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  1. JJohnson

    3D Camera View - How to make a wider frame?

    Thank you !
  2. JJohnson

    Command for a line with arrow on both ends

    +1 by me, Wanted this for a long time too. Maybe a hot key to hold while drawing line, that would add arrows ?
  3. JJohnson

    11x17 blank page

    Yes, Open a new layout. Then; File > Print > Drawing Sheet Setup, to get the size you want.
  4. Post the plan so it can be checked out.
  5. Hi Joe, If by cleaning up layer sets, you mean deleting unused layers, you may be able to, but there is no way to have a layer report the on the sets it is used in that I have seen. There is a delete button in the layer properties, but I do not know how to activate it. In my snip, it is greyed out even though the layer selected is one I made.
  6. JJohnson

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    Searching for 'single line drawing', the first hit was for "smartdraw" Electrical Design Software. Electrical Design Software We have all seen these diagrams before; automobile wiring diagrams etc. Lines showing wire paths, and standard symbols for components. Must be symbols for outlets and lighting as well as other architectural features. Possibly to make sure you do not overload circuits. Never have had to do this, hope not to have to either.
  7. JJohnson


    Good to know, thanks.
  8. JJohnson


    Works here, try a restart of Chief ?
  9. JJohnson

    TV symbols and images

    You can use material painter to place artwork; photos, paintings, etc. on the TVs in the library. Works well ,leaving the bezel not painted, just paints the screen
  10. JJohnson

    Garage door with three lites at very top panel

    There is a 3 light at the top exterior door in the library.
  11. JJohnson

    I Need to show door swing direction in door label

    Robert, Good one thanks. I left the default label and added the last part of your formula %hinge_side%H only to keep the standard size call out with swing now added
  12. JJohnson

    Porch Roof

    Change the side walls of the porch to High Shed/Gable Walls Set the ceiling height by opening the room dialogue box At least that the way in Chief not sure about HDPro
  13. JJohnson

    Roof Vent - creating a symbol

    Have you followed the procedure for making a symbol in a 3D view ? (Which is, delete every thing using delete surface tool, except what you want the symbol to be, then convert) I think you would have to make one for each desired pitch. Sometimes I make a simple example of my building with the object I want to make into a symbol to simplify reducing faces to just what I need.
  14. JJohnson

    Deleting duplicate catalogs in my Library Browser

    Also, drag them down and into the Trash folder, where they can be available for a while until you are sure nothing in them is needed
  15. JJohnson

    Water Spigot

    There is one in SketchUp's 3D Warehouse. Download the model to desktop, and drag into plan, You can add it to your User's Library Hose Bibb (Generic) | 3D Warehouse