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  1. Hi Everyone, In my area, we almost always build a home with a basement, and more often than not, the basement is finished. I have started creating a foundation layer set so I can turn off most of what is displayed in a finished basement, to make it easier and more legible for my foundation company. The issue I am running into is the dimensions reference the finished walls, whether they are displayed or not. In a Chief class I took a couple months ago, we went through the process of creating a custom set of dimensions for a new layer set, but for the life of me, I cannot remember
  2. I Agree they are a mess. I kept trying to auto-build, and chief was going nuts. I needed a rendering at least SOMEWHAT close to show this morning, so I manually drew...and fought..
  3. Hi All, I am working on a new project and am fighting a few roof issues.... I am lost as to why I have boxed eaves set, and all but two show up? I must be doing something stupid... it has been a 19-20 hour day after all. lol. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Soellner.plan
  4. Hello, I am trying to build a custom 3'x4' recessed shelving unit in an Interior-4 wall. I am coming up blank on even where to start....
  5. Good morning! I need help please!! I am working on a bonus room built in attic trusses above a garage. However, I cannot get my 2x12 top cord to plane to the bearing wall below, which is causing my ceiling heights to be off. Yes, I know im not technically using trusses at the moment, but dimensionally I am trying to get it right for framing, and the truss manufacturer will provide his layout. Thanks! FYI this is in x11
  6. Sorry for the delay, I have been traveling and have not had cell signal or wifi.... Yes, the goal is to have the framing accurate.
  7. Thank you both so much. I finally got it! I created a new wall profile called "canvas" just for this purpose :-)
  8. Hi All, as you see in the attached pic, I want to shrink the Board and Batten in this gable, and extend the lap siding up. What is the proper way to do this? Thanks!
  9. hmmm I gave that a shot and it still replaces the siding
  10. Thanks for the quick response! If I click on the color, it brings up a full color palette instead of the dropdown from the Mastic Library?
  11. Hi Everyone, I am having issues with changing the siding on a house I'm designing... I have the Mastic by Ply-Gem library downloaded and am trying to pull from that. I open my wall dialogue, wall type definitions, and can select my siding style- in this case Quest Double 4". But when I select the color it reverts to a smooth finish? Any help please?