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  1. Hello there, Topo map provided by surveyor have sea elevation data for sample points in a lot and elevation for sub floor. I can used those elevation data to create a terrain but don't know how to give the topo elevation to sub floor. Terrain is not flat, specify "sub floor height above terrain" in "terrain specification" may not work. Thanks, Josh
  2. jpdesign

    lower wall type problem

    Thank you solver. The problem is solved by changing the wall between garage and house to exterior and making it "lower wall type" to interior.
  3. jpdesign

    lower wall type problem

    Solver, Thank you so much. You are amazing. Could you help me on the other problem I have? I don't how to fix this glitch. The plan file is attached. Josh as-built.plan
  4. jpdesign

    lower wall type problem

    Make the plan file smaller. Now the file can be attached final_prosed_CA_forum.plan
  5. jpdesign

    lower wall type problem

    Plan file is too big to attached.
  6. jpdesign

    lower wall type problem

    Hello, I have problem to use "lower wall type". This "lower wall type" unchecked. As circled in red, partial of wall under roof is still exterior wall. When check "lower wall type" for that wall, the wall portion under the roof is fixed but the half of windows disappear. How to fix this problem? Thanks, Josh
  7. Hello, How to make the red circled wall become exterior wall? Thanks, Josh
  8. jpdesign

    cabinet w/ two top heights

    Designing a kitchen peninsula. Owner wants to have cabinets like ones shown in the photo. If there is no way to configure, I may try to use two cabinets back to back to model them.
  9. jpdesign

    cabinet w/ two top heights

    Hello, Is there a way to configure kitchen cabinet to have two top heights as shown in the photo? Thanks, Josh
  10. jpdesign

    text table spacing

    Hello, Is there a way give more spacing between rows in a text table? This is what I got from a note schedule. I want to have more space between notes. Thanks, Josh
  11. jpdesign

    question customized dormer

    I did actually. I have difficulty to have parapet roof to meet slope roof.
  12. jpdesign

    question customized dormer

    I carefully look at the design again and realized I made a mistake. After correction, the dormer should be like this: Now my question is how to make a parapet roof for this dormer? Thanks, Josh
  13. jpdesign

    question customized dormer

    Hello, I try to model this customized dormer. There are some imperfections I don't know how to fix them. The first is the gap between two walls. The second is the gap between ceiling and wall. The third is how to make a wall both sizes are siding exterior. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  14. jpdesign

    how to fix wall half interior and half exterior

    Hello Chopsaw, Thank you so much to point this option out. I didn't know what the option "split by butting roof" for. Now I understand. Appreciate your help. Josh
  15. Hello, How to fix the problem where the wall circled in red? its lower half is interior and upper exterior. Thanks, Josh