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  1. I live in Utah and am looking for an opportunity to work from home using Chief Architect. I am still learning and am interested in learning more while working on projects. Please email me at Thanks, Samantha Skidmore
  2. SamanthaSkidmore

    Basement Ceiling Near Garage Separation

    Thank you. I am new to Chief Architect and Architecture in general so I am still learning. I will watch the signature video and see if I can figure out how to show the issue better.
  3. SamanthaSkidmore

    Basement Ceiling Near Garage Separation

    I had to compress it. Let me know if this worked. Thanks.
  4. SamanthaSkidmore

    Basement Ceiling Near Garage Separation

    I'm not sure when this happened or how it happened but my ceiling isn't meeting the wall in the basement. The separation is from the garage. I created a brand new plan to make sure my heights all matched up correctly and they do. Can you tell by looking at my screenshots what might be happening or what I need to do to fix it? Photo on the left is the wall/ceiling in the basement. The photo on the right is from the garage. Thanks so much!
  5. SamanthaSkidmore

    Exterior Stairs to Basement

    Thank you so much. Makes total sense.
  6. SamanthaSkidmore

    Exterior Stairs to Basement

    I have created a basement but it is not a daylight basement. It is on s flat terrain but I want exterior stairs for an exterior entrance to the basement. I'm not finding a lot of information for this particular design. Very new user here. Thanks in advance!
  7. SamanthaSkidmore

    Interior Door Size

    Thank you. Got it!
  8. SamanthaSkidmore

    Interior Door Size

    When putting in an interior door I need the measurement to be 30" wide and 80" tall (3080). It is showing that in the object box but on the 2D layout it still only shows 2668. Why won't it change to the 3080 if that is what I have in the general specification? Thanks!