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  1. BillsburgChief

    save down to an older version of Chief

    Does anyone know if you can (or how you can) save down a drawing created w/ a newer version to an older version?
  2. BillsburgChief

    ceiling heights

    That was it Eric, I guess since my attic was designated as a room. Thanks a ton!
  3. BillsburgChief

    ceiling heights

    Through the room spec box.
  4. BillsburgChief

    ceiling heights

    That is what I've done to no avail, changes all the rooms.
  5. BillsburgChief

    ceiling heights

    I'm trying to change the height of my Great room from 97 1/8" (default) to 121 1/8". How do you change ceiling height of a single room without changing the height in all the rooms? All my rooms are defined by walls and have a defined attic space above.
  6. BillsburgChief

    Importing a .dwg title block in to CA

    That's what I did, it was just so large I couldn't see it until I I ran Fill window, then I just sized it down. Thanks for the help all!
  7. BillsburgChief

    Importing a .dwg title block in to CA

    Hi All, I'm trying to import .dwg title block file in to CA, of course you can only import a .dwg file in to plan view. Does anyone know of way to get the file in scale and in to a layout view?
  8. BillsburgChief

    object snaps

    Trying to get a rectangular polyline center point to snap perpendicular to a cad line? I thought you could press the cresponding key ( ], for perpendicular), but I can't seem to get it to work, I can only snap to end points.
  9. BillsburgChief

    object snaps

    Is there a trick to use a specific snap (i.e end point only center only, perpendicular only)? I can never get any thing to snap perpendicular, like trying to get a rectangular polyline to snap perpendicular to a cad line?
  10. BillsburgChief

    Speed of Chief

    I use a lot of notes in my plans, usually created in Microsoft word. Is there is way to save a word file to jpeg or maybe something else that wouldn't bog it sown so much?
  11. BillsburgChief

    What code is referenced in CA

    I know I have come across this somewhere, but can't recall where. My question is, does anyone know where you can see what code is being referenced and how can you change it?
  12. BillsburgChief

    different ceiling heights

    Living room in a one story rancher .
  13. BillsburgChief

    different ceiling heights

    All my rooms are already defined by walls, when I raise the one I want to, all the rooms raise.
  14. BillsburgChief

    different ceiling heights

    I know I've done this before, but can't for the life of me remember how I did it. I have room that needs a flat 10' ceiling while the rest of the rooms are at 9'. How do can I raise it w/o raisng the others?
  15. BillsburgChief


    Sweeeet! I had to adjust the transparency but works great! Seems so simple, one of the million tricks. Thanks Mike.