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  1. I had an architect send me the DWG files for a house that I am doing the interiors on, and I have not been able to import and get walls, windows, floors or ceilings. I have searched through all of the forum articles I could find as well as the support documents and either I am missing something or I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. carowe

    Remote access to main computer

    My plan was to use either Go to My PC or Zoom - I've used before in the past but was on another desktop and it worked extremely well -- so my question is just whether there are specifications I should look for in a laptop and whether anyone has done this? Just looking for some tips/things to look for in the laptop. THx
  3. I just bought a new desktop and two 27” monitors in December and last week signed a contract on a job out of state that will require quite a bit of travel. I am going to have to get a new laptop but really don’t want to spend a fortune at this point and don’t want to have to buy another license. Most of my work will be done in my office, but on my trips out there will need to access my CA files, and perhaps work on them. What would be the minimum requirements I would need in order to access my main computer and let it do the heavy lifting on CA? I use X11 Interiors and will primarily be working on kitchen and bathroom designs for the architect.
  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! That is exactly what I needed and since I do a fair amount of remodeling in summer condos, I will be sure to keep this. Really appreciate your help!!!
  5. I have been struggling to do a frameless glass bypass shower door with barn door style hardware. I tried using the barn door and changing the door to a glass panel, but cannot configure another glass panel on the hardware. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this? Thx in advance!
  6. carowe

    Creating a cabinet with an angled side

    The door is on the right side, panel on the left - how did you do an angled front on the cabinet? Cathy Chief x11 Kennebunk ME
  7. I am designing a custom kitchen for a client and have a cabinet that I am going to angle the side back to the wall due to a large sliding glass door, which opens to the pool deck, so has to stay (this is a renovation). I have attached a drawing of the cabinet that I need to do but cannot figure out how to manipulate a cabinet so that it looks like this. Cathy Rowe x11 Kennebunk ME
  8. carowe

    New Materials - TILE

    Thanks! Do you have an editing software you would recommend that would be easy to use?
  9. carowe

    New Materials - TILE

    Is there a way to download a picture of a tile from a manufacturer's website and create a material? I am trying to use the attached pics of tiles for a backsplash in a kitchen and have followed the instructions on the videos, but cannot get the tile to align properly. I have attached pictures of the two tiles I'd like to show the client, and a picture of what happens when I try to use the material. Thanks!
  10. I am having major problems with the colors on both my screen AND printing. I am using CA x10 Interiors and am trying to utilize the colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore catalogs in my designs. However, the colors on screen and when I print look nothing like the actual colors. Additionally, when I print the 3d elevations, the images are too dark, so I have to export them and then open and adjust in Photoshop. I have a Dell P2717H (DP) monitor and it has been calibrated for color, screen resolution is 1920x1080. Operating system is Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 with 4095MB memory. It isn't just some plans, it is all plans. Any help would be appreciated!!!!