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  1. I created my concrete-stoop using foundation walls (Wall-Tools).........I needed 2 sections, an upper (stoop) and then a lower (stairs)......this was the only way I know how to create this because of a few things: Footings w/walls are needed (know elevation hgt.) Roof/ceiling are not needed, however, I'm not sure of the best way draw a wrought-iron railing.....?? The stairs are dropped on top of the lower section, and then the stair material is changed to concrete. I haven't figured out on how to draw a 6" trim piece on the left side (to mimic the right side) Everything looks good in 3D except the few items I mentioned earlier.
  2. DB, Your stoop-stairs will need a foundation/footing...........I drew mine with the foundation-wall tool, then followed through with ceiling/floor heights, just couldn't get the trim on the left side to show, also would have the iron-railing to set upon the concrete stair trim and above on the slab as well............no wood railing attached to the side of the concrete. Thanks DB!
  3. Greetings all, Not able to close siding over stairs...........? I created a 6" concrete-trim piece on the right side of the stairs, how can I do the same on the left side of the stairs? How can I set the stair-railing on top of the 6" concrete-trim piece after I have the trim piece set? How can I create railing around the top of the stoop?.......without losing my footings?