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  1. @Renerabbitt ROOF
  2. I am trying to place several skylights and light tubes in a roof and the shafts are not generating. I checked to make sure that I had checked the box "generate shaft to ceiling hole" as I saw that in a post from October 11 and it is checked. Any other suggestions? I've not had this problem before - using X15.
  3. I have a client who would like to get a jpg of a proposed renovation with enough resolution to blow it up to 32" x 24" poster. I have played with the resolution and nothing changes regarding the file size on the saved jpg. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. @JLU_Design is the sill you used in the catalogs or did you create a custom one?
  5. I am working on a historical house and am recreating trim and moldings to match the original. The windows have a piece of cove underneath the sill and I had no problem creating it but when I set that window as default, the cove is not part of a new window. Is there a way to do this so that I don't have to go through all 3 floors and add it to each window? (see attached pic)windows.pdf
  6. I'm working on a house with 4 staircases that have railings near them as well and I have a couple questions on them. On the staircase railings, I can uncheck the "rail passes over newel" and then set the height of the newels (pic 1). How do I do the same thing so the railings in this loft (pic 3) match the staircase railings? If you look at the specs in pic 2, there isn't a place to do that for straight railings and I can't set the height of the newels either. Am I doing something wrong? Also, how can I close the toe of a landing and put a molding under it to match the stringer without drawing a polyline solid thick enough to cover the overhang (which is what I did in pic 3)? 3.pdf
  7. Thanks so much - got it!!! So appreciative of the help folks give on this forum!!!
  8. I am using X15 am drawing a 3 story house. The first floor has the floor joists showing - as in the picture below - but the remaining two floors have drywall ceilings. And, as you can see in the pic, there is a partial ceiling in this room as well where the skylights are. Thought it was figured out, but when I got the joists to display on the first floor, they did on all of the floors. Is there a way to do this? TIA!
  9. I recently relocated to a different state, and found that the power here tends to be interrupted for a few seconds (long enough to shut down my pc and corrupt files) at least once every other week. Does anyone have a battery backup for their pc that they would recommend? I don't need it for long periods of time - just long enough so that if there's a blip, my pc doesn't shut down, or if the power goes off for a longer period of time, I can shut down programs and my pc normally. Thanks for any input!
  10. Thanks for all your help - I had it set up right, but the staircase wasn't touching the wall. It's Monday!!
  11. I had a client request a change to railings and newels on a plan last Friday and opened up the plan this morning to make the changes. It is a flight of stairs from the lower level to a landing and then up to the main floor. 1st section is open on both sides, second section is against the wall and they want railings only on the open side, which I had done - see first pdf below. When I opened the plan today, I made the changes and a railing showed up on the second section and I cannot eliminate it - see second pdf below. I did download the X13 over the weekend. Are there settings somewhere that I am missing? I looked through the online help and several videos and cannot figure out how to fix this. Help!
  12. Ok, might be a stupid questions but what is ALDO????
  13. Justin - check these out - the best I have found so far!
  14. Is there a way to partially frost a shower door in CA? I am trying to recreate the attached shower door/glass and tried to look this up using every keyword I could think of. Appreciate any ideas/suggestions!