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  1. Check the "Cabinet Specialty Storage" bonus catalog, there are X boxes in there.
  2. I guess I was assuming you already had a 3-way drawn at the bottom of the stairs. You will need two 3-ways, one at the bottom and one at the top, label the one at the top as 3 upstairs, then just draw your electrical connection to the switch, which is actually on the first floor. The only downside is if it shows up in a 3D view, but you can always put it on another layer and turn it off.
  3. thanks Dermot, didn't know this little tidbit
  4. Another option is to place a switch in the stairwell and re-label it as "3 Upstairs" which allows use of the electrical connection tool.
  5. @rgardner, @Alaskan_Son Ryan or Michael, can you give me a bit more detail on what you mean by using a filled polyline? I send my elevations as plot lines and dread making changes that override any editing work I have done. I would welcome more convenient ways to edit.
  6. @joey_martin thanks for this, I will definitely try on my next elevations.
  7. @joey_martin seems like a very simple method but isn't it somewhat tough and tedious to get the lines you want lighter selected when they are right next to lines you want to maintain as darker? Do you Marquis Select most of them and then Shift Select individually? Just curious about your method, would love to highlight this way as long as it isn't too much of a time suck.
  8. If you are unaware you can turn them on and off by clicking this icon.
  9. Your back roof plane was sitting on the first floor and cutting the second floor wall off. I also unchecked the invisible button.
  10. I locked the ridge height on the back roof plane and changed it to a 3 pitch, not sure if the pitch or your ceiling height is correct but this is the result.
  11. I can't seem to get the image placed here but it you select an item in your schedule (door, window, cabinet, etc.) you will see two icons in the tray to either move the item up or down in the schedule. I have not noticed that they move if I do this instead of dragging them up or down.
  12. I use the notes schedules quite a bit and they seem pretty stable when I use these tools to move items up and down.
  13. Hmmm, it seemed to work for me, maybe someone else can shed some light.
  14. You should be able to set this in the Advanced Options in the stair DBX (see image). Keep in mind that the Top is actually the top of the uppermost riser, not the tread.
  15. We use some relatively inexpensive 50" monitors (Vizio, TCL) and Chromecast, works great without having to run cables. Assuming you have wi-fi.
  16. Based on your screen shot, if your distance from slab top to 1st floor joist bottom is 88-7/8, your stem wall height should be 92-7/8 assuming it is a 4' slab.
  17. Chief is really the only software that needs the Quadro so not needed for any other programs I am running. I got the notice of the updated driver this morning but I don't want to cause any problems with how things are working right now. The release you have linked is what I got, I have enough knowledge about this to be dangerous and it seemed like you have quite a bit of background with it so I thought I would check to see if you thought it was safe.
  18. @Kbird1 Mick, I currently am using GeForce Game Ready Driver 442.23 and am seeing Quadro Desktop Release 450 (version 451.77) as an apparent update, am I safe to download this driver to run my graphics (OpenGL Renderer Quadro T2000/PCIe/SSE2)?
  19. I typically select the plan view referenced in the layout, click on the link icon, and relink the view to the new plan.
  20. Disregard my question, didn't go far enough in modifying the railing wall, realized the railing width can be changed in the Rails tab of the DBX. Thanks for the tip, I have struggled with this multiple times.