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  1. Hi Selaro, Just talked to Tech Support.....the version you were given is the update version prior to the latest (corrupt) update. Tech Support are aware of the issue & working on a fix...I'm not sure how we are to be informed when the revised update is available Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi Elfra N, Solver suggested uninstalling the upgraded X14....but first, find the previous update version in your Download folder & install that after the corrupt X14 is removed. At least this gets you running again....bur beware of the prompt to upgrade when you open X14 from now on!!! I really hope CA get on top of this promptly. Good luck.....Steve
  3. At solvers suggestion, I reinstalled the older update & the Elevations in Layout are printing out OK now.....will now stick with this. To me, this suggests, there is some sort of conflict with how my plan files are working with Layout whilst using the latest upgrade. BUT....issues 2 remains. Cheers, Steve
  4. Yes....I have just found it in downloads. Shall uninstall X14 & upload older update. But this will not solve Issue 2 as described. Steve
  5. Hi Selaro, I have just put up the following post: After doing a quick test using out of the box CA layout & Plan files, the elevations print out OK in pdfs. This probably means that the way we have our plan views set out in X14 layout is causing the issues.....CA did some major revamping of saved plans views with X14. I suspect most users wont' have this issue....but lets see. All the best.....Steve
  6. The recent upgrade of X14 is creating significant issues with the wrong scaling of elevations/sections when pdf's are printed out. How many are NOT having this issue in that the layout printed pdfs are as displayed (elevations/sections)? How many ARE having this issue? refer this thread for further background: I just did a test using the out of the box CA plan & layout files - created a simple house & sent plan & elevation views to Layout. There does not seem to be an issue as the Live View Elevations print (pdf) to scale OK.. BUT the issue of no 'update layout prompt' being provided when exiting out of a plot line elevation/section remains. This leads to 2 conclusions: Issue 1 - Live views sent to layout, causing corrupted pdf printout, probably indicates that the way I have my saved plan views to layout is causing this conflict......thus only affecting a few X14 users who may have a similar setup? Issue 2 - Plot Line update layout prompt being provided when exiting out of a plot line elevation/section......this MUST be affecting all users of X14 since inception?...a global issue. If CA can fix Issues 2, then I'm happy as I prefer to send elevations/sections to layout as Plot Lines.....I like the popup prompt. can I remove the latest upgrade for X14 & bring it back to the version I had beforehand? I have just secured a new job & will be doing it in X13. Looking forward to getting this resolved. Steve
  7. I see some have resorted to sending elevations/section as plot lines to Layout....trouble is if you make changes to the model, these do not automatically update in Layout & thus allowing opportunity to send incorrect pdf's to your clients....happened to me. With X13, when you closed out of a plot line view (elevation or section), you got a pop up asking if this is to be updated in Layout....worked fine....BUT this function has been disabled since X14 came out. Let's hope there's an urgent update to both issues. Steve
  8. I'm having the same issue....a real headache. Why at the start of X14 did CA stop the prompt to update when elevations & sections are sent to Layout? This was my preferred way of sending those views. See attached for the issues Steve CA issue rescaling Elevations & Cross Sections.pdf
  9. Hi all, I am having significant issues with X14. Firstly, with X13 & prior , I send all Elevation views & Sections to Layout using 'Plot Lines'......when I closed out of a view, I would get the prompt to update the Layout File....this function has not existed in X14 since I first started using it. To compensate, I have sent Elevations & Sections using 'Live View' with 'Update Always' preference is the 'Plot Lines' option, but obviously, if I make changes in this view, the Layout view port does not get update & the view must be replaced with an updated view....a real backward step! NOW....yesterday, I downloaded the latest update for X14 & I am having major issues in that when the 'Live View' Elevations & Sections are printed to pdf, those 3D models get distorted & out of scale in the pdf.....yet they looked OK in layout......note the issue is also if I send Live Views as 'Update on demand' The 'Plot Line' views remain unaltered, & are as they should be. Please refer attached pdf that demonstrates this issue. In the interim, & to ensure clients get correct pdf plans for review, I am having to change from 'Live View' to 'Plot Lines'....BUT I have to send each of the changed Elevation/Section views to Layout & delete the view that didn't change as the prompt box does not work. This is a significant issue....trouble is, of course I can't get the X14 plans/layout to work in X13 Help please......Steve CA issue rescaling Elevations & Cross Sections.pdf
  10. Thanks again.....pasted texture to Bump & changed from 0.1 to 1.0.... helps a bit. One day I guess we'll see the cladding corner angled profiles showing in 3D? Cheers, Steve
  11. Thanks Mick, Have adjusted backdrop intensity from 100 to 500 & changed cladding to Dutchlap which helps a little. BUT....where do I source a bump map for this siding as nothing is showing up in Bump map?'s blank....see attached
  12. Awesome....I now have reflections. Many thanks for your help....Steve
  13. Thanks Rob for getting back. Please see attached the properties I have for CA's 'standard glass'....using the rainbow tool. I have played around with the settings...but no reflections at all. Cheers, Steve