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  1. You might want to check out this tech article for some trouble shooting info: If that doesn't help then you may need to contact our customer service or tech support team for more help. They will be back in the office on Monday during our normal business hours.
  2. The short answer is that the "custom" option is only enabled for sliding, pocket, or bifold doors. For a more complete answer (including some workarounds), see this prior thread:
  3. Please note that this is just a very small subset of the new features that are coming in X15. As for the reference display, we are going to have the ability to offset and rotate the reference display which will allow some more flexibility in how it can be used.
  4. Yes, it would be possible to add all of the same parametric door controls to cabinet doors, including the ability to adjust the rails and stiles or add divided lites. It just isn't as easy as you might think. The fundamental problem is that the code for the parametric doors was developed specifically for standard doors and we would need to make it more general purpose (and clean it up a bit) in order to use this same code for cabinet doors. This is a project that is currently on our lengthy todo list but I am not sure when we will be getting to it. If you would like to see this happen sooner rather than later, then I would encourage you to submit a feature request. We use the number of people that request a particular feature to help us to determine its priority. The more people that ask, the higher up the list it moves.
  5. Basically, you will need to install X14 on your new computer, activate the license, and then transfer all of the data you want from the old computer to the new computer. This tech article has some more info about managing your license: For more information about transferring your plans, libraries, templates, and other settings from your old computer to your new computer, see this tech article:
  6. We are currently testing X15 Beta 1 with a small group of experienced beta testers. We will begin testing X15 Beta 2 with a larger group of beta testers in the near future. If you have already sent in a request to participate in our beta testing program, we should start contacting people in the next week or two with more information. Please note that you will be asked to sign an NDA since this is still a private beta test. We will probably start our Beta 2 test with just our Beta 1 testers and then expand the test team as we progress. Our goal is to make sure the program is fully functional with no known serious problems before we send it out. More information about participating in Beta 2 can be found here: We will also be having a public beta test of X15 that should start some time early next year. This beta test will be open to all users who have SSA active through the end of the beta test period and you will not be required to sign an NDA.
  7. We have no reports of any problems like this. If you can reproduce this problem, then please report this to our technical support team. You will need to include your layout and all of your referenced plan files along with the steps needed to reproduce this problem (such as what you did right before you used undo).
  8. Just trying to confirm that I understood you since I was having a hard time following your posts. I also thought it was important to note that depending on how a person models the panel, reducing the cabinet depth and then stretching it may not work the way they want. I modeled the 3/4" thick raised panel to accurately match my kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of different ways to build doors and this is just one example. A symmetrical profile for the raised panel might work better for a normal door and should work similar whether you use a 3/4" or 1.5" deep cabinet. You would want to remove the back in this case though.
  9. @Scotbow Please contact our technical support team for help with this issue.
  10. Yes, I believe you are correct. If you make the cabinet deeper than 3/4", you will get one or more extra lines along the door edges in vector views (or other line drawings). If removing these lines is important, you can leave the cabinet 3/4" and stretch the symbol instead. This may affect what kind of panel symbol you can use though. If you are using a 3/4 panel symbol like I am, and you are using match front for the cabinet back face, then the panel symbol will overlap itself. This is more obvious if you create a cross section or a glass house view of the door. To prevent this, you could just turn off the back face instead. Since I wanted the door to be the same on both sides, and I did not want to create a new panel profile, I was OK with the extra lines along the edge. BTW, if you would like to see these lines before you create a symbol out of a cabinet, you can turn on the layer for cabinet module lines and they will show up in a vector view. This will also give you a better indication of how the cabinet builds the stiles and rails for the face frame. See the picture below. I have updated the Door Symbol Designer plan in my previous post to turn this layer on. I have also set the cabinet depth for the door to 1.5" to reduce the edge line to a single line.
  11. I have done something similar in the past and was demonstrating this in the recent advanced training class at the Chief Academy. - I used a counter top with an edge molding profile to create a simple raised panel. You could do this using many different tools but I like the counter top because I can swap out the molding profile to create different raised panels. This counter top can then be converted into a cabinet door symbol. You will need to rotate it and setup stretch planes for it to work well. - You can use this new symbol as the panel symbol for a 3/4" deep cabinet with no back. The big advantage of using a cabinet for this is that you have full control over the width of your stiles and rails and you can create basically any configuration for a raised panel door using the cabinet face editing tools. The split and equalize tools are super helpful. Once you have a door style you like, you can convert it into a cabinet door symbol for use on other cabinets. - You can also use this technique for creating normal doors by making the 3/4 deep cabinet thicker and using match front for the back. Again, as a cabinet you can configure the face however you like. It's also easy to extend this to create a garage panel as well. An X14 plan demonstrating the technique attached. Door Symbol Designer.plan
  12. We released an update to X14 ( yesterday that should correct the issue with the program "freezing" or "locking up". Please note that you may not receive an automatic update notification right away depending on your preference settings and when you last ran the program. If you would like to get the update now, you can find it along with the update notes here: If you continue to experience any problems in X14, then please contact our technical support team:
  13. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the update notifications. You should not assume that the notifications are not working just because you did not get a message less than 24 hours after we posted the update.
