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  1. I am not wanting it to update. That is the whole point. I know I can force it to update again, but I want it to stay the way I updated it. Thank you thought.
  2. This potential could result in excessive amount of rework or time required to deal with this change. I have sent the videos included into tech support so ignore the comments at the end about me asking if they need files. Has anyone else experienced this? Opening old files in X10 Desire to make revisions to a plan. So I save new layout, and relink to new plan I will be working on. Only minor revisions needed so I am not wanting to update every single camera... X10 didn't automatically update. See in video. Line stays in same spot after relinked to the new file. Opening old files in X11. Trying to make the same minor revisions now in X11, I all of a sudden have to go and do cleanup work to every live camera sent to layout because edited lines do not stay edited. Chief SSA told me that this always happened, and it is because the camera has a new ID. Not the case as shown in the X10 version. Video is a very basic model. Only trying to convey how edited lines move. Hopefully it isn't to distracting for those that understand what I am asking. ANYONE RUN INTO SIMILAR ISSUES? WHAT AM I MISSING? Chief_Architect_Premier_X10_2019-04-10_11-58-10.mp4 Chief_Architect_Premier_X11_2019-04-10_12-02-00.mp4
  3. I have been struggling with this same issue of automatically created break points on roof. Following this thread in case we hear of any solution.
  4. This is now password protected. Says it is free on your chieftutor.com sight as well. But no longer available?
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to find some 3d models of recreational vehicles. I have already check 3d Warehouse and it really is quite limited. Needing to find a variety of units as I am working on laying out an RV park. http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/campers-2009-2011-3d-model/729689 I have found this site, but have not idea how they render in chief. They look to be images plastered on.... Anyone have experience with model from that site? Any one have models they can share? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. I just tried to download the james hardie library from chief and I can not find it.. I wonder if they deleted it to fix this or if I missed out....
  7. I assume the library browser constantly disappearing is not fixed yet as it has been and is still happening to me.... Anyone know of a fix or is it just wait for Chief to solve it? I have saved a link to a video showing it happening... everytime I click on another monitor window it resets the library browser to the bottom. https://www.dropbox.com/s/thm3bto5dt7vq6p/clip0015.avi?dl=0
  8. Same issues here. Thanks for getting right on this and letting us know it is not just us.
  9. I have already sent to support and they were able to reproduce it. They had not heard of it happening before so I figured I would check to see if I was the only one. Turns out I am not. At least one other person....
  10. Perry, Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but I am tired of chasing silly dimensions lines way off screen. I have done the exact same thing you are talking about for years... I can't help but wonder, 'There must be a better way." Anyone else have a possible solution rather than us continuing to hit our heads against a wall?
  11. This issue has happened fairly frequently so I would be a little surprised if no one else has experienced it. I go to snap a line on cross section and it ends up putting a dimension point way off screen. This is very frustrating. I have included a dropbox link to a video I took of it happening if you need me to send over the file let me know... https://www.dropbox.com/s/s76hc9rrc31jcx5/Dimensions%20Snapping.avi?dl=0 Am I the only one? Does anyone have an answer to fix this? Thanks.
  12. Oh yes, it is just an symbol like the other symbols in our libraries. If you are often using the same railing it is useful to make 5 or 6 options of the railing for different stair lengths. That way you don't have to do it every time. Then by stretching and pulling you can make some prebuilt ones often fit into a plan. Glad I could help.
  13. Alan, I am glad it worked for you. I wasn't sure if I miss understood the question or not. I find as soon as I try to line up wall underneath a railing it is hit or miss (most often miss) if it works. I have defaulted to doing it this way for a while now. Steps to create object. I used your plan (this way the stair height was already determined. I went and put that one railing on a different "Wall, Railing 2" layer. I then went to "All off" Layer set. Made sure everything was off, tweaked the rail post height from 36 to 37" so that the rail connected the post. At this point all I see in the 3d view is that one rail. (this is where I took the image of the railing that I posted. With only that railing showing I went and Tools, Symbol, Convert to Symbol option. Clicked advanced options, gave it a name and voila its in your library.