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  1. MikeD56

    X11 YouTube premier today

    Saw this on YouTube today Is supposed to be shown/released this afternoon (the video that is). Looks real and official. ''
  2. MikeD56

    Plan help for Georgia project

    Thanks to all for your responses. I've just returned from a trip. There seems to be a question about if/what type of stamp may be needed on the CD's. I'm going by the planning office tomorrow to clarify. Once I get more info I'll get back with each of you that has responded. Again thanks for the quick responses Mike
  3. I'm looking for someone that can take my basic plan and flesh it out into full construction docs. Ideal would be someone that can stamp the plans for the state of Georgia for submission. Thanks Mike
  4. MikeD56

    Printer recommendation

    I have the Epson WF-7620, and like chief58 said, works fine and goes to 13x19. Also goes for $200 now at local stores so price is right on.
  5. Remember that on the roof panel of the wall specification dbx you can define two roof pitches. So make the pitch at 2x12 and then the upper pitch as 4x12 - however far into the roof you need. That is if I understand your question.
  6. MikeD56

    3D Library Site Changes

    I have to agree with he general opinion of the users. Even thought I don't use either of these two libs, and most likely will not, at least into the "visible future". I pay for my SSA for 5 years at a time, to maximize my discount, and with that I would expect to continue to have access to all content I had available when I paid my SSA. However, I think we should be provided with a clear articulation as to how CA determines, will determine, what will be a lib for which there will be a future charge.
  7. MikeD56

    Kohler Catalog

    Thanks for the link. What level of site change (any, tiny, or medium) did you select that gives you a notification of an update to the catalogs page?
  8. A large set of construction related calculators http://www.blocklayer.com/CalculatorDirectory.aspx
  9. MikeD56

    Product Compatibility

    I have X7 running on a Surface Pro 4. Seems to work fine. My configuration is the i5 processor, 8 GB ram, and the upgraded video card. Screen is beautiful but pen/touch support in CA X7 is weak. Maybe X8 will do better. To be fair, I just started playing with X7 on the Surface so, my current thoughts may just be a result of lack of knowledge of how X7 is designed to work on a table.
  10. Thanks. Didn't realize all the customizations were in the template plans. Since the FAQ didn't call out the defaults but did talk about the data folder having "encrypted" registration data and not being copied I guess I made an assumption that the defaults, etc were in there and I shouldn't copy it.
  11. I got a MS Surface and want to move all my defaults, custom anno sets, etc to it. I'm using X7. I do not can't instructions in the FAQ, manual, etc for that All I see is for moving catalogs, plans, etc. Is it possible to do, or do I have to manually recreate everything?? Thanks in advance
  12. MikeD56

    wendy video requests

    Check post 14 above But to save you time here is the link - http://www.screencast.com/t/vicroy80XHQ
  13. MikeD56

    X7 Beta Download

    You can do your SSA for multiple years if you want. CA gives small discounts if you do that.
  14. MikeD56

    Wood-Mode Catalog

    So what's the point of having the catalog listed on the CA site?? I have to assume most CA users aren't WM dealers.
  15. MikeD56

    Can't Download The Recent Bonus Libraries

    Worked for me. I'm using IE 11 and it downloaded as soon as I hit the download arrow. I don't have Chief setup for compatibility mode in IE but that might help on your setup.