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  1. Sounds quite simple, are you doing this in the Wall Type? If so, won't that increase the width of your railing as the railing width follows the wall thickness, correct?
  2. I've seen ALDO a bunch of times today, I'm sure it is a simple answer but I can't figure out what this is referring a brother out?
  3. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but this was done with manual planes. The larger issue is the viability of how to build it, I don't see how it could ever be built this way in the real world. kGarageAddition (1).plan
  4. Not sure if it is the best way but I create a new Note type (Electrical 2, Plumbing 2, etc.) and create a new Note schedule that looks at that Note type instead of the original.
  5. I have had a problem losing toolbars on some older versions (particularly X7), all of them would totally disappear. I was advised to rename the toolbar folder in the program file ("old toolbars") then close and reopen Chief. The program could then search and find the toolbars again and would open them. Might not be the solution in this case.
  6. My understanding is that the Default Sets are equivalent to the Anno Sets...?
  7. So If I am seeing Active Defaults in the top box (top screenshot), then everything below that are the "Active" defaults for that plan view? I set and edit them in this dialog box?
  8. Thanks Larry, I appreciate all your help. I'll take a look at the video, I think I am just a couple of synapses away from understanding.
  9. I am confused about where I would go to set up the Active Defaults. If I am in an Electrical Plan View, where do I set up the Active Defaults for that? Why wouldn't I click the pull down and select Electrical Annotations?
  10. My brain is having a hard time equating the Active Default part with the plan view that is open. I might just need to learn more about what an Active Default is but if it is the default(s) that are associated with the plan I am working in (the "active" plan), don't I need to set those up with a specific default set, layer set, etc.?
  11. Definitely confusing, I guess I will need to look into understanding Active Defaults better. Also, when I am pulling up the Default Sets available in the plan, they are labeled as Annotation Sets (see screenshot). Is this a problem, or perhaps part of my inability to put it all together?
  12. From what I have gleaned over the last couple of days, as far as I can tell this is the process for setting up my template plan to use Saved Plan Views. 1. Create Defaults (dimension, text, call-outs, etc.) for all of the plan views I intend to use in my con docs (As-Built, Demo, Cabinet Layout, Electrical etc.). 2. Edit or create new Default (Annotation) Sets to be used in said plans. 3. Edit or create Saved Plan Views to utilize these specific Default Sets, including assigning a specific Layer Set.. This method will allow me to switch to saved plan views with their corresponding defaults and layer sets to see only what I want to see without having to fool around with changing layers. Am I on the right path here? All feedback is welcome, as always thank you for your help.
  13. Thanks very much for the thoughts and the screenshot Larry, I have already added those to my toolbars. I am still trying to wrap my head around how the default sets, layer sets, and saved plan views all work together but it is starting to make some sense. I am working through my default sets to link them with the particular plan views I want to associate them with, seems like there are a lot defaults to set but worth the time now to increase productivity later.
  14. Thanks Dermot, i have been working my way through the videos and am starting to catch on to how they can be leveraged for efficiency.
  15. I have typically used layer sets to create different "views" in my layout sheet (ie. layer sets for structural changes, cabinets, framing, electrical, etc) but am finally taking some time to look at Saved Plan Views. I may not fully understand how these should be utilized but it seems that the layer sets I have created are doing the same thing as the Saved Plan Views would do? In other words is is worth my time to try to learn how to use the Saved Plan View instead of just switching my layer sets before sending to layout? The only real advantage I have found in using the Saved Plan Views is being able to overlay the As-Built plan on a remodeled plan. If this is a tool that can help my productivity I am way on board to learn it, just seems kind of redundant right now.
  16. Are the cabinet mounted outlets gone in X9? I can't find them in the library where they were in X8; are they somewhere else or have they been removed? I use these all the time, very disappointed if they are gone...
  17. So after working with Chief Support and our own IT department I was able to determine that I in fact did not have the latest driver for my Nvidia card. There was a release of a driver update on Tuesday of this week; I had checked the driver status on Monday. The card I am using is the GeForce GT 525M, the latest driver version should be 368.39. If you are using this card the update is out there if you want it. Thanks again for all the help.
  18. Thanks Doug, I have been trying to get on the Nvidia but am not able to make that happen yet. I'm sure it is some simple thing due to user error...
  19. Thanks very much, this isn't holding me up right now but I'd like to get it resolved. As always, appreciate all the help I receive on this forum.
  20. Sorry, here is the render panel. I went to the Nvidia panel and changed the video card for X8 three times, hitting apply button every time, but the change won't stick. I have to add the X8 program to the list every time as well, this also doesn't stick. I tried to call customer support but they are in a training meeting, no luck there. Does anyone know how to make this video card change from within Chief. I had someone from support talk me through it last week but foolishly didn't make any notes about how it was done and can't remember now. Any help would be appreciated.