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  1. Ah, thanks, that solved it. Is that a new setting in X12? I cannot recall it clipping like this in the past. The default for a few of the camera types is 24". Just curious, but in what scenario would that be desired?
  2. I have noticed of late that when zooming in near objects in Perspective Full Overview, I can only get so close before it clips the object. For instance a wall may suddenly be clipped through to show it's layers when the camera gets too close. Say you put an object like a mirror or such on a wall. If you zoom in on it in perspective view to see detail of the mirror, you can only get so close before the clipping occurs. See below, a simple brick on a wall. I can only zoom so close to objects before the camera completely clipps them out of the view.
  3. A similar issue is attempting to shift a window within a frame (so it can be flush with the exterior, "inset" does not work well). For the person trying to adjust such things it seems like it would be a no brainer to have such settings, and a good head scratcher as to why it is not in the program. But "break stairs" makes this a bit easier to work around.
  4. I am glad it is not just me who is frustrated trying to center a stair rail on a wall end. I wonder how hard it would be to simply be able to select a section of rail and be able to numerically shift it in or out?
  5. But isn't that what the "rental" cost (rent to own) is already offering? Perpetual renting has been realized as a better revenue stream, not necessarily what is best for the customers. I feel the rent to own of CA is as things should be. After the program is paid off, one can decide to continue with monthly SSA, which covers those who prefer a sub.
  6. I tend to agree with this. It would be akin to Adobe's creative suite. If you could not obtain photoshop, or illustrator, without buying the whole bundle, a lot less people would be able to work in just the specific fields that go into publications. Of course Adobe lost me as an upgrader (past CS4) due to the subscription model. I am a fan of perpetual licensing, not so much as a sub.
  7. The help function brings up the very same information I am looking at in this 5 pound manual I have already been looking at and spent a chunk of change on. I figured out that the setting I need to adjust is the frame's inset. One of the issues with the existing windows is that they are nearly flush (the upper, static window pane) with the exterior. Doesn't appear to be away to reduce that excess frame in CA without also losing the frame from the interior side of the frame. Updated attempt after quite a bit of settings poking:
  8. Ah, separation then. Looks to of gotten rid of that part of the question. Looks to be what I am going for. How are the windows themselves moved outward?
  9. See attached. I am trying to get rid of the framing between the window sections, and also to "push" the windows themselves outward toward the exterior, as seen in the photos. combinedwindows.plan
  10. I am trying to wrangle X11 into combining windows into single units and I am either missing something obvious or the tools available are severely lacking. Attached are window units I am attempting to replicate. Some have hung windows in the middle with fixed narrow windows on the ends. The other has fixes windows on the ends and 2 casement in between. As you can see there is no frame between the window sections beyond hardware, so simply mulling individual units does not cut it. I need the units to be combined within a single frame, such that window treatments can be within the fra
  11. Weird. I've done no exterior beyond the ground. (and the home itself of course) Seems that fabric shades are the issue.
  12. I think I figured out a somewhat decent compromise, by making it opaque, yet giving it a 250 emissive value so it appears to be lit from behind and cast the resulting diffused light beyond it. Ack, looks somewhat decent in physically based camera mode, but like hot garbage in standard. And if I place it in front of a window, the exterior seen through the window shows right through the lamp's shade. Egads.
  13. The transparency of that original lampshade is a default of 3%. Does that seem right, judging by the first screenshot? Anything above opaque translucency is showing up as if it is 100% translucent.
  14. Ah, there it is. In "Plan Materials" I can edit it. (I imagine I can probably change it permanently as well) Thanks!
  15. Doug, There is a "Shade" component in the materials tab, but no globe and no properties tab for it.