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  1. Garreth

    render issue

    thanks Eric. video card I think is the issue here.
  2. Garreth

    render issue

    Hi Eric are you able to run some shadow shots in elevation various cameras??
  3. Garreth

    render issue

    Hi, plan posted. Very basic no trees just a simple flat terrain. DiPardo_Proposed_Plan_DA.plan
  4. Garreth

    render issue

    thanks Tommy and Dermot. Yes had the problem before updating drivers. Dermot I will check the article and advise on how I get on.
  5. Garreth

    render issue

    Hi all does anybody have any ideas, I am experiencing an issue with no shadows on my cameras, have updated the gpu nvidia driver, attached image is a watercolour with line drawing over. noticed pixelation. The problem also occurs on other camera types. second image is physically based render
  6. Garreth


    Thanks guys - legends.. There is hope for me yet.
  7. Garreth


    see shaded section in image, 2d only, but would like to replicate as cabinet
  8. Garreth


    Hi Eric just trying to remove that blue part, you can just make out the cabinet on the other side picture a bench seat.
  9. Hi all any suggestions on how to adjust cabinet to angled wall. see image.. note this cabinet will only be half functional from front on but the back will be chamfered to suit the wall. I have tried to look thru the options but nothing seems to address my requirements. thanks in advance
  10. Garreth

    cursor disappears

    Hi MagStew, just to let you know I have resolved. Chief got back to me to confirm this is a drivers update. I had to manually update drivers, followed a you tube video which explained that the computer (windows software for some reason does not always update to latest drivers even when requested. So manually updated from NVIDIA and downloaded. Bit of muckin around.. Interestingly enough because my computer can use on board graphics or the NVIDIA chip it defaulted to the onboard (lower grade) graphics card. Hence had to do some check/uncheck boxes to get the chief software to use the NVIDIA.
  11. Garreth

    cursor disappears

    Hi MagStew saw your post , yes having issue. Have you resolved??
  12. Garreth

    X11 User Library Conflict

    Hi Rene I checked out your youtube video downloading the sync link, however the link did not come up when right clicking the user library folder. Is this a windows set up ?
  13. Garreth


    Thanks all and Dermott, apologies haven't updated my profile from X10 Beta is X10 is current. I will apply some of the advice and get back to you. here is a copy of the plan file ELDO 28 Anchorage Dr PROP floor plan BP REV A.plan
  14. Garreth


    Hi All not sure why but I can't seem to get the elevation or 3d camera view to show shadow. (In vector mode) Have played around with shadow toolbar toggle turning on and off but no visual changes. Checked north point and shadow angle on. not sure what is going on here, any thoughts
  15. Garreth

    Commercial Network Version of Chief

    sorry David how do I contact Dermott, I cant seem to find a way to message him?? Garreth