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  1. I had to include a second drain in a curbless shower. A linear style at the entrance, to handle overflow if the main drain stopped up.
  2. Select Print, select Chief Architect Save as PDF, select paper size and letter 8.5 x 14 is four up from the bottom of the list.
  3. Some nice trees you see in an elevation view, Do not make it to Layout, Is there a trick to this I am missing ? (they are almost out of the layout box, but not completely and should partially show) Thanks in Advance Layout for Site Evaluation 18x24.pdf
  4. Is there a way to increase the size of the labels in elevation views ? At 1/4" = 1' , they are hard to read. Thanks in advance
  5. Possibly a "chase", a vertical space in a wall that provides an area for pipes or wires to run through. It may run up a wall from the basement to the upper level of your home or the attic for an air conditioning system return air duct (the larger one), or plumbing vent pipe. If that is the case you could draw a cad circle inside and label it.
  6. Yep. They are called scrollbars and are turned off and on in the View menu.
  7. It is built automatically which depends on lots of variables, but you can then change it in the Roof Plane Specification dialogue box.
  8. Simply draw the horizontal segment, release the mouse button, hover over the arrow, click again and draw angled line, arrow will appear at end, just like your picture.
  9. Tools > Check > Plan Check makes it reappear for some reason
  10. What are Braced Wall Markers ? I see it in Active Layer Display Options for layout view, but can find nothing in help files ?
  11. Oh dear that's obvious. I'm getting to be too much like W.C. Fields who would ask what time it was even if He was wearing a watch so He would not have to lift his arm. Thanks.
  12. Haven't spotted that one Eric. Where is it camped ? thanks
  13. Could someone direct me to a barn door symbol, basically a door on a track, for interior door ? I have access to Bonus Catalogs, just don't know where to start. Thanks in Advance, J Johnson
  14. +1 by me, Wanted this for a long time too. Maybe a hot key to hold while drawing line, that would add arrows ?
  15. Yes, Open a new layout. Then; File > Print > Drawing Sheet Setup, to get the size you want.
  16. Hi Joe, If by cleaning up layer sets, you mean deleting unused layers, you may be able to, but there is no way to have a layer report the on the sets it is used in that I have seen. There is a delete button in the layer properties, but I do not know how to activate it. In my snip, it is greyed out even though the layer selected is one I made.
  17. Searching for 'single line drawing', the first hit was for "smartdraw" Electrical Design Software. Electrical Design Software We have all seen these diagrams before; automobile wiring diagrams etc. Lines showing wire paths, and standard symbols for components. Must be symbols for outlets and lighting as well as other architectural features. Possibly to make sure you do not overload circuits. Never have had to do this, hope not to have to either.