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  1. I am using X15 and I have made sure to install the latest "core library". Here is what I have: I found some potentially useful details under Floors and Roof Eaves under the CAD blocks, but why is there not a "Wall" subdirectory? I browsed around and can't find details regarding connections between walls and other components....
  2. Thank all for the tips! I can't find the "Standard "Starter Details*" , in the CAD Block Library", :(( can I have some detailed steps of how to find them?@Kbird1 (sorry I can't undo the bold font for some reason). And @VHampton, I downloaded some sample plans, but when I opened them, I can't switch views to see different views, there is only "None" available in the "View" drop down list... what do I miss? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I am using X15. I am looking into adding a sheet for wood framing details, to include things such as standard windows within wood framing flashing details, door to wall, roof to wall, stucco, wall to foundation, flashing membrane, etc. The house is pretty standard 2 stories with 2x4 exterior/interior walls, so general standard details would be good enough. My mentor told me this should be done by architect, not structure engineer.. .Does chief provide/generate these? What is the best way to get this done? Thanks! Have a great holiday and may the force be with you! -Leyi
  4. Thank you so much for such great details and pointers! Very helpful! @Renerabbitt I am gonna learn and explore all them, sounds fun! Thank you again.
  5. Hi Chief! (I am using X15) I am trying to work on two parts about attic ventilation: 1. draw the vents 2. do the calculation (attic area, vent area, 1/300... etc.) So my question is - is there built-in functionalities about these? I searched and searched and didn't see much things useful. I found gable vent in library, which I may use. But I can't find soffit vent referred anywhere from "Help" or library, how do I specify that I want to install vents along soffit? and have the area calculated? Do I need to just draw polyline for those and manually do calculations? thank you so much! -Leyi
  6. ok, so essentially I copy paste/hold whatever I want over for each page... that would work, if there is no "apply another layout template" functionality that I can just use with one click?
  7. Hi all, I have already put together a layout file with several pages, but now I found another layout template that I would like to use (which contains some notes areas, etc). Can I easily apply the new template to my existing layout so that I can get those note areas/nicer formats without having to recreate all the pages again from the empty template? thanks! -Leyi
  8. Ah thanks guys! I will try all your suggestions!
  9. Hello all, I need to draw the room ceiling that is flat in the middle but sloped on two side-wall, like in the pic below. (It is a tudor house) How do I do that?? I looked at all options for wall/room but didn't find anything obvious. I am using X15 on windows. thanks! -Leyi
  10. Hi all I think I figured it out the CAD detail thing ... from menu, go to CAD->CAD Detail Management (Shift-V), it will open up an empty page. In there, I created the schedule and put there, it seems to work I want to put some schedules on its own separate page. I still don't know a better way to put electrical schedule on electrical page, wall schedule on plan page though other than the solution from M-Reed..which I may just do (thanks!).. any other options?
  11. thank you M-Reed. I will try that...it feels a little hacky though but of course I just need it to work somehow. I saw another thread talking about this and it mentioned "put it in CAD detail" again... I am just curious anyone can shed lights on what is the process of that?
  12. Hi all, Newbie here. I have a layout page for "floor plan shell view" and I would like to have wall schedule there as well. I was able to do that by turning on schedule for that view, and turn off schedule for other views. But now I want to have door and window schedules on another layout page, since they are quite big tables... I guess I can make an empty view and turn off everything else but schedules... but how do I distinguish different kinds of schedules to show/hide particulate kinds? (and I think I have this need down the road such as displaying electrical schedules on electrical view/layout page)... I saw a previous related thread about "putting it in CAD detail", but I am not sure how to do it and what does it mean though, please help!! Leyi
  13. Thanks to all the great advice! I am heeding all of them and keeping on cranking this. So yeah this is a 2 story house, except for one downstairs room which doesn't have a floor above it, as circled below: but the auto-roof created the roof like this : Is this something configurable for auto build (I couldn't find it) or do I need to manually edit it? Thank you!
  14. Thank you @VHampton so much for the detailed annotations. I did what you said and managed to snap all incorrect lines, yay! It looks like this now: Now I am trying to fix the eaves lengths, they look like that (badly) because I did start from auto but then gone far into manually editing and didn't have energy to pay attention to the eaves, so they all got altered. How do I set the eaves length back? When I open a plane for editing, it shows 6" but not allowing me to edit, do I have to drag on the drawings to make each eaves with the correct overhang size with dimension tool? And a side note, when I tried to do auto roof, it doesn't recognize the part that there is only one floor and created one big roof to cover both floors. see this pic. But anyway I have gone too far in manually get the roof to where it is now so I don't need to be go back to redo, but would very much like to be educated on how to make the auto tool distinguish only one floor part for future reference? Thanks @SNector, I tried to attach the plan file, but it is over the limit of 14MB...My file is 26MB...Any suggestion? Best, Leyi