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  1. @Kbird1 Hi Mick, do you mind telling me how to link the entire post to another thread? Thanks
  2. If you do a search here ("living area") you will get a ton of info on this. Here is a screenshot showing a small part of one, might help you out.
  3. This looks like the cabinet on the far right is a different height than the others.
  4. check your clip distance in your camera defaults
  5. You can use a roof plane instead of a ceiling plane and insert the skylight. You will need to adjust the baseline height of the roof plane down to get the ceiling inside where you want it.
  6. Yes, this is what I am getting, not a problem with how this particular "Entire Plan" gets sent over, however, if the entire plan was actually as large as the bounding box it wouldn't fit on the sheet. If you try the As-Built plan and send it over with "Entire Plan" and then select you will see that bounding box is just outside the floor plan (see below). I would expect the bounding box on the Proposed plan to be just outside the text boxes and floor plan, which is what I typically get. When I "fill screen" in the plan view it is tight to the boxes and floor plan, and I can't find anything else in the plan that would drive the bounding box out to the extent shown.
  7. Thanks Ryan, changed it to 11x17 but still getting the larger plan view sent over. Guess I'll just put this one to bed and deal with it by sending differently or cropping after sending.
  8. Excellent, just what I was looking for, thanks! Where is that setting located?
  9. Joey, thanks for the input, did you find these text boxes? I have the All On layer set on and everything is displaying but I don't see any text boxes outside of what is showing in the image below Thanks Ryan, I use this fairly often as well but sometimes want to send over the entire plan knowing the scale will fit. It isn't a big deal and there are definitely ways to make it work, I have just never seen this behavior before and was wondering if I had changed a setting somewhere that was causing it. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  10. This is the result I typically get and would expect. As mentioned, not really a "problem", definitely a nuisance.
  11. Yes, layout looks correct, I guess "problem" is too strong a descriptor. Just very strange behavior I haven't experienced before, would prefer to know what is causing it in case it actually does become a problem.
  12. Thanks for checking Graeme, I was afraid of that. I'll keep looking, very weird.
  13. I am having a problem sending a saved plan view over to my layout, but it seems to be only this SVP. When i send it over at 1/4 scale I get the "too large" warning even though the entire plan fits the layout page. I have attached the As-Built and the Proposed plan that has the offending "Foundation Plan View"; the As-Built works fine but the Foundation SPV gives me the warning. I also attached the layout file in case that is the problem. I have tried the all on set and fill screen and there is nothing out in the ether, and if I send the All On view over it works fine just as the As-Built does. Can someone take a look at the plans and see what might be causing this? This seems like a confusing explanation, let me know if you need more info. Jamerson As-Built 10.27.20.plan Jamerson Proposed 10.27.20.plan Jamerson 11x17 Drawings 10.27.20.layout
  14. I would also love an answer to this question and not have to use a work around. I typically draw the connection to a nearby outlet or switch and then move it to the rope light. I assume it is because the rope light isn't really an electrical object?
  15. You are very welcome, I have received an abundance of knowledge from other users, very happy to pass some on.
  16. Have you tried checking 'Not Through" in the casing tab of the DBX?
  17. Seems to me like the easiest way to do this would be to open the template plan you want to use, set all of your defaults, open your plan, select the "all on" layer set, select everything and copy/pate it into the template plan. There may be a better, more efficient way to do this but this is the method that comes to mind. Edit: FYI, if you have any cameras you will need to shut off the camera layer in order to marquis select everything and copy.
  18. These look like ceiling break lines, you can turn off their layer if you don't want to see them.
  19. Not sure about your funky footing connection but you specify your footing in the wall DBX (X11)
  20. @solver Thanks Eric, it is inexplicably working now. I'll post the plan if it happens again.
  21. I am trying to shut off the Rooms layer in my section view but it doesn't appear to be working. I was able to turn it off earlier today but suspect I hit another setting somewhere that changed it. Is there another setting that I should be looking at? FYI this plan is in X11 not X12.