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  1. My X14 is constantly freezing and I'm at a loss as to why. I use Windows 10 and have an RTX3080 GPU and 64GB of RAM, tons of HD space and no issues with any other application. Does anyone have any suggestions to the cause or tips for maybe fixing it?
  2. We are starting the long journey to build a custom home in the Lake Adger area of Mill Spring, NC., and are looking for an architect to assist us in the process. We prefer someone that also uses CA for their plans as this will make collaboration much easier during the design process.
  3. I've been unable to change the direction of a hardwood floor. I've tried changing the angle in offset and angle settings but nothing changes. I can see the pattern change direction in the preview but it just doesn't change the 3D view at all.
  4. Are there any gains to a dual-Xenon CPU setup vs. say a single 8 core i7 for ray tracing performance? Or is it all about the total core count?