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  1. GeorgeDosil


    Do you have any photo's you can show of the finished model? I like the truss idea, I may try that.
  2. GeorgeDosil


    If I had to make a choice, I'd prefer to have the model framed correctly vs having an accurate material take-off.
  3. GeorgeDosil


    That's exactly the problem. How would you draw the valley plate? The jack rafters have a horizontal as well as a bevel cut to match the plane of the main roof. Can Chief do this?
  4. GeorgeDosil


    David, I should have been more descriptive with my question. The California or Blind Valley is what you have pictured in your post. Instead of a valley rafter this method uses a valley plate to which all the jacks are attached to. Here is a photo and a Youtube link which shows it in Sketchup.
  5. GeorgeDosil

    Signature here at Chief Talk

    Signature updated. Thanks David.
  6. GeorgeDosil


    Hi, just joined, new user. I'm trying to model two intersecting gable roofs, where one will lay over the's called a blind or California valley. I did a search here and online but cant find anything on this topic. Thanks beforehand for any help.