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  1. I'm just glad I found out how to keep working! I've been messaging tech support all day about this issue and they are trying to figure it out.
  2. Got it figured out. In playing around with different configurations, the issue only occurs when i send the elevation to the layout page and select "live view". When I send it as plot lines, it prints correctly.
  3. Thanks for the message. I do not know how to install a previous version of X14. I didn't see anywhere on CA website to download previous releases. I have submitted a support ticket... no word yet.
  4. I did reboot my computer. I would assume the CA pdf driver in the latest X14 update would be the most current. I wouldn't know how to update that driver anyways
  5. This issue started today (7/13/22) after I installed the x14 update. In my layout view, everything looks correct. The elevation layout boxes are scaled at 1/4" per foot, same as it's been for years. However, when I print a PDF using Chief Architect Save as PDF or Adobe PDF drivers, the elevation scale appears to change within the layout box defined area and is cut off. I have tried everything I know; deleting and recreating the page, deleting the camera and creating new elevations, checked print settings, layout set up, tried on 2 different computers and several other things. This issue is only occurring to the elevations. The site plan and floor plan layout boxes print correctly and to scale. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas??