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  1. I'm really trying to figure out why it is so hard for you to simply answer questions kindly and without a condescending attitude; or to simply not answer at all. Truly fascinating. The OP asked a question to which you replied "check help" as if she hadn't started there... which isn't a helpful response but certainly makes you seem superior. JacobB, a year later, (and only after I brought this back to life and you again responded condescendingly) gave an actual helpful answer which was that there is no way to do what OP is asking for BUT he's seen work arounds in the forum (not the "helpful" help menu as you suggest). As if that conversation wasn't enough for you, you felt it necessary to double down and again reference the help menu and not answer the question at all; amazing. Thankfully there are many others on this forum who really do want to help. Not only was your answer not HELPFUL but it was dead wrong as it suggested that the menu would have the solution; it didn't. You have so much knowledge that could really help out your peers, it's a shame you waste your energy talking down to people and making them hesitant to ask questions in the future. For myself and so many others this forum is the perfect intersection of efficiency and knowledge... the engineers at CA did a decent job organizing the "help" tool but it is far from perfect. I've done what you condescendingly suggested so many times to know that the "help" menu is a waste of time and energy in almost all cases. Even if there is an answer, it is the answer CA wants you to have not necessarily the best answer, as evidenced by this conversation; "CA help" said it can't be done and yet the Forum (not the help menu) yielded not one but two solutions. Wasting my time attempting to sort through the maze that is the help menu is ludicrous; I'll only ever "quickly skim". Thanks so much for your detailed explanation with Screenshots. This solution (together with the follow up comments) was a great solution! Agree 100% that having the ability to do this in the menu from chief would be such a nice addition to the next update. This was such a great help... here is what I got with all your help! A 5068 opening (1668+3068). Thanks for all who helped!
  2. Hey Christy, Did you ever find a helpful answer to this question? I'm wondering the same thing and a quick skim through the built-in help menu yielded no results. Have a good one!
  3. Is there a good video on how to best use all these features together? I've not normally gotten into needing to use the terrain features but this project has sparked a deep desire to want to learn to master this. I don't fully understand how to manipulate the Elevation Regions for example and would love to figure that out. Thanks for all your feedback!
  4. Ya, Oof is right. Thanks a ton for the help. Doing what you suggested now. Hopefully it all goes well.
  5. I did a quick search through the forums for a solution to this so my apologies if this has already been covered. Here is what I've got... I was sent a PDF of the Site survey that was done previously. The previous surveyor doesn't have the CAD so I can't simply import that data the data I do have does not have contour lines only pin/nail points from the corners of buildings and other important site features. What are some best practices (after I've scaled the pdf in .plan) to getting this to work out right? I've played with adding point markers and creating my own couture lines but it isn't coming out right. any ideas? Thanks! 34786 Calle Loma, Dana Point PDF (1).pdf
  6. Are you also still using x12? if not please update your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left.
  7. So I just "upgraded" my graphics card from the P1000 to the RTX 3070 ti. I was expecting a marked difference considering the benchmark specs but the rendering time is actually considerable longer. Has anyone else had this experience?
  8. Bringing this comment back from the dead a bit. I'm havening trouble figuring out how to ensure the vent is not being displayed on my 1st FP as a window. If I simply put it on it's own layer it still leaves the wall cut out the same way the window would show if you turned off that layer. Has anyone else run into this?
  9. I have a building which has a staircase outside of the structure that I'd like to display on the second floor plan. Is there a way to do this without creating walls under the stairs or encasing the area with invisible walls? Thanks!
  10. Thank you both for your feed back. Electromen you hit the nail on the head. That's typically how I design as well. I guess what I'm after is being able to quickly click all the rooms with the outlets and know they meet code at the locations CA dropped them. Then as I dimension the drawing (after having drilled into the details in areas like kitchen, offices, built-ins ect) I won't need to waste time adjusting every single outlet in that room. It was a curiosity I had while drawings and figured I'd pose it here. I've been surprised over the years as to the tricks CA has built in that I didn't even know about until someone mentioned it here. Thanks again!
  11. Putting aside the other issues with Auto Place Outlets tool is there a way to adjust the defaults so that they meet the Electrical code here in California?
  12. @glennw Glenn, you are a wizard! I'm really curious why you thought to take care of those issues but so far that was the ticket. I deleted the first room divider then changed the wall to "no room definition" and that was pretty slow still it took about 60's once I changed the wall. As soon as I deleted the 2nd room divider the whole plan felt snappier. Even panning around in plan was smoother! Thank you so much! With that said I do still get about 2-3secs of the blue wheel when I'm working in plan and have an open elevation/perspective. Are you experiencing the same thing? Again a HUGE thank you for that I would have never even thought of that.
  13. Great, thank you so much for looking into it. I'm currently going through another file that was produced around the same time and comparing settings. So far I haven't found anything.
  14. Got it... here it is: Here is the link to the video... Sorry, a bit new to the forum. I thought I had done that. Should be good now hopefully. Here's the link to the Youtube Video... sorry I couldn't figure out how to shrink the size down. Tuck_As-Built.plan