  14. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the update notifications. You should not assume that the notifications are not working just because you did not get a message less than 24 hours after we posted the update.
  15. We have just posted an update for X14 (24.2.1) that should correct this problem. You can find the update here: You can find the update notes here: Chief Architect X14 Update Notes - 7/20/2022 If you continue to see any problems after downloading and installing this update, please contact our technical support team:
  16. We have received a number of reports about this problem and are currently looking into it. When we have a fix for this problem we will try to get an update out as soon as possible. As far as I can tell, it is only a problem when your monitor scaling is set to something other than 100%. You may be able to temporarily work around this problem by resetting your monitor to 100%. Please note that if you have multiple monitors, you may need to reset all of your monitors. If this does not solve your problem, then please contact our technical support team for further assistance. The other solution would be to uninstall the 14.2 update and install the prior 14.1 update instead. If you need help doing this, then please contact our tech support team. I apologize for any inconvenience that this is causing.
  17. I will stand by my statements. I will qualify them though by mentioning that we will be releasing an update to X14 in the near future that does address a number of issues in X14, some of which are new issues in X14 that were not in X13. I am not aware of any problems that are a direct result of bringing a legacy plan or template forward though. I have seen a number of posts on Chieftalk speculating that bringing plans forward is a problem but that certainly doesn't make it true. I do not think these random layout lines has anything to do with bringing a plan forward. And, as far as I can tell, no one has actually reported this to us. I have not been able to reproduce any problems like this myself, so unless someone actually reports it to us, there is really not much we can do about it. And if someone does report it to us, and tech support asks them for more information, and they don't follow up with them, then it probably won't get solved any time soon. Oh, and on a side note, I was not the person that gave Mick the downvotes, although I fully expect that I will be accused of doing it.
  18. There are no known issues bringing plans forward.* *Other than the ones that we have documented in the X14 Migration Guide: If you think you have found an issue bringing a plan forward from any previous version of Chief Architect, then you should report this to our tech support team. You will need to include the original plan that was saved in previous version along with a good description of the problems/differences that you have found in X14. As for bringing your template plans forward, I have said this before but maybe it needs repeating, if we didn't think you should bring templates forward, we wouldn't include them in the migration tools. See this thread for some of my previous comments about this:
  19. Newel posts on landing corners can sometimes be "finicky". If the lower stair does not have a railing, then the upper stair probably won't put a post on the landing the way it maybe should. Regardless, adding a newel post manually is probably way easier than trying to trick the stair/landing to build one for you when it doesn't want to. If there is a situation where you think the program should do something that it isn't, then you should probably report this to our tech support team and include the plan that demonstrates the problem.
  20. Yes, shift-select the stair you want to change and then open the stair dialog.
  21. Please don't turn off the behavior indicators in your preferences. Most of the time, the better solution is to solve the problem that the behavior indicator is showing. In Joe's case above, there is no good reason to turn off auto rebuild floors and ceilings and it sounds like he didn't do this on purpose. Turning off all of the behaviors will just hide the fact that this automatic behavior was accidently turned off. This can lead to lots of other problems, most of which are much harder to figure out. We put the behavior indicators in for a reason. Turning them off is like disconnecting the Check Engine light in your car. Sure the light might be annoying but not nearly as bad as having your engine fail when you are driving down the interstate in the middle of the night. If you find a problem with how the behavior indicators work, then please report it to our tech support team. If you would like for them to work differently, then please submit a feature request with your ideas.
  22. FYI, this has been in the program since before I started working here. It was originally put it in when Chief was still running on 16 bit machines and rebuilding floors and ceilings was actually pretty slow. There is very little reason to ever turn this off these days. I don't think the program turned this off. My guess is that you either turned it off accidently or started with a plan that already had it turned off. You can turn it back on in the 3D View Defaults:
  23. Just a little math to help you see why these pictures take up so much space. Your pictures are 4032 x 3024 pixels each (and you have 4 of them). Each pixel has to represent a color value (RGBA) that takes 4 bytes of memory (or disk space if it was stored uncompressed). This means that each picture takes up 48,771,072 bytes (which is about 46.5 MB). Your pictures on the layout page are setup to be 4 3/4" x 3 9/16" which is giving you about 848 dpi. This is more than you need to typical printing. You can probably drop the image resolution down to 300 dpi (1425 x 1069) or even 150 dpi (712 x 534). This will take up a lot less memory and disk space.
  24. We have had a number of people report random lockups. So far we have had a very difficult time trying to reproduce it in any kind of reliable way. We think it's a timing issue related to some low level system interactions. We have even added some diagnostic code to our in-house versions to try and help us find this problem but so far we have not had any luck. If anyone can find a repeatable case where X14 locks up, then please be sure and report this to our tech support team. If would be very helpful if you could include the plan you are working in and the exact steps that you are using to see the lock up. We would need to know what windows you have open and how they are configured (a screen capture can help with this). We will also need some detailed information about your system. Hopefully, this extra information can help us to determine the cause. When we get a fix for this, we will try to get an update out as soon as we are able. Please note that we are planning a 14.2 update that should be available in the near future but as of yet we still don't have a fix for this particular problem. You can find information about contacting tech support here:
  25. See if this tech article helps: