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  1. I want to design a gravity masonry retaining wall. I've checked the catalog and there are no features to enable me accomplish that. I've attached a picture of the wall I want to design. PC Chief Architect Premier X12
  2. Thank you very much for the assistance. I'll go through the videos and will let you know if I need additional assistance. Once again thanks
  3. I'm not that vast in using the polyline solid and bolean toolset. Can you point me in the direction of resources (video, link etc) that can assist me. Thanks
  4. Hello All, I am designing the attached catwalk in structural steel using Chief Architect x12. I need assistance as I cannot find steel sections and components in CA. I am running Windows 10. Is it possible to design it in CA. Regards. Ben Catwalk-drw01-Rev03.PDF 20' Catwalk C8 Version - Rev02.PDF
  5. My bad. Resent in both JPG and PNG
  6. I want to design this type of truss over a shed roof and I cannot find an option to do so. It is called Huffman Truss Sloped.bmp
  7. Hi All, I am an engineer and have Chief Architect Premier X10. I find the structural component of the software very limited in capacity and depth. Are there are robust structural engineering add-ons for CA. Thanks. Ben
  8. Special thanks to you DJ. I appreciate.
  9. Finally I got it. Thanks everybody for your assistance.
  10. Still not working for meAttic Space2.plan Attic Space2.plan
  11. Will this message have something to do with it.
  12. Here is how I snapped and pulled back to form the V. The next step "... and use the Join Roof Tool to join the Gable Planes to the Exist Shed Dormer Roof Plane" is what I was not able to do as the 3D does not show me two different roof planes to join. Thanks.
  13. I did. I drew the gables 5' wife each and snapped at 3 points and pulled back the roof plane.