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  1. otisbradley

    Updating from Chief X8 to X11

    Thanks for all the thoughts and advice
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    Updating from Chief X8 to X11

    Yes - I like Chief a lot - not sure if I will do 5 or 20 design jobs over the next year so I guess that's why I am dragging my feet I should probably decide if I want to be an architect ... or a builder ... or both ... I keep moving from one to another depending on the opportunities I am amazed at the ability of Chief - working with a past client now - we worked on this building in 2000 - with old 2D drawings - now I can go through a world of ideas ... Thanks for your comments Kline_2019_0321.mp4
  4. otisbradley

    Updating from Chief X8 to X11

    Hi - I am a design/builder - in and out of various parts of the business since '75 I used Chief - after other CAD products - for several years X6 - X8 I believe I have been involved in other things and haven't used Chief much in the past few years To "upgrade" the cost is $1700 - wow I imagine it's worth it but that's a painful bite ... Any thoughts ? thx Otis
  5. otisbradley

    Edit Electrical Legend

    ahhh Joe you are a genius I am a turd wasn't thinking about layers on a CAD detail found my text thx and Perry thanks as well - I need that schedule too
  6. otisbradley

    Edit Electrical Legend

    Hi - looked everywhere in forum etc can't find out how to edit these legends - found in library - Core Catalogs - CAD Blocks - Notes and Legends When I open it as a CAD block or from a plan I explode the block and all of the text disappears ! The grid still shows along with all of the small CAD blocks for the symbols but I can't find the text I'm sure this is some dopey thing I am not seeing Feeling stupid .... thx Otis
  7. otisbradley

    Historic Brick Firehouse - Rhode Island

    Thanks Chopsaw Found this - looks interesting and time consuming! https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00797/creating-a-soldier-course.html The 8700 has been great ! Every computer gets light years better but the programs always seem to require more - vicious cycle - great program ! Using 7 and 8 a couple of years with CA but 30 all in from paper to CAD ! thx
  8. otisbradley

    Historic Brick Firehouse - Rhode Island

    Thanks Lew - where's NF ? North Fork - LI ? Newport had - I think - 10 brick firehouses built in the 1880's - state of the art "fireproof" only problem was "technology" changed - there was a race in town a few years later - the new engines won and all the buildings became obsolete and sold off Cheers
  9. otisbradley

    Historic Brick Firehouse - Rhode Island

    thanks Johnny - good info !
  10. Hi This is an 1887 Victorian Firehouse - called "Hose Station # 8" I used to own it - regret letting it go! Doing an as built - lots of challenges Windows - can't seem to get them to recess - it's a brick supporting wall structure - guess I need another wall inside to recess windows? Also notice the sill and lintels Brickwork - lots of detailed corbeling - thinking applying mouldings is the way to do this I saw an article about creating a brick and then applying it to mouldings - best way to do this ? Door - notice the detail in the big door - for the horse drawn firewagons ! How am I going to get all the little window lites ? Thanks for your help Otis
  11. This is a great topic! I upgraded to the system below... Off the shelf Dell XPS from Fry's about $1200 I think Huge improvement over my last system My feeling is - its an amazing bargain of computing power I wonder if spending $5k would really get you that much more for CA work ??? When I get into large files - approaching 30 mb things can bog But not too bad It seems to be the heavy site work that really gets things slowing down Cheers Otis
  12. @D. Scott Hall I'm doing the same thing on a project in Ojai Ca Ridiculous stuff Here's a handout they have ... Cheers Otis
  13. otisbradley

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    I'll join in https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/gallery/album/138-projects/
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