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  1. Hi all I am running x14 and this has just happened , in fact this came up when closing chief a couple of days ago - didnt think much of it until now.... Any ideas. OpenGL being a graphics thing ... does it mean there is an issue with the drivers and updating?? Love ya thoughts. My laptop recently updated to Windows 11 pro on 10-2-23
  2. Hi Rene , looking into a 3d connexion mouse controller any specifics on which one to look into .

    Your advice would be appreciated.




    1. Renerabbitt


      I like the wireless pro.

      i have the mobile wireless and wired and the pro is my fav

    2. Garreth


      Nice have put my order in.

  3. Hi Justin super impressed, which 3d connexion mouse controller would you recommend. thanks in advance Garreth
  4. Hi Glenn, I couldn't quite remember but you helped me ot with this a few years back - thanks mate.
  5. Hey Eric thanks for that, has given me an idea thanks for sharing.
  6. hi thanks for the reply. Yes could use this setting but it restricts the proportions depending on what the original pattern size was based on. the scaling operates on proportionate sizing. not particular to the individual block size hence the 2 different material sizes posted If I could get to the width and height scaling dimensions that would work.
  7. Hi all just want to know if there is a way of unlocking the scale setting for a 1/3 running bond pattern so I can adjust to suit either brick or blocks. say brick size 162mm high x 290mm long and optional... block size 350 high x 1000mm long
  8. Hi all I am sure this has been done, but is there a fix for sending a floor plan view to layout then rotating to suit page but still keep dimensions and text as per the original model view? Screenshot 2 is the model file view Screenshot is the layout view after turning 90deg to fit onto landscape page. The reason for rotation is the page size limitation (A3) and the fact that you cannot rotate elevation views which is what I would do to keep the floor plan running vertically. using version x11 have they improved this in x12 ?? thanks in advance. Garreth
  9. Thanks Graham for the questions. Yes aware the surface book deals with graphics via integrated and dedicated. Its got me stumped. Has only just occured within last month, like it was a windows update or something. Have checked the nvidia pathways. Also ran a benchmark program although not game worthy frame rates there was no issue with running it.
  10. thanks Eric. video card I think is the issue here.
  11. Hi Eric are you able to run some shadow shots in elevation various cameras??
  12. Hi, plan posted. Very basic no trees just a simple flat terrain. DiPardo_Proposed_Plan_DA.plan
  13. thanks Tommy and Dermot. Yes had the problem before updating drivers. Dermot I will check the article and advise on how I get on.
  14. Hi all does anybody have any ideas, I am experiencing an issue with no shadows on my cameras, have updated the gpu nvidia driver, attached image is a watercolour with line drawing over. noticed pixelation. The problem also occurs on other camera types. second image is physically based render