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  1. Capehouse

    TV for conference room monitor?

    Well plenty to think about. I will probably go with the TV mounted to the wall as opposed to zooming. At least for now. I like the idea of getting the client into the office. Makes for a better face to face (or mask to mask) connection. I do have a few overseas clients I could see zooming with though. Thanks for all your feedback!! Much appreciated.
  2. Capehouse

    TV for conference room monitor?

    Hi All, In the past I've dragged my computer, monitor, keyboard etc.. into my conference room. Set it all up on the table with wires all over the place, and then the clients and I all huddle around the 23" monitor as I show them plans. Not very classy. I would like to hang a +/- $300, 40" tv on the wall and use that instead. I tries it at home and it looked pretty good but I was hoping for some feedback. I'm not gaming on it or watching movies so I don't need world class resolution. And I can't justify $3-4K for a big monitor. My computer is only about 12' away so I would run an HDMI cable and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Best, Mike i5 4690K GTX1660ti
  3. Capehouse

    Lost grout lines????

    Thank you for your help Eric and Dermot. Here are some responses. Flat out don't know how to take a picture from the full camera view so that I could post it. Updated my signature We took both photos from the "Full Camera", both set on Standard and Vector. Had no idea how to turn off texture display. I looked under Default Settings/.Camera Tools/Full Camera but couldn't find anything. Searched help for "view options". Said it was under "Rendering Techniques Options", found that under "3d" in the tool bar after a while. Saw "Camera View Options" above that, had a eureka moment. All the options were greyed out, blood pressure starts to spike, took a camera shot, options light up, clicked on "Toggle Textures". Grout lines show up. I put down the gun held to my head. Thanks again!
  4. Capehouse

    Lost grout lines????

    The view you show is what I see on my computer. The attached PDF shows what she sees on her computer. No grout.pdf
  5. Capehouse

    Lost grout lines????

    X10 We use 2 different computers to draw with in my office. I drew up a bath with tiled walls and saved it. Had my partner open it up to tweek some things and when she opened it up the grout lines had disappeared. I opened up layer display settings on both computers thinking something wasn't checked but no luck. They are the same. Any ideas? Maddening!! Matheson Bath 1.plan
  6. Capehouse

    Roof Top Deck, Widow Walk

    Bear in mind this is a 1 1/2 story cape. I had 4 levels, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and attic. Deleted the attic and the third floor, added a new third floor and it took. Just rough right now, but it's miles from where I was. Thanks!!!! Now to figure out that spiral!
  7. Capehouse

    Roof Top Deck, Widow Walk

    Hi Folks, I not having any luck getting a rooftop deck drawn for a client. Here on Cape Cod we call them widows walks. Attached is roughly what I am looking for. I have searched the forums and attempted to create a third floor and drawing the deck there with no luck, one suggestion was to draw it in a new plan and turn it into a symbol, but I can't figure out how to do that. When I go to tools, symbols, create symbol, create symbol is greyed out. I am going to access the roof deck from a second floor deck via a spiral staircase so a follow up question would be, Is there a way to get a custom height spiral drawn? Thanks in advance, Mike Using X7
  8. Hi SNestor,

    Quite a while back you gave me some options for how to do screen panels and I never thanked you.

    So....I am thanking you now.




    1. SNestor


      No problem...I was glad to finally "give back".  I've received so much help myself...


  9. Capehouse


    Sending it to layout worked. Only problem is it all doesn't fit onto 11x17 so I will print an exact 1/4 and literally cut and tape. Thanks again! And how are the Palins?
  10. Capehouse


    Thanks Alaska! I will give it a try. I was printing direct from file, not from layout.
  11. Capehouse


    Hi Folks, I am pretty sure this is doable but for the life of me I can't figure out how. We are trying to do a full size mock up of a vanity/sink/faucet layout and I need to print a Kohler undermount sink template full size. I've downloaded the DXF, imported it into Chief and when I go to print the best I can do is 1/2 scale, obviously no help. Suggestions? Thoughts? My big plotter is out of commission right now so we are going to print to 11x17 and tape it together. Chief X7, Windows 10 Thanks in advance, Mike
  12. Capehouse

    Screened Porches

    We were running into similar issues. After we generated the rails and posts I wanted to add screen panels. I tried using modified windows but as soon as they were inserted the railings disappeared. Then I remembered 3D warehouse. Imported a screen panel I found there, resized it and plugged them in.
  13. Capehouse

    Cape Cod Chief User

    Need an advanced Chief user to draw 'as built' of 1860 Greek Revival. Needed ASAP Prefer local to Cape Cod but may consider other.
  14. Capehouse

    Corner Boards Tight To Sheathing Layer

    Polyline solids is what I was afraid of. That's going to get pretty tedious for a whole house with addition and dormers.
  15. Hi Folks, I'm new to X6, been using 9.5 since it came out. Love the program so far. Jumbo learning curve though. A problem I always ran into was the way chief applied the corner boards. It sticks them over the siding instead of tight to the sheathing, the way it is in the real world, or at least how we do it in Mass. I was hoping X6 would rectify this but apparently not or am I missing something? Our usually practice is to pre build the outside corner boards with either 1x6/1x5 or 5/4 stock and then slap them on the sheathed corners and butt the siding, be it claps or cedar shingles up against them. My drawings always looked odd with the corner boards hanging out off the siding. Any ideas/work arounds? Thanks in advance, Mike X6 i5-4690 GTX760