. Is there a way to reduce the size of the symbol?
  13. I am reading about Templates now. Fixed the Schedule size or rather have made it too small so am working with it. I understand that my Electrical Plan had Gray for color instead of Black on many of the check marks, so have now changed to Black. Is it a good idea to save say the Electrical Plan to CAD Detail and then continue to work with it there? Or is it a better idea to work with say the Electrical Plan in the general plan file and then when it is done save it to CAD Detail?
  14. One more thing. My Electrical Plan seems to be drawn with Gray lines rather than darker Black lines. I looked for a way to change this, but have not been able to find where to change it. I went to Edit>Default>Schedule but no luck. Any suggestions?