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  1. With out looking at the plan: Do they have "Include in Schedule" checked in their DBXs ? (At the bottom of General Tab)
  2. Bill you can download a trial version of Chief and try it out for a limited time.
  3. Wow, I think it worked. Nice to be heard !
  4. You can make a second floor that is 1 1/2 " to rough ceiling, that sits on the ceiling frame. You have to take out drywall and moldings etc. I did not have time to work on the overhang, I know you show lower soffits.
  5. Are you sure there was such a thing, that is 3D (if that is what you mean). I just opened X8, the oldest version I still have on board and it's the same.
  6. They have been replaced by one, horizontal lined pattern, called "Hatch". You have to use that one and then adjust angle, spacing, etc. to get what you need
  7. OK guys, I just finished doing this very thing at tech supports on line support center. Asked for hatch patterns to be restored to Fill DBX If a few more of us will join in, we may get results. Worth a try ??
  8. Thank you for directing me to that thread, I completely missed it before. Why in the world the most commonly used pattern would be dropped from the handy drop down list, escapes me......
  9. I have created a new layer called CAD, pdf imports. I assign pdf,s to that layer, and uncheck Display.
  10. Could you use DensShield ? DensShield I have a lot of deck and porch soffit area on my current building project, and was going to use DenShield with 1/4" stucco coating. We changed to 2x6 V Grrove Doug Fir T&G
  11. Wow I have not seen that for quite a while. Where are they stored, in Chief Data ?
  12. Thanks that was a good idea Found this in In the 3D Library in the Materials and Surfaces collection >Cultured Stone >Pro-Fit Ledgestone - Mojave
  13. I would like to do a line drawing of this fireplace with stacked stone material, but it changes from the nice look in standard view, to something totally different in line, or tech illustration views. What to do ??
  14. You don't "save as"instead choose "Print", then, "Chief Architect Save AS PDF". That way you have all the paper sizes available.
  15. You could get pretty close. Perspective Full Overview / Cross Section Slider / Watercolor with Line Drawing on Top
  16. You're welcome. I think I learned that tip from Perry here on the forum.
  17. I also pin my programs to the taskbar. That way you can right click on them and, with many programs, see a list of 12 recent files and pick the one to open with. This works with MS Word, Excel, and Notepad,Adobe Reader, and Paintshop as well as CA. This is a real time saver for me.
  18. Some of my favorite ancestors were neanderthal. They had some great cave layouts.
  19. I use it often. Electricians love not having to drill out a post. The CRC allows it. Easy to do using the "Wall Bridging" tool which is available in wall detail view.
  20. A good thing about using truss joists rather than solid lumber is that you may cut very large holes through the web, mid span, which allows running ducting etc.
  21. Create a layout, send the views to that, print to PDF, send that to engineer.
  22. If you pick up a Logitech Mouse, and get Logitech Options, you can reverse the scroll direction