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  1. JJohnson

    Vehicles Trouck Cars

    Does not come with the rack though If you want more, consider the 3D Warehouse
  2. JJohnson

    Accurate creation of 2d details and 3D objects

    Whats cool is that you can import SketchUp models into Chief. Just download to your desktop and drag into open plan. You can save them to your User Library too. So if your good with SU, you may still model there for now. I realize these examples are not exactly what you need, but... Some fluted columns at SketchUps 3DWarehouse
  3. JJohnson

    Repair Shop Lift Model

    SketchUp's 3D Warehouse has many. Download a model to your desktop, and drag it into an open plan. Here is one example Auto Lift
  4. Yep there it is, thank you.
  5. Eric, at 00:45 seconds into the first linked video, the instructor shows that "when you open a new plan with the out of the box default template, there are several saved plan views already integrated into the plan". I cannot find the template she is referring to. Where might that be ? thanks, J
  6. JJohnson


    Or, morphing into the TV showing yule log all day with Christmas music playing all day. How bout a symbol for that one ?
  7. JJohnson

    Muntins tool icon

    Open Help and find the Custom Muntins section See if that helps you work it out.
  8. JJohnson

    dual dimensioning

    Interesting, I am not familiar with that function (showing secondary units of measurement in single dimension line ) Now I know. May I ask why you are needing to have this show in a plan ? So the plan could work on more than one country ?
  9. JJohnson

    Camera Views in Layout X11

    thanks, always good to get back to basics.
  10. JJohnson

    Camera Views in Layout X11

    Never noticed that C key also lets you resize. Differently, but works too. X seems more dynamic.
  11. JJohnson

    Switched Outlet Symbol

    Because this type of outlet is usually under a kitchen sink, powering the garbage disposal, and because the power cords you have to buy and attach to a garbage disposal often have one of those right angle plugs with the cord coming out the bottom, it is best to have the switched half be on the bottom. Otherwise the cord may occlude the bottom ( if the plug has to go in the top.) You need the always on half available for the DW My 2 cents
  12. JJohnson

    Camera Views in Layout X11

    Hold down the X key as you grab and drag corner
  13. JJohnson

    Make a Door

    Thanks, no more rug wrinkles +1
  14. JJohnson

    Text or Dimension by Layer

    Learn anno sets and plan view sets of course. Meanwhile, make one text box assigned to that layer you want, and copy it to a few places on your drawing. Open them one by one and place proper text. For arrows, Text Line with Arrow drawn with its tail end snapped to a text object will be placed on the same layer as the text object and inherit all of that layer’s attributes
  15. JJohnson

    What new features will version 12 have?

    larger font