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  1. I've imported a DWG file that is a site drawing and I would like to view in 3-D. Can this be done or do I have to enter all the elevations by hand? Thanks, Rick
  2. I have an owner that wants SS -cabinets in the Butlers pantry (kitchen) Can anyone help with a manufacturer catalog for said Items. Thanks, Rick
  3. Thank you TKA I'll give it a try ! !
  4. I have Chief on my computer but it's like a new one. None of my old stuff is with it. Did I do something wrong ??
  5. I just purchased an upgrade from X9 to X12 I have the download but not sure where to install it. Please help. Rick
  6. How do I move Chief X9 to a new laptop?
  7. How do I move Chief X9 to a new laptop?
  8. How do I change my billing information online. I have a new mailing address and a new credit card
  9. I can save a 3-D as a PDF when I go to print but that doesn't happen with a floor plan. What am I ding wrong?
  10. Is there a way to export as a PDF so my owner can open and review drawings