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  1. That's a valid thing to request which is in-line with what the Sqiggle-Like Tool provides in 3d Sketch Style mode. They would probably just create that type (or two) arrow style without any control of the extension. But it shouldn't be that difficult to add control to the current controls. bb
  2. I don't know Joey, I'm afraid to move it. I will do a Save As and try both Delete and Move to 0/0 and let y'all know what transpires.-thanks BB
  3. I don't get it. The message gives me the option to delete the object in question but I have no idea what I'm deleting. Am I being silly here? Two Down Votes to One Upvote. I don't mind the down votes but similar to the Warning that I'm inquiring about, the Down Votes give me an equal amount of No Insight!
  4. Absolutely Nothing, Right On!! I've been getting the attached message but it doesn't tell me where to look or show me where the issue is. What's the point? Common, if it's telling me the object is too far from the origin, then it knows what the object is and where said object is, right? Is this programmer sense of humor 101? Yuk, Yuk! Suggestion: All messages of this ilk should tell me where the problem is occurring. (ok it does tell, me- "it is too far from the origin"-Mike Drop!!) thanks, BB
  5. You can lease Chief for what $199.00 per month. My associate has been "Demoing" Softplan, full version by leasing it for $99 per month. Both programs have functioning demos to try out.-BB
  6. I wanted to try that a long time ago. Lenovo actually had a 17" CAD laptop with a pullout 10" second screen and a pen & built-in tablet in lieu of that stupid touch bar. How well does the tablet work regard pen clics vs mouse clicks (I heard that that was an issue, eg tapping the pen vs clicking a mouse button)?-BB
  7. Standard Microsoft 2-button w/ scroll wheel (the old "keep it simple stupid" philosophy). Of course, I do use an ergo keyboard (Microsoft).
  8. I appreciate the commentary because we all do things a bit differently. I think Chief will eventually be adding a few more user controls as they realize our needs. bb
  9. I'm just trying to get Chief to fix it. Once I turn off autoframe roof I just change the two rafters and walk away. I prefer to leave my ridge beam displaying correctly. One thing I haven't tried is moving those two rafters and 1/8" inch away from the wall, which would probably fix it. Maybe I'll do that on Monday. Have a nice weekend and thanks for the reply Thus far, no one has offered a reasonable reason for this to remain as is. BB
  10. Dear Chief, here again is my request to Divorce this Automatic Behavior caused by the Ridge Beam selection. In my example, I have a 3.5" wide x 14" LVL Structural Ridge Beam. My rafters are 2x10's 16" oc. In my section view, the two Rafters Against the house are always, automatically changed by Chief to match the Ridge Beam Size. Why would I want a 3.5"x14" rafter there. I always have to change those two offending rafters, back to 2x10 lumber. If auto rebuild is on, the two rafters revert back to 3.5"x14". This has been an issue for quite a few xVersions (maybe the entire x-series, I don't recall how long I've been bitching about it). Regardless, can you please fix this behavior with a default ON/Off setting (I don't know why there would be a need for an On Setting but I don't want to ruffle another users feathers. Thanks, Brad Also, please note how the 14" rafter is "Birdsmouthed" because of the invisible deck railing below- you may fix that issue too if you like. I've already sent that issue to Tech Support with another drawing file but have attached a zip file for fun.
  11. What I've been finding is that the colors from the background seem to taint the colors on my models. Even just using the blue sky affects my colors. I've also had issues with the shadows showing as almost solid black with no gradations in certain instances. I've noticed this in X13 and don't recall if it was an issue with x12.
  12. I'm using an 2yr old GeForce GTZ 1080 (8mb) card with minimal issues (screen redraw when sending elevations to layout is slow and looks glichy while sending) and cannot utilize the New Zooty Real Time Ray Trace Feature without purchasing an expensive new card. Also, I'm using a Ryzen processor (AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 3.4ghz) which for some reason is quite a bit slower than my co-workers Intel I-7 processor, Nvidia Card Combo. I'm currently having a helluva time with slow screen redraws (like watching grass grow) and dodgie mouse snap behavior on a project that I started in 2015 and noticed the slow down when I first saved it as an x11, then x12 and now x13. I can't remember what I used to initially draw it. I've turned off textures for section and elevation views to make it less snap dodgie when in section and elevation views. Sorry, a bit off topic. Just wanted to let the OP know that on newly created x13 jobs, my 3d works fine except for the real time RayTrace feature.
  13. Yea, I noticed and stand corrected and apologies to David for that (I miss read and thought he did it using Foxit). Interestingly, I just created pdfs of a 26 sheet layout with lots of 3d that came out at 34 mb using Chief's writer and actually came out larger (46 mb) using a free version of PDF995 v21.1! My co-worker created an 18 plus mb pdf using Chief's writer on one of his projects and it was only 6.5 mb using PDF995. So, we're perplexed by the two opposite results.
  14. If we have to wait for x14, we should be getting a rebate on our SSA! They made V9.5 upgrade just to get Home and Garden revenue but 9.5 really gave us regular users no benefit from V9.