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  1. Arcadian

    Plan views to layout

    Yep, that fixed it. Thanks for your help guys. Appreciated as always..
  2. Arcadian

    Plan views to layout

    Hi Mick, Just went through the scenario again with a new plan and layout, and the same thing happened. Send 1st floor plan to layout. Go back to plan and change to 2nd floor. Send to layout. The 1st floor on the layout changes to 2nd floor. On the layout sheet, went back to the 1st floor plan (now showing 2nd floor), clicked on plan and opened object. in the plan view specification box there is an option to adjust the linked saved plan. Adjust that to none and that opens up the current floor box below for adjustment. adjust to floor 1 and the 1st layout plan goes back to floor 1 and the 2nd layout plan remains at floor 2. It sounds like a long way to make this happen when it used to be automatic on X10, so am now wondering if there's something I missed on the initial setup, or in preferences somewhere...
  3. Arcadian

    Plan views to layout

    Sorry All ! Senior moment sorted (duh !) Not telling :-)
  4. Arcadian

    Plan views to layout

    Hi All, Just started using X11 and sending floor plans for level 1 and level 2 to same layout sheet, but when in Layout, both floors are of the same level, and when I try changing the level on one layout plan, both change, so can't seem to show 2 floor level plans on 1 layout sheet... I'm obviously having a senior moment, so can someone out there guide me in the right direction ?
  5. Arcadian

    Additional License

    Thanks guys, Will relocate post and increase info. Cheers, A
  6. Arcadian

    Additional License

    Hi All, Have an additional license for sale - Chief X10, if anyone interested. What's the going rate? Anyone know? Thanks. Andy Smith, Arcadian Design Ltd., New Zealand.
  7. Arcadian

    Chief crashing on new desktop

    Hi Mick, Thanks for quick response. No warning messages. No blue screen. Just black screen on all 3 monitors, then returns to desktop in about 30 secs without computer re-booting. Chief has switched off at this stage. No, wasn't monitoring CPU temp. New box is water-cooled.
  8. Arcadian

    Chief crashing on new desktop

    Hi All, Have had a new desktop built and have been running Chief 10 for a short while. Just started ray tracing a new house design, and after about 5 runs, Chief crashes. Any thoughts on this ? Sounds like a hardware issue as no problem with last desktop. Would appreciate any feedback before I give my 'puter guy a hard time... i7-8700K GPU @ 3.70GHz 32.0GB RAM GTX 1080 Ti card
  9. Chief Crashing

    Hi All, Just had a new desktop built and now when I try to ray trace, Chief 10 will crash after only about 5 runs.

    Didn't happen on the last desktop.  Any thoughts on adjustment or is it a hardware issue..

    Graphics card - GTX 1080 Ti

    CPU - i7-8700K with 32GB RAM


    Andy Smith


  10. Arcadian

    Wellington New Zealand users

    Hi Jaida, Quite a few Chief users in NZ. Most probably too busy, (including me), due to buoyant construction industry. I made all my own details specific to NZ building standards. Very laborious, but necessary as american based details don't cut it here. There was a compnay in Napier who offered setting up Kiwi detailing. Hopefully they'll pick up on this. Andy Smith Arcadian Design Ltd 4
  11. Arcadian

    Slow mouse

    Hi Glenn, Thanks for the response. Ha ! didn't even know there was one ! Will find it and try. Andy Smith
  12. Arcadian

    Slow mouse

    Morning Perry,(in NZ anyway) Using X9. Will try that later. Thanks
  13. Arcadian

    Slow mouse

    Thanks David, will check the driver to start then get hold of Tech Support. SP4 - Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  14. Arcadian

    Slow mouse

    Hi All ! have an interesting hardware issue. My main desktop is in for repair so am using my SP4 as backup. Have connected my Samsung 4K monitor to my SP and all working well. Open Chief and display on monitor. Still good so far. When I open a plan file to work on the cursor has a lag behind the mouse movement when working over the plan file. Same on layout file. Yet, when I open Chief and plan or layout file on the SP.. no problem. All other programs opened on the monitor are fine and don't have this issue. Only Chief. My apologies for waffling on, but it's a bit frustrating. Any thoughts?
  15. Arcadian

    Microspft Studio

    Hi All ! Anybody used one yet ?