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  1. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    Thanx….will do
  2. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    Many thanks Mark for taking the time to respond. Due to your post, I have had a quick look at Bluebeam. I also see that there are quite a number of tutorials on YouTube so I will download a trial & see if it suits my purpose. I contract to other designers....I'm about to get fibre into my house/office so intend doing a lot of CA files in the cloud as this is what one of the main designers wants. Cheers, Steve
  3. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    Hi tommy1 Thanks for your comments. I thought that it would be good to actually provide a real example of the realm us NZ designers must adhere to. The referenced product is a James Hardie cladding (siding)….we call Linea (Aus/NZ) or know as Artisan in US/Canad. Find attached 2 pdf's & a screenshot: 1 pdf) The NZ Linea weatherboard has 65 details (65 CAD files available) 2 pdf) The Australian Linea has 21 details (21 CAD files available) 3 png) The USA Artisan has 12 details (+ 12 details with furring) …. You will note the NZ detail includes 'direct fix' & 'on cavity' (furring or rain screen). The aussies have no idea what a rain screen is & all siding is installed on a flexible wrap. For NZ projects, I may specify approx. 5% of projects with a Rigid Air Barrier (RAB) & if it involves the JH Linea siding, I would need to use the Linea on RAB + cavity (furring) pdf details...hence another 30+ details to source from JH. Now....often the Linea is combined with other siding types, so, for compliance, I need to supply those specified sidings details (eg: vertical corrugated steel) The steel siding company also has pdf details similar to the amount that the JH Linea another 30 odd pdf details to choose from..For the cladding junctions, I will download & combine/adjust the JH/steel siding companies DWG drawings to demonstrate the junction. Here in NZ, we have approx. 3x the amount of JH siding options, all with the approx. 65 details for cladding addition, all the other products available in NZ have similar pdf detail quantities….& I haven't mentioned the subfloor/floor/roofing options etc...….my mention of 1000's of pdf details to choose from is not an exaggeration. The architectural resource of these pdf details helps me to produce drawings efficiently. Then there is the legal issue. Here in NZ, residential buildings must be built per plan, there's no option for as-built like in aussie. JH & all other suppliers will not honour liability if a product is not installed as per their detailed instructions....hence why I'd rather use the manufacturers pdf resources, speeding up my productivity & reducing my risk. In addition....there is a lot of other stuff that come to me as pdf's....bracing (e/quake) & thermal energy calcs etc. These could be included in the Project Specification, but this doco is often 130~150 A4 pages long & I like to include some info in the Layout for the builders ease of reference. I really look forward to comments, but it's looking as if keeping the pdf's in a separate Layout & then combing them with an online pdf merge app is the solution....but it invites another area of something being missed. Cheers, Steve Linea weather board. direct fix. cavity fix. horizontal.pdf JH australia-Linea Weatherboard_Installation Guide_May 2019 .pdf
  4. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    I do that with most of the common manufacturers pdf's (already scaled for Layout). There are always changes as Council's challenge the information & clients keep making changes that require amendments that go back to Council etc.. I have had a play with the 2 layout idea & think I can live with it. Will change my current jobs to this idea & see how it goes.....BUT always keen to listen to any other ideas. Cheers, Steve
  5. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    Thanks Chopsaw….on looking at this from a different angle, a typical layout will contain 40~50 sheets. The first 50% contains the info that I frequently have to make changes in layout...inserting/deleting stuff & text changes. The later 50% I do not make many changes. I'm thinking that I might have 2 Layouts for a project, configured with majority of pdf's on the 2nd layout. I'd then have to use an online app to merge the 2 pdf' it possible to merge 2 Layout's in Chief?..... Cheers, Steve
  6. stevesakiwi

    Layout - changes speed get dramatically slow

    Thanks Chopsaw….looks like there is no work around or easy answer. The authorities here in NZ require almost all building elements to be manufacturer specified & therefore generic details are not generally accepted. Some manufactures have over 100+ details. Some of the Standards I refer to have >400 pages! The easiest way is to search the pdf (often indexed) & take note of the pdf page # required & then import that page # into Layout & crop to get specific details. Sure, the manufactures have dwg's, but I'd have to import them individually into my library & then I'd have to rename & file each to make it easier to find from my Products Library....the same issue is converting the pdf to jpegs.....I'd end up with many 1000's of dwgs or jpeg/png files....hence the ease of pdf's make it easier to source details/tables etc......but the price is too much wasted time in Layout. Cheers, Steve
  7. I have an issue that the more pdf's I have in layout, the speed of changes that I do on the layout pages can get painfully slow....typically 5~10sec of the never ending circle. I can have >40 pdf details/tables in a single layout. I have tried putting the pdf's on a different layer & turned that off...but, the changes speed remains the same: slow....grrr. I don't want to convert the pdf's to jpegs as that takes time & would mean my Product/Technical/Standards library would contain many 1000's of files & would be time consuming to search ( & manage) for the details I need. I know others are having similar issues. I run X10 on a near new Asus gaming computer so it's no slug. I have also tried 'Backup entire project' from layout....but this doesn't make a difference. Cheers, Steve
  8. stevesakiwi

    Text Macro's for layout

    Is there a text macro for Sheet Index that is linked to the title's on consecutive Layout pages? I typically have the Sheet index on page 1. When I insert a new page or change the location of info in Layout, I have to go back to the Index & manually change the Sheet # & Description. Callout Text macro's Simlarly, is there are macro that links the layout page number to the page number in a Callout....typically the bottom number in the Callout. Ideally, this should be linked to the Callouts placed not only in layout but in other views: eg Plan, Section, Elevation etc. Both Revit & Archicad have this feature....saves time & ENSURES continuity. TIA.....Steve
  9. stevesakiwi

    Intersected/Contained objects marquee

    Thanks Alaskan_Son..Correct, your post didn't fully display so I didn't read all of it..the Hot Keys option will work with me. Cheers, Steve
  10. stevesakiwi

    Intersected/Contained objects marquee

    Thanks, but I was hoping there was a way of avoiding going into Preferences.....I have been setting up Hot Keys & I had hoped that there was an option there....maybe CA needs to consider how Revit & ArchiCAD utilize this command.....their process is very simple & helpful when drawing.
  11. Is there a hotkey or work around that bypasses the need to go into Preferences to select how the selection marquee works. ie:- selected objects or contained objects. It's a pity CA hasn't adopted the selection process used by Revit & ArchiCAD:- drag marquee from the left to select contained objects or drag marquee from right to select intersected objects. TIA....Steve