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  1. There's a weird exterior intersection where the issue starts. I've attached the file. No matter what wall type I choose the whole wall will show that way even if that box is ticked. A house.plan
  2. I am working on some as-builts and the home has a vaulted great room that runs the length of two floors. On the opposite side of the wall is a bedroom on the main floor and the second floor has a dormer room (the tallest part of the image). The vaulted room and dormer room have a common wall but the exterior side of this wall that extends above the roof shows drywall instead of siding. The roof plane does not overlap the siding so I can rule out that. Any thoughts on what's going on? thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I am running chief on a Mac. The Mac's default setting for mouse scroll direction is "scroll Natural" for everything. The only issue is that it works in the opposite when I'm in chief. My question is, Does chief have a function so that I may switch it? That way I don't have to change my Mac settings every time I go into chief. Let me know, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the tips. It's a 4 acre site with multiple buildings so I decided to go ahead and move the building instead. It wasn't as difficult as I thought but only after going through all my layouts and plan views will I know if any problems will arise. Thank you again. If I find any issues I'll post again with my findings.
  5. I have a fully developed drawing plan for a pool house project. After speaking with the local building department I found that I need to move the building a few feet. Obviously I can group select the building with annotations and all but I was wondering if there's some additional tips you could give before I do? I started by creating a plan view that has all layers on and then began to remove terrain layers and things that would not move. I haven't done anything else yet. Let me know if you have any tips! Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you Humblechief and Steve. The method Humblechief recommended worked perfectly. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I made a few mistakes and am looking for help on a quick solution. I have a plan file and layout file that I've been done with for a good while now and are fully developed. Yesterday I made a good 3 to 4 hours of revisions to the referenced plan files but proceeded to save that plan file with a new name. (at the time I was thinking I should have a backup of the original) Unfortunately because of this the layout file still references the old plan files. My question is: Is there a quick and easy way to have the layout file reference my new edited plan file without having to reinsert each layout and elevation page manually?
  8. I have a MacBook Pro and by default the wireless mouse settings is set to "scroll natural". When I go into chief it works in the opposite which means I'm constantly logging into apple settings and switching it back and forth. Is there a way to make this change in Chief Architect so that I do not need to do this every time? Probably and easy fix as per usual but not always obvious at first. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Glen, I will try that as well.
  10. That indeed fitted the problem. I just switched it to transparent and it shows everything as desired. Thank you Bill.
  11. Looking for information on if there is a way to adjust how some items show in priority over others in the plan view. Currently my issue is that an outdoor slab pulled up to the edge of a building will cover over my accordion door when the door is shown in the open position. Please see the screen shot with patio in place vs if I pull it back away from the building. I'd be great if we could control that similar to autocad features called the drawing order where you can move items to the back or front. Anyone know how this can be done? Thank you.
  12. When I convert a section view to cad, it shows layers upon layers. It's too time consuming to individually remove the lines but when printed it's nearly impossible to understand what your looking at. I also have autocad LT and tried to clean up the lines from there, but it's still a huge time consuming issue. I've attached an photo when printed at 1/4 scale. Expanding it to 1/2" scale only amplifies the issue. Any help is much appreciated. IMG_1165.HEIC