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  1. CJSpud

    Tile Patterns with manufacture tile

    Gary: You're going to have to do a much better job at explaining exactly what it is you want to do. You might also explain what you have already tried doing. Sometimes adding an image or two is very helpful in explaining what you want. Comments/Questions: 1. You mention that you may want to use a brick pattern. There are all sorts of brick patterns that can be used and different brick sizes that can be used for those patterns. What specific style, specific pattern and specific size are you wanting to use? 2. DalTile has tons of different materials you can choose from, including many brick style tiles and brick patterns. Did you search through any of DalTile's folders to see if there isn't one that is a good fit for what you want to use rather than the one you did use, which is basically a 24" x 12" x 3/8" tile and the pattern isn't "offset" if that is what you want? 3. Can I assume you picked the Sprout P322 tile because you liked its color? Please provide more information about your intentions.
  2. I was in error .... your answer is correct. Thank you so much. This was driving me crazy as I know I've experimented with different color settings in the past. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving.
  3. David: I tried that but couldn't get the change to stick when bringing up a new TI view. Did you try to change the color and have the change stick with other views using TI?
  4. I use the technical illustration option for 3D views of homes I design in my plan sets. I don't recall what Chief's default color setting is for this option but for me, the color is set to a bold blue color and I would like to change it to black or dark gray ... anything in that range ... but I definitely don't like the blue color I get for each view I take. I have looked everywhere I can think of in default settings and preferences and for the life of me, I cannot find where to change the default color. I can change it for any individual view I take, but for the next view I do, the color is back to blue again. Can someone please enlighten me as to where I can change the default blue color. I think this question would apply to the color settings for other rendering technique options as well. I did click on the reset to defaults but apparently, my default is the blue color as that is the color that always comes up. Thanks.
  5. CJSpud

    3d virtual render views

    Or the Chief free trial version .... I think all the camera tools are available for file viewing (but I haven't checked!!!).
  6. Mick/Glenn: Thanks for your replies. Barry: Thanks for sharing your hotkeys. Been a crazy spring and start of summer so totally spaced out responding back.
  7. I just did a simple test with a window with one side shorter (angled top edge) and put a material region over it. No problem ... the whole window shows. Is it possible that you have your material region covering a standard wall and an attic wall. Still a problem if that's the case. Sounds like something that might have to be sent in to TS.
  8. CJSpud

    Flipping a Plan

    Glenn: That was what I was looking for ... although the other method worked OK. Not sure how I missed that but I did. Thanks.
  9. CJSpud

    Flipping a Plan

    Thanks Eric ... I got it to work this time. Didn't something wrong the first time when doing the box around the plan.
  10. CJSpud

    Flipping a Plan

    I tried that and couldn't get the edit tool bar to show up so I could reflect about object. I will try it again to see if I can get it to work.
  11. CJSpud

    Flipping a Plan

    Is there a way to flip a plan 180° (swap ends ... not rotate) and do it for all levels in one move? Thanks.
  12. CJSpud

    Layout Page

    For Site Plans, I do a little math ahead of time (before sending to LO) so that I don't have to change the Site Plan scale after sending to LO the first time. For example, if my Site Plan is going to show a property that is 500' x 500' and I want to use about 12" x 12" of my site plan page for the Site Plan (I use Arch D sheet size typically), then I can see that I will probably want to use 1" = 50' for the Site Plan's scale. This helps avoid having things sent to LO show up bigger than the page itself and then having to change the scale. Just an idea to consider that might speed up the process for you.
  13. Barry:' Not sure how to use that *.xml format ... gives me a bunch of number codes I am not sure what to do with. Never used .xml files before. Could you just post a blank plan with your hot keys or can you expand your image to something that covers all your hot keys that a not so techy user can understand? I like what you've shown in your image for hot keys.
  14. CJSpud

    Trusses Not Framing From Exterior to Exterior Wall

    I was thinking the same thing as Mick so I deleted two trusses on the 2nd floor roof that extended under the upper roof (just the trusses; not the roof planes themselves) before I tried what I did. Don't have time to mess with it now but sounds like there might be ways to get the job done.
  15. CJSpud

    Trusses Not Framing From Exterior to Exterior Wall

    Once you drag a half truss across to make a full truss, then you can multiple copy and retain the full truss envelope.