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  1. srjbb97

    Wall Siding

    How do I get the siding to show up on in the gable? See attached pictures.. Also, what is the best way to align the eyebrows along the front? Thanks in advanced.. Chief Architect X9
  2. srjbb97

    Roof Plane Question

    Thank you very much!!
  3. srjbb97

    Roof Plane Question

    How do I get the gable roof planes to stop automatically adding these eave ridges or whatever they may be onto the planes? See attached picture..... Using Chief Architect X9
  4. srjbb97

    Backup Programs

    Hello, What is a good backup program to use for Chief Architect? Thank you in advance.
  5. srjbb97

    Hole in house

    Thank you all for the help!!
  6. srjbb97

    Hole in house

    It isn't perfect yet, but we are trying to get it well enough to have a 3D view Lot 125 3car.plan
  7. srjbb97

    Hole in house

    Hello, I believe I have had help previously on this issue, but I have tried what I previously tried to try and fix this issue. Can anyone help? Thank you, Shonna
  8. srjbb97

    Terrain Help

    I am pretty new with working with the terrain feature. I have tried using the elevation region tool as seen in the walk out basement terrain training video, but I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. Can someone help? Thank you! Plan attached lot 4-126.plan
  9. srjbb97

    Help with roof and missing section of house

    Thank you guys for the help!! I appreciate it so much!!
  10. srjbb97

    Help with roof and missing section of house

    Yes, I will try the auto-return! Thank you! I have that space missing on another home plan I am currently working on as well. It has never done that before.
  11. srjbb97

    Help with roof and missing section of house

    Yes for the roof, I want to start where the edge of the gable is under the dormer and cover the ceiling plane above the porch area. Attached the plan. Untitled 2.plan
  12. Hi there! I am trying to get the roof to level out below the shed dormer if that makes sense... But the things I have tried haven't worked. Suggestions? And also in the 3D view a section of the house is just gone, why is that?
  13. srjbb97

    Building Foundation

    David, I shared it a few posts ago as rebuild.plan But I got it all figured out, thank you for your suggestions! Eric, Thank you, I ended up deleting the file and restarting it and I got it all fixed up. Thank you for your help!
  14. srjbb97

    Building Foundation

    That did not change anything. I even tried deleting the foundation and rebuilding it. The front and back of house comes up 40' but the sides are still off by a tad?
  15. srjbb97

    Building Foundation

    I got the 40' to match up by changing settings, but the sides of the house have not changed. rebuild.plan