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  1. here are the screen shots but I'm pretty sure I just need to get the card switched back to the Nvidia Render panel.bmp video card status.bmp
  2. Brien, I just checked out the video card status in preferences and it shows up as the onboard Intel card. I spoke with someone in support last week and they talked me through how to switch to the Nvidia card but I can't recall the process. My understanding was that I would only need to change this one time but obviously something happened to kick me back to the Intel default. Can you let me know how to switch this back to the Nvidia card, hopefully this will alleviate the problem. Thanks
  3. dammit Gonzalez As-Built 06-06-16.plan
  4. Here is the plan, any help is appreciated.
  5. Michael, I just have the Extended toolbar configuration with some addition tools I use a lot pulled in. No Autocad experience but I am pretty linear in my thinking...(my wife might describe it somewhat differently). Graeme, I will attach the plan but haven't done that on here in forever and don't have time for a search on how to do it. Can anyone give me a quick review on how to get it done? Thanks
  6. Here is the image dimension grief.bmp
  7. Sorry, stand by, trying to get the image on here
  8. Has anyone seen their dimensions do this in a section view? If so, can you let me know how I can address it; I use section views pretty regularly to dimension things. I am running an Nvidia graphics card, I'm hoping nobody says that is the problem...
  9. I always run into this problem when I use a full inset door. I have to delete or reduce the depths on the shelves if I don't want to see it in elevation. Overlay doors are fine.
  10. I think you can set a differing material for both sides of the door, yes? Casings will show up with the pass thru as well, not sure how you get around that one.
  11. Why not use a door, set door thickness and material? No need to add a p-line solid
  12. I assume that by "futzing" you don't want to open the camera and type in your own label in caps. This is the only way I have found to get the label in all caps.
  13. Thanks Jon. Do you know if I can only access these settings on startup?
  14. I have an Intel Graphics processor in my laptop but also have NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M. I was able to get Chief X5 to use the NVIDIA processor but can't remember how. Anyone able to help be get X6 to look at the NVIDIA instead of the Intel? Thanks.
  15. Found the installer, it is on our server. Thanks for the help.
  16. Thanks Lew. Is this the installer? Chief Architect Premier X5 Data
  17. Can anyone tell me where to find the X5 installer on my laptop so i can back it up before downloading X6? Thanks